How to use a WiFi adapter to transform your network video recorder into a WiFi gadget

WiFi adapter

Utilizing a USB WiFi Adapter, it is feasible to transform a conventional NVR into a WiFi-capable NVR. After inserting the WiFi adapter into the USB port located on the rear of the NVR, you will be able to set up the NVR to establish a wireless connection to the router by making use of the adapter.

It’s a clever workaround that may be used in situations where connecting a wire between both the NVR and the router would be difficult and time-consuming to do. In addition, the cost is manageable since WiFi adapters are not very expensive.

The configuration is generally always the same, independent of the kind of NVR or the WiFi adapter that is used. After ensuring that the NVR is capable of supporting the WiFi option, all that is left to do is set up the settings and make any necessary adjustments. For the sake of this demonstration, we use a Dahua NVR in conjunction with a standard WiFi adapter.

WiFi adapter

If you are interested in getting a WiFi adapter for your NVR, we recommend that you choose one of the three leading WiFi plugs that can be found on Amazon (shown below).

It has been shown that they function flawlessly with a number of NVRs; in addition, they are dependable, have received positive feedback from customers, and are reasonably priced. There are various choices available; the one that you decide to buy is entirely up to you.

How to attach a USB WiFi adapter to a network video recorder

We are going to proceed on the assumption that the NVR is already switched on and operating well. After you have acquired the WiFi adapter, connect it to the NVR by inserting it through one of the USB devices on the device.

You will see a prompt in Dahua NVRs that asks you, “Are you sure you want to access the commensurate interface now?” in trial you shift your mind about going to the interface. Hit OK.

WiFi adapter

Activate the switch labeled “Connect Automatically” on the next window. This indicates that the NVR will connect to the WiFi adapter on its own automatically (and the local network). The next step is to choose the service set identifier (SSID) to which you want to connect (your local network). It requires a double tap on it.

WiFi adapter

The box labeled “Connection Password” requires you to enter the password for the WiFi SSID. Do not change any of the other settings; they are fine as they are.

WiFi adapter

After pressing Connect, you will need to wait for the statistics to fill. The IP Address, the Subnet Mask, and the Default gateway will all be added by the program depending on the facts about your network. Select the OK button.

WiFi adapter

After that, you may save the changes by using the Apply button. To return to the main menu, use the Back button.

WiFi adapter

At this point, you ought to be attached to your WiFi network.

Note that the question “Are you sure you would like to proceed to the relevant interface now?” will appear on the screen of certain NVR models whenever the NVRNVR is restarted. This occurs in select NVR models only. Simply choose the Cancel button, and the gadget will connect to the network on its own. It is not necessary to re-configure the settings each time the device is restarted. After being customized, this question is not shown on newer models.

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How to make changes to the WiFi adapter configuration on the NVR

You can also change the settings of the NVR’s WiFi network by right-clicking anywhere on the screen and choosing Main Menu from the context menu that appears.

WiFi adapter

Proceed to the Network tab.

WiFi adapter

Choose the WiFi tab that’s located on the right.

WiFi adapter

On the next page, you will have the opportunity to activate the Connect Automatically change and choose your WiFi network from the available options.

If you have previously updated the password for your SSID, you may input it here. After you have saved the changes, the NVR will automatically complete the remaining information so that it matches the one from your network.

WiFi adapter

To save the changes, press the OK button. As you can see in the image below, our NVR was programmed to automatically fill the network information (Subnet Mask, IP address, Default Gateway). Your electronic gadget is now linked to the WiFi network.


How to turn your NVR into a WiFi device using and WiFi adapter



Watch this video also for more insight.


The configuration and installation of a WiFi adapter inside your NVR are quite straightforward, however, the specific procedures required vary depending on the type and manufacturer of your NVR.

In most cases, after the device has been hooked in, you may next follow the on-screen instructions that enable you to choose your SSID and add the passcode. After that, the NVR will link to the router wirelessly, eliminating the need to run a separate connection between the two devices.

When choosing a WiFi adapter for your device, you should be sure to purchase one that is strong, has a high bandwidth, offers decent coverage, and is compatible with both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Take the time to thoroughly go through the included paperwork and instructions for the adapter.

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