Instructions on How to Use the WhatsApp Web on Your Tablet, Personal Computer, or Laptop

WhatsApp Web

It is more difficult to enter every communication on your phone than it is on the keyboard of a laptop or personal computer. The good news is that you could then use WhatsApp on a device running Windows in two different ways: either the browser version or the app version.

This is possible because WhatsApp recently added support for multiple devices, which enables users to use the application on anywhere between three and four “related devices.”

This is the ideal solution for ensuring that you are always available, particularly while you are at work; you can also use it in the event that the battery in your phone dies or if you do not have access to the network.

The WhatsApp Web client is by far the more enticing choice for the vast majority of WhatsApp users since it enables users not just to read and react to communications on just about any device but also to send messages, images, and videos.

The greatest part is that it may be used without any cost at all and requires very little time to set up, after which it will keep you logged in until you specifically log out.

We’ll take you step-by-step through the process of someone using WhatsApp here on the web and also installing the desktop version on your computer.

Downloading WhatsApp over the web

Instead of logging in via the internet, WhatsApp also offers a desktop client for computers running Windows or macOS. This program provides desktop chatters with additional functionality, including support for all notifications.

If you plan to use WhatsApp Web on a routine basis, this is the most convenient option; you can download it right now at

Simply press the Download button to begin downloading the program to your computer so you can install it. Find the file you want to install (it should be in the folder labeled Downloads on your computer) and double click it to install it.

When installing WhatsApp on a Windows computer, just follow the instructions provided in the installer; on a Mac, the installation may be finished by dragging the WhatsApp symbol into the Applications folder.

Whatsapp’s website login

Select Linked Devices from your phone’s WhatsApp menu by pressing the three dots icon (or the setup cog on an iPhone).

Choose from the drop-down option “Link a Device” to proceed.

Using your favorite web browser, visit on the device wherever you want to use WhatsApp. If you want to use it on your iPad, you may do so via Safari.

A QR code should appear on either a tablet or a computer’s display; point your camera phone at it to link the two.

Unless you log out of WhatsApp Web on your phone or computer, it will stay open in your window by default.

Navigate to the Connected Devices page in Settings, tap on the device, and choose Log Out from the drop-down menu. By clicking the three-dot sign at the top of the conversation list and selecting “Log out,” you may easily exit the browser window.

A web scan for WhatsApp

You’ll receive the exact same WhatsApp Online experience whether you’re using the desktop app or the web version.

Linked Devices may be found in the settings menu of your phone, so open it and go to the QR code scanning section, exactly as in the browser version. Finally, point the camera at the unique code that comes onscreen, and then take a picture of it.

The desktop program, like the features of the site, keeps you logged in to WhatsApp until you want to go.

Chat with your WhatsApp contacts via PC or laptop, with the option to exchange files such as photos or videos. You can also type much quicker on a PC or laptop keypad than you would on a mobile device.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding WhatsApp Web

We’ve done our best to offer the most exact responses to some of the inquiries we’ve gotten concerning WhatsApp online.

What are the advantages of utilizing the WhatsApp Web?

The key advantages of using WhatsApp Web rather than a phone are the advantages of using a computer. There seem to be a few specific examples:

  1. When you utilize your keyboard, you can type faster.
  2. A larger screen allows you to see everything more clearly.
  3. It’s easier to switch between messages and communicate with many people at once.
  4. You may easily communicate on WhatsApp while browsing in the Opera browser.
  5. You can quickly cut and paste photographs, text, and files on WhatsApp Web.
  6. There was no need to constantly check your phone.
  7. It’s useful in places where you can’t use your phone, like the workplace.
  8. You shouldn’t need to keep your phone with you while it’s charging in another room.
  9. It is easy to switch between WhatsApp Web and other applications on your PC.
  10. WhatsApp may be bookmarked on the Opera web so that it is always visible when surfing.
  11. Scrolling over messages is quicker.
  12. You may see messages without them being marked as read by running the software in the background.

What can WhatsApp Web accomplish for me?

  1. Connect multiple computers to WhatsApp on your phone and store them for later use, as well as to deactivate any of them.
  2. To type, use your keyboard.
  3. You may exchange photos, videos, documents, and connections, as well as download anything quickly to your computer.
  4. Configure your phones. They create visuals to prevent documents from being automatically downloaded.
  5. A new conversation may be created or an existing contact can be searched for to talk to.
  6. Examine the contact information.
  7. View group information and participate in group chats.
  8. Deactivate or enable desktop notifications.
  9. You may send voice recordings, emojis, GIFs, and stickers.
  10. View the most recent WhatsApp status updates.
  11. Messages may be responded to, forwarded, marked as read, or deleted.
  12. Make a new profile photo.
  13. Check to see whether a message was sent and read.

What am I unable to perform using WhatsApp Web?

You cannot use WhatsApp Web on two different devices (other than your phone) or browsers at about the same time. When you log in to one, you are automatically logged out of the other.

You won’t be able to use WhatsApp Web if your phone is switched off or not connected to the internet.

You cannot create a new contact on WhatsApp Web. You should first add them to your phone’s WhatsApp.

It is not possible to send a WhatsApp Broadcast.

WhatsApp does not support making or receiving phone or video calls.

You cannot make new WhatsApp statuses.

You cannot share your actual position or maps with the others.

If you are offline, you will be unable to see your messages on WhatsApp Web.

In order to use WhatsApp Web, what do you need to be able to do?

The following are the requirements for using WhatsApp Web on a web browser:

A Samsung or an iPhone with a working rear-facing camera.

On a desktop or laptop PC, any contemporary web browser such as Google Chrome will do.

A working internet connection on both your smartphone and PC is required.

WhatsApp in its most recent and updated form.

The following are required in order to make use of the WhatsApp desktop app on the web:

The software

Either an Android or perhaps an iPhone with a usable back camera.

You must have an internet connection in working order on both your smartphone and your PC.

Updated: WhatsApp has been installed.

Do I need to have a WhatsApp account to use WhatsApp Web?

It’s true that you’ll need to download and set up WhatsApp on your smartphone initially. Use WhatsApp Web as a WhatsApp plugin, and you’ll be good to go.

Is WhatsApp Web supported on iOS?


Before I use WhatsApp Web, what should I know?

It is necessary to have WhatsApp pre-installed on your phone in order to use WhatsApp Web. A WhatsApp-connected phone is required to use WhatsApp Web.

This is exactly the same as what you’d expect from WhatsApp on your phone. As a result, WhatsApp Web messages and content may be seen on your mobile phone and vice versa.

Keep your smartphone connected to Wi-Fi whenever possible to prevent draining your mobile data.

You must have the most recent version of WhatsApp installed on your phone in order to use WhatsApp Web.

You must already have a WhatsApp account in order to use WhatsApp Web. If you don’t already have one, sign up for WhatsApp on your phone first.

If you’re using WhatsApp Web, you can only use it solely on a single device or browser at a time.

WhatsApp Web is compatible with Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. You may use WhatsApp from the edge panel of the Chrome browser for PCs instead of a browser tab.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Web?

Yes. All of the messages sent over WhatsApp Web, just like those sent through WhatsApp, are encrypted all the way through. In addition, WhatsApp Web is a temporary connection to the WhatsApp app on your phone. This connection is severed after a certain amount of time or even when you log out of WhatsApp Web. You have the ability to check for and terminate any WhatsApp Web connectivity from inside the application on your phone.

With WhatsApp Web, what kinds of documents can I send to other users?

You are able to send photos, videos, and documents (each of which may be up to 16 MB in size) (up to 100 MB each).

How can I connect files using the WhatsApp Web client?

By selecting the icon that looks like a paper clip, you may choose the file that you want to send. In addition, you have the option to cut and paste a picture from a website directly into the text of your message. Using the Opera browser, which includes an integrated version of WhatsApp in its sidebar, is the most effective approach to accomplish this task.

Is there a maximum file size that may be sent using WhatsApp Web, or is there no restriction at all?

On WhatsApp Web, the maximum size of an attachment for a picture or video is 16 megabytes, while the maximum size for a document is 100 megabytes.

A helpful hint: if you submit your video or picture as a document, you may take advantage of the 100 MB restriction.

Is it feasible to use WhatsApp Web on a number of different browsers or devices all at the same time?

No, if you use WhatsApp Web from a new device or window, you will immediately be disconnected from any previous connections you have established.

How frequently does the web connection for WhatsApp remain active?

Inactivity on your part will result in you being automatically locked out of WhatsApp Web after three days have passed.

When you log in to WhatsApp Web, there is a checkbox located under the QR code that allows you to choose the option “keep me logged in.” After that, so long as your device is ringing to WhatsApp, you will have a connection.

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How exactly does one log out of the WhatsApp Web client?

When using WhatsApp Web, click the menu button (it looks like three dots), then click Log out.

Navigate towards the WhatsApp app on your mobile device.

Choose WhatsApp Web from either the drop-down menu that comes when you select the symbol that looks like three dots.

You will see a list of the computers, mobile devices, and web browsers that you’ve used in the past to log in.

You may log out of a connection that is now active by pressing it, or you can scroll down and choose Log out on all the devices.

How can I tell if someone is attempting to access my WhatsApp Web profile?

You will get a notification on your phone if your account is used for the latest Whatsapp Web connection. However, in order to examine any present or historical relationships,

Open WhatsApp on your phone.

From the three-dot menu, choose WhatsApp Web. A list of present and previous connections will be shown.

To log out of an active connection, tap it or scroll down to Log out of all devices.


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How can I make a WhatsApp Web Call?

Unfortunately, you can’t make calls using WhatsApp Web right now.

How can I set up a group conversation on WhatsApp Web?

Pick a new group just at the top of the front page, and then select the people you want to include in the group.

Opera’s and WhatsApp’s new chat icons look like speech bubbles.

Inside the WhatsApp Web application, the new chat symbol looks like a plus sign.

I’d want to build a WhatsApp Web group chat, but how do I do that?

Select the connections you want to add to a new organization at the top of the page.

On Opera and on the WhatsApp Web site, the new conversation sign looks like a speech bubble.

It looks like a plus sign on the WhatsApp Web application’s new chat symbol.

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