The Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting Your Wyze Smart Plug to WiFi

Wyze Smart Plug

Amazingly, smart plugs are gadgets that enable the user to transform any typical appliance into a smarter one that can be controlled remotely by turning on or turning off the user’s smartphone.

In a technical sense, the smart plug enables remote control of any appliance that can be plugged into it, including but not limited to lights, coffee makers, lamps, microwaves, dishwashers, and other similar devices.

One of the plugs is the Wyze Smart Plug, which is among those that are simple to use and very reasonably priced for the typical user. The plug must be linked to the local WiFi internet in order for the user to be able to operate it from their phone; this is a need.

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to link the Wyze smart plug to the WiFi network, as well as how to reset the device and what to do if it is unable to connect.

How can I link the Wyze Smart Plug to my existing WiFi network?

The process of linking your Wyze plug to the WiFi in your house is straightforward and simple. The process is exactly the same as that used to connect any other conventional smart gadget to the internet and phone. After you have successfully paired it with your phone using the accompanying app, you will then be able to connect it to your WiFi network.

Follow the instructions below to link your Wyze to your wireless network:

  • Get the Wyze app on your phone by downloading and installing it.
  • After starting the application, go to the main page and choose “Add Device” from the menu.
  • Choose “Power & Lighting,” then choose the “Wyze Smart Plug” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Activate the Bluetooth functionality on your phone.
  • Wait until the blue status light on your Wyze plug comes on after you have plugged it into an outlet. When you see the blue light, it means that the plug is all set to be paired with another device.
  • The pairing will take care of itself automatically; all you need to do is wait.
  • After the pairing process is complete, you will be prompted to give your smart plug a name (for instance, “light” or “microwave”) before tapping the Finish button.

A popup will appear in the app asking you to choose the version of your smart plug when you first open it. First, examine the sticker that is located on the plug, and then use the app to choose the appropriate model. In most cases, you will either see a key icon, which will indicate that you have a Wyze Plug 2021, or a regular Wyze Plug).

Wyze Plugs (2021 model)

In the event that you have chosen the plug shown by the key symbol, you will need to go through the following steps:

  • As soon as you insert your Wyze smart plug into such an outlet, the status indicator will begin flashing blue light, indicating that it is ready to connect. To proceed, choose “Next.”
  • Choose the SSID of your neighborhood’s WiFi network, then fill in the password. To continue, click “Next.”
  • The connection will be completed by itself. When you are finished, give your plug a name, and then click Finish.

For older versions of Wyze smart plugs,

You will need to choose the icon that does not have a key in order to use the earlier version of the Wyze plugs. To link it up to the WiFi, connect it in the following ways:

  • Insert the plug into an available outlet. If you do not see the status light flashing blue, which indicates that it is ready to pair, press and hold the power button located on the socket for a few seconds.
  • First, choose the SSID for your WiFi network, and then enter the password. Hit “Next.”
  • At the next popup, choose the Wifi option to connect to the network.
  • The application will complete connecting to the server on its own.
  • When the connection has been successfully made, the blinking blue light will stop, and the app will ask you to give the plug a name.
  • After that, press the Finish button.

Here are some things to think about: It is necessary for both the Wyze smart plug and the mobile device (on which the app is loaded) to be connected to the same local network. To check if all of the devices are connected to the same network, you may have to temporarily disable the cellular data connection.

What might possibly be preventing the Wyze smart plug from connecting?

There are a few potential problems that might, on occasion, prevent the Wyze smart plug from connecting to the WiFi network. This problem might be caused by a wide variety of factors, including malfunctioning plugs, problems with your internet connection, insufficient WiFi coverage, and many more.

To begin, check that your internet connection is operating correctly (connect the phone to the WiFi and open up some random websites). After that, check to see if the outlet has WiFi coverage.

When there is insufficient coverage, the plug will continue to detach (and then reconnect) again. It is essential that the strength and consistency of your WiFi coverage are excellent. To determine whether or not the connection is still stable, move the plug nearer to the WiFi access point.

There are more reasons why the Wyze plug is unable to connect, including the possibility that the item in question does not have power or that the power has been switched off. Sometimes you’ll need to give the plug a fresh start (turn it off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it on).

In the event that none of these solutions work, you may give the plug a factory reset and begin the configuration procedure from the very beginning. The instructions on how to restore a Wyze smart plug may be found in the following section.

What is the procedure for resetting the Wyze smart plug?

If you are experiencing problems with the Wyze smart plug, you should attempt to reset it and restart the setup procedure from the very beginning. In addition to that, if you decide to switch your home WiFi provider, you will also have to reset it (such as SSDI name, or even password).

To reset the Wyze plug to factory settings, do the following:

  • You may turn the device on by depressing and holding the power button that is situated on the side of the socket. You should notice a blue flare coming from the lamp.
  • And that is all. Using the Wyze app on your phone, do a factory reset on the plug.

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What might possibly be preventing my WYZE Smart Plug from connecting?

If it is still not connecting, you may need to perform a factory reset since the plug may have certain flaws that cause it not to work properly. To reset it, press and hold the power button on your plug for around five seconds, and then check the Google Play or Apple Store to see if there are any new updates available for the Wyze app on your device. Make sure the app is up to date, then attempt to set it up again.

How can I get the WYZE smart plug to reconnect to the internet?

Before continuing, check to see that the outlet or fixture into which the Wyze Plug is inserted does not have a switch that controls it (such as a light switch or power strip.) Whether that is the case, check to see if it is switched on. The next step is to attempt a power cycle by unplugging the device, waiting at least five seconds, and then connecting it back in.

Does Wyze Plug require WiFi?

There is no need for a Hub when using Wyze Plug since it connects directly to your WiFi network. There is currently no support for 5GHz networks.

Does Wyze Plug need Internet?

Using the Wyze app, the Wyze cameras and smart plugs can be managed from any place in the world that has access to the Internet. This is one of the best features of these Wyze products, which are also known as “real remote access” devices. The plug will, of course, have to be linked to the wifi network in your house; however, the setup process is rather simple.

How can I fix Wyze so that it works offline?

Perform a reset on your router (unplug it from power, then plug it back in). Wait until it completely connects and stabilizes before proceeding. Click the addition symbol (+) in the Wyze app, then choose Add Device > Camera, then repeat the setup process for each Wyze Cam.

Why do my smart plugs continually lose their online connection?

If you had previously downloaded and installed your smart plug, but it is now disconnecting or going offline, the problem is most likely caused by the fact that your smart plug no longer has power or connection to the internet.


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With Wyze smart plugs, you can transform any gadget into a smart one, giving you the ability to switch it on or off remotely from a distance. These plugs come at a reasonable price.

To configure it, first, turn on the plug, and then download the corresponding app to your mobile device. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen, link the pin with the app, choose the name of your WiFi network, and then fill in the password. If the device won’t connect, try power cycling the plug or resetting the settings to their factory defaults.

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