How Can I Watch STARTTV Without a Cable Subscription in the Year 2022?


You want to watch STARTTV channel live without a cable subscription and cut the cord, right? We have prepared the two greatest alternatives for you to choose from. You don’t need cable to watch STARTTV live if you use one of these over-the-top (OTT) services like Hulu or YouTube TV.

In this comprehensive guide, we will assist you in selecting the streaming package that meets all of your requirements while remaining within your budgetary constraints.

The most well-known entertainment channel is known as STARTTV. Its remarkable and cutting-edge shows, such as, were largely responsible for the rise in its popularity.

However, there are a number of other sites that not only provide live streaming of STARTTV programs but also permit the use of the DVR function. You may watch the episodes of STARTTV on a broad variety of over-the-top (OTT) platforms and smart devices.


Let’s take a look at the many ways and packages available to view STARTTV episodes so that we may savor the joy that comes from being entertained.


Watch the STARTTV Channel Over the Internet Instead of Cable:

When it comes to bringing entertainment into people’s homes, cable television was once the most important player. It has become the standard because of the abundance of channels and the high quality of the service.

But out of the more than 1,500 channels that cable TV delivers, how many of them do we really watch? It’s possible that we don’t even know a couple of the channel names. Therefore, there is no need to throw away money on something that we do not watch. The idea of cord-cutters emerged at around the same time.


Anyone without a cable TV subscription may now watch live STARTTV thanks to the proliferation of over-the-top (OTT) technology. Finding the greatest streaming service that broadcasts STARTTV live is all that remains for us to accomplish at this point.

Without having to be concerned about being locked into long-term commitments, we are able to personalize the subscription plans to fit our viewing preferences. You are free to cancel the membership whenever you want.

The following are the several methods in which one may watch STARTTV programming without cable:

YouTubeTV \sā˜…ā˜…ā˜…

  • Streaming of more than 90 channels in high definition (HD) with no storage limits on the digital video recorder.
  • Maintain three simultaneous visual focuses.
  • A free trial period of 5 days is provided.
  • $64.99 / Month

Live TV + Hulu

  • 75 Live Channels
  • Free for 30 Days
  • Two independent flows
  • 50 hours of DVR storage in the cloud
  • $64.99 / Month

1: Watch STARTV on YouTube TV without a subscription.

Youtube logo

YouTube TV is the quickest and most convenient method to watch STARTTV without cable TV. Many prominent channels such as STARTTV, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, live sports, news, events, and so on are accessible at a low cost, making it an excellent alternative for consumers who want to watch live TV on the move.

A popular website, such as YouTube, is much more accessible than a standard cable television bundle, which often needs a two-year commitment and an expensive installation procedure.

YouTube TV is also quite easy to use. It is a subscription service ($64.99 per month) that allows consumers to watch live broadcasts of over 90 channels, such as ESPN, Fox Sports EPL, HBO, and NBC Sports. It also allows people to watch on phones, tablets, desktops, and large-screen TVs.

STARTTV is included in YouTubeTV bundles.


There is just one plan available on YouTubeTV. It is a subscription service that provides high-definition video streaming as well as a cloud-based DVR.

They don’t seem to provide any bundles or tiers, and STARTTV, as well as the other prominent networks, appear to be included in this one subscription.

When you use YouTube TV, you don’t need to update your subscription or compare other plan alternatives.

This YouTubeTV service includes unlimited DVR storage. You can record any STARTTV episode and watch it whenever you want without worrying about storage space.

This package includes access to almost 100 channels. There are no hidden fees, and a 5-day free trial is accessible.

Features include:

  • continuous live TV with no interruption; streaming is done straight over the internet.
  • Many cities have access to over 90 channels.
  • Full HD streaming and an unlimited cloud-based DVR.
  • 6 accounts per family.
  • Watch three distinct displays at once.
  • Free trial period of 5 days.
  • The first three months are $54.99 per month, followed by $64.99 per month.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • There is an add-on facility provided.
  • Channel add/delete facility provided.
  • All Android, Apple, and Smart TV devices are supported.
  • Watch your favourite sports live streaming and keep up with the latest headlines.
YouTube TV compatible devices include:
  • Android Television
  • LG Smart Television (on webOS 3.0 or higher)
  • Smart TV from Samsung (2016 & higher models only)
  • Smartcast by Vizio
  • Hisense Smart Television
  • Sharp Smart TV
  • Walton Smart Television
  • Chromecast
  • Shield TV from Nvidia
  • Fire TV from Amazon
  • Apple Television (4th generation & 4K)
  • Google TV with Chromecast
  • Xbox One & Series PS 4 & 5
  • Mobile devices running Android and iOS
  • Internet browsers

You may stream STARTTV on any of the other compatible devices on YouTube TV.

2: Watch STARTTV on Hulu without a cable subscription.

Hulu Logo

If you want to watch STARTTV but don’t have cable, Hulu is your best bet. Hulu is well-known for its extensive library of popular series, movies, documentaries, sports, and cuisine channels.

With Hulu+LiveTV, you have access to a wide variety of live TV channels, like STARTTV, Discovery, CNN, AMC, ABC, and many more.

The Hulu channel lineup changes depending on where you call home. Before signing up with Hulu, be careful to verify that your location is supported.

Hulu’s official page where you can search for available channels in your region can be accessed here.

The Hulu with Live TV bundle includes STARTTV.

Live TV on Hulu:

The Hulu Live TV plan includes the STARTTV channel. The CW, Disney Networks, Animal Planet, AMC, NBC, VICE, and A&E are among the most-watched live TV networks. Ad-supported live TV is included in this bundle. Ad-free and more VoD streaming upgrades are available with a simple plan upgrade.

The Hulu Live TV package includes 80+ channels. With STARTTV’s 50-hour cloud DVR, you can record any show, whenever you like. Two concurrent streams may be played with a single subscription. In addition, there are optional extras from which to choose.

  • A streaming library with a wide variety of content, including Hulu productions, live channels, major motion pictures, and popular television series.
  • Free for 30 days!
  • Stream on nearly any internet-enabled screen, including smart TVs, laptops, and mobile phones.
  • Two separate streams per account at once
  • Capability to save videos for later viewing
  • Catch up on your favorite shows with 50 hours of Cloud DVR space
Media players that can access Hulu:

Hulu’s adaptability lies in its support for a wide variety of devices and operating systems. The following are examples of some of them:

  • Chromecast, made by Google
  • Tablets that play Xbox games on fire
  • Television Program Echo
  • Android, Apple TV, iOS Devices, and Tablets
  • TV by Samsung
  • Roku for LG TV
  • Xfinity X1 PlayStation TV Streaming Devices
  • NVIDIA’s Shield TV
  • And a whole deal more besides.

Hulu allows you to watch STARTTV on the following gadgets.

As was indicated, there are a couple of ways to get STARTTV without paying a dime.

Trial versions of STARTTV are available on the following devices:

  • You may watch YouTube TV for 5 days for free.
  • HULU: 7 Days of HULU Plus Live TV

If you’re satisfied with the service and the quality of the streaming STARTTV channels, you may sign up for a paid subscription.

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How can I access STARTTV on my Roku player?

STARTTV programs like Live are available in whole and in parts on Roku.

Following are the necessary actions to activate STARTTV on Roku devices:

  • Step 1: To begin, sign up for a provider that offers the STARTTV channel. As was previously stated, subscribers to YouTube TV or Hulu may watch this channel.
  • Step 2: The second phase involves getting the streaming app for Roku TV. Awaiting download… To enter the main menu on your Roku, press the home button. Find the search bar at the bottom of the screen, then type in the name of the app you wish to download. In the end, choose the Add Channel menu item.
  • Step 3: Third, the app has been installed on the Roku’s main menu. Just click the link and enter your details to log in.
  • step 4: The fourth step is to launch the subscribed OTT app and go to the STARTTV channel.

Okay, that settles it. Welcome to STARTTV on Roku TV. Don’t forget to check out the Roku Live TV Guide function if you don’t have access to any over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Roku provides access to a wide variety of live channels at no cost.

STARTTV on Apple TV: How to Get Started?

The Apple TV is compatible with any OTT service that provides STARTTV. In order to watch STARTTV on your Apple TV, just install the appropriate streaming app.

If you don’t have Hulu or YouTube TV already downloaded on your Apple TV, then you need follow these instructions.

  • You may watch STARTTV by subscribing to one of the streaming services that offer it.
  • Launch the Apple TV app, Start by searching for the name of the streaming service to which you have a subscription.
  • To get the app onto your Apple TV, choose the Install option.
  • Launch the app after installation and enter your credentials.
  • The STARTTV channel may now be found by searching the app.

The Firestick with STARTTV: How to Watch!

Installing the STARTTV app on Firestick is the first step in enabling the service. Definitely STARTTV is a promising station to subscribe to if you want access to outstanding entertainment, 24 hours of news, and continuous sports and local TV networks.

If you don’t already have YouTube TV or Hulu loaded on your Firestick, you should do so now.

  • Get a subscription to a streaming service that offers STARTTV.
  • When using a Fire TV, Start up the search and look for the streaming app you want to download.
  • To get the app sent to your Fire TV, choose the Download option. The time required for installation may vary depending on the speed of your internet connection.
  • Upon installation, launch the app and log in using your credentials.
  • The STARTTV channel may now be found by searching the app.

Some over-the-top (OTT) services, it should be noted, are location-based. Please double-check whether STARTTV is accessible in your region before you consider buying the subscription.]

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