The White Light Can Be Disabled in Dahua Cameras: Instructions

White Light

Many users of Dahua cameras prefer to turn off the white lights, which are really infrared LED lights. This is probably because the area they want to monitor is already brightly illuminated and there is no need for any extra illumination. Some of the other users find the camera’s lights distracting, while others are concerned about maintaining the camera’s covert nature.

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to use the DVR to disable or modify the white light feature on Dahua security cameras. In addition, the intensity of the light may be adjusted to suit your needs; you can make it either dimmer or brighter. Additionally, this may be accomplished physically on the camera, which will be covered in further detail later. Please take note that these instructions are suitable for use with HD-CVI cameras.

White Light

Dahua cameras should have their white lights turned off.

Keep in mind that the camera will utilize either the white light or the IR lights in order to take photos even when there is very little available light.

The infrared (IR) lights will switch on by themselves as soon as it gets dark, and the cameras will be capable of recording in monochrome once it does so. If you turn off the white lights in the room when there is not enough other light, the picture that is captured in the film will probably be completely dark.

Dahua cameras should have their IR LED lights turned off.

First, link the camera to the DVR, and then go to the screen that says “Live View.” You ought to see the camera at that location, just as it is shown in the snapshot.

The next step is to bring up the “On-Screen Menu,” also known as the “OSD,” which is an additional menu included inside the chipset of the camera. The on-screen display (OSD) provides access to a number of features that are pre-installed inside the software of the camera itself. One of these features is the ability to turn off the IR lights.

To access the OSD menu, right-click the mouse anywhere on the screen, then pick “PTZ menu,” and finally, on the succeeding menu, click on the plus symbol next to the Iris. This will bring up the OSD menu (bottom right corner). After you have done that, the OSD menu should appear on the screen of the camera.

White Light

Dahua cameras should have their white lights turned off.

There is a line that says “Light: Smart Light,” and we need to disable that option. It may be found on one of the lines. You may choose the white light choice by using the DOWN or UP button to traverse the tiny menu that appears on the screen.

Then, to disable it, choose it from the menu and click the RIGHT button. The camera’s infrared white lights will turn off automatically. You may keep clicking it and it will turn on again; the RIGHT and LEFT buttons serve the same purpose as a knob.

White Light

Dahua cameras should have their white lights turned off.

After you switch it off, the image that is shown on the screen will be completely dark (if it is nighttime), but you may be able to make out some details if there is ambient white light.

Make adjustments to the sensitivity and the brightness.

You may change the camera’s brightness and sensitivity settings by using the camera’s tiny menu, which is located on the back of the device.

You should be able to find the Level and Responsiveness options after using the up and down arrows to get to the Light option, then pressing the + Iris button (which acts as the “enter” button).

Make the necessary adjustments to suit your requirements. For instance, you may set the responsiveness to 1, and the camera will not activate the flash or the white lights until it is completely dark outside.

Don’t forget to save the settings and exit via the tiny menu before moving on. When the on-screen display (OSD) menu disappears, you may consider the task complete.

We strongly suggest carrying out these configurations over the night, as this will allow you to make any necessary adjustments and watch the status of the process using the local display.

By severing the connection, the infrared light may be turned off.

Unplugging the connection that connects the IR block to the camera’s motherboard is yet another method that may be used to switch off the IR lights. The front of the camera has to be opened up, the IR block needs to be inspected, and the cabling needs to be followed.

In most circumstances, the cable ought to be inserted into the motherboard. Simply remove the connection, and you are finished.

It’s possible that you’ll need a little screwdriver in order to pry the connection out. Simply said, the IR block will no longer receive electricity, and as a result, it will not turn on. The camera will still function normally, but there will be no white light.

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Frequently asked questions


1. How exactly does one go about activating or deactivating the LED pulsing light on a Dahua camera?

Make sure you are tuned in to the right station. The bottom of our channel camera is linked to channel 4, which may be seen here. To activate or disable the feature, just turn the white light on or off. After that, make a click.

2. What is the procedure for turning the light off on my security camera?

Choose the camera you wish to modify from the drop-down menu. After that, on the right-hand side, choose the +iris and click on it. The camera’s mirror menu will load when you press this button. Use the arrows to go up and down.

3. How do I power down the Dahua device?

To turn off the device, hold down the power button on the front panel of the NVR or the power button on the remote control for more than three seconds. Instructions for older versions of the firmware used by Dahua recorders may be found below: The device will go to the setup wizard after it has properly powered up.

4. Does a CCTV system continue to function if there is no light?

Even though the majority of contemporary CCTVs enable remote viewing even if the network is down, some individuals are nevertheless interested in finding out whether or not the cameras will continue to function in the event that there is no power. The simple answer to that question is no. The use of electricity is necessary for the complete functionality of CCTV cameras, but it is not impossible for these cameras to operate even when the light is off.

5. What exactly is the starlight of Dahua?

The Starlight technology developed by Dahua utilizes optical, sensor, and image analysis technologies in order to provide quality pictures even in low-light settings. Any Dahua camera equipped with an infrared cut filter (ICR) will automatically transition to night mode when it detects that there is not enough light to create color photos that are to the camera’s satisfaction.

6. How can I activate the Dahua CCTV system?

Instructions in a Step-by-Step Format

  1. Make your selection under “Camera” on the main menu.
  2. Choose a remote device, then choose Device Search from the drop-down menu. You may also access this option by right-clicking on any view, which will bring up an additional menu with search options for remote devices.
  3. Mark the cameras that should be added with a checkmark and then choose to add.

7. Does a light constantly appear on the screen of security cameras?

Do genuine surveillance cameras have lights that flash? A 4: The vast majority of genuine surveillance cameras do not have those flashing red lights. It is common for fake security cameras to include flashing red lights on the front of the device; this is intended to be a distinctive characteristic of fake security cameras.

8. When I’m away from home, can I still access my Dahua cameras?

View the content of your recorder and cameras while you’re on the go. You are able to add Dahua recordings and cameras to the mobile app via the use of P2P connectivity using Dahua’s mobile applications IDMSS (for iOS) or GDMSS (for Android). You already have IDMSS and GDMSS downloaded on your mobile device.

9. Is it true that Dahua makes excellent security cameras?

Is Dahua a Respectable Brand Name? One of the most well-known brands of IP cameras in the world, Dahua, is now only surpassed in terms of worldwide market share by its competitor, Hikvision. They are well-known for manufacturing security devices of consumer quality at prices that are reasonable.

10. Is Dahua banned?

According to a military expenditure rule that went into effect in 2019, Dahua is one of the numerous firms located in China that are prohibited from supplying to the federal government due to concerns that the technology may assist the Chinese government in conducting espionage.

Watch the video below for more understanding.

The Last Word

The approach that involves using the OSD menu is simpler since it eliminates the need to walk up to the camera; instead, everything can be performed via the DVR and electronically. In the event that the lights cannot be turned off using the DVR, one method is to manually disconnect the cord that is connected to the IR block.

Only Dahua coaxial cameras, comprising the cameras that are hooked into the rear of the DVR using the BNC connections, are capable of displaying the on-screen display (OSD) menu.

If you are using an IP camera, all you need to do to turn off the IR white lights is log into the camera using a web browser, go to the settings menu, and find the option to do so.

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