The Complete Guide on How to Update Your Sharp Smart TV

Sharp Smart TV

Sharp Smart TV; One of the things that are really necessary to accomplish is to update your smart TVs. The vast majority of televisions will ship with regular software upgrades. On the vast majority of TVs, the firmware will be updated automatically, but on a select handful of them, we will need to do the update manually. In addition to being one of the most popular smart TVs on the market, the Sharp TV will also provide regular firmware upgrades. Therefore, you are required to update the Sharp Smart TV on a regular basis. Now, if you continue reading, you will discover the whole answer to the question.

Upgrade your Sharp TV.

There are many Sharp Smart TVs in our inventory, and their operating systems range from Android OS to Roku OS. Therefore, the firmware of each TV model has its own unique method of being updated.
The Sharp Smart TV will automatically update itself.
When most Sharp smart TVs are switched on or connected to the internet, they will run automatic software upgrades in the background without the user being aware that it is happening.

It is possible that the customer may be prompted to restart the TV depending on the nature of the software update that was installed. Your data and identities will be safeguarded in the safest possible manner if you use this method.

In addition to that, it addresses a number of security issues. Your Sharp TV will continue to become better over time thanks to these software upgrades, which will also bring you new features.

 Manually Updating a Sharp Smart TV

 1: Activate the Wi-Fi on your Sharp Smart TV and then turn it on.

2: choose an option from the remote’s menu.

3: use the tabs to go to the Settings menu.

4: Navigate to the Support menu in the Settings menu.

5:  Select the option to Check for Software Updates.

6: If an update is available, choose the option to install it by selecting the Yes button.

Sharp Smart TV

7: Your TV will restart when the update has finished installing. And after that, your smart TV will function normally.


Manually Updating Your Sharp Smart TV [Android]

Step 1: Go to Menu > Settings on your Sharp Android TV.

 Step 2: choose the “About” tab from the drop-down menu.

Sharp Smart TV

 Step 3: go to the Settings menu and choose System Update.

Update Sharp TV

 Step 4: Go to Settings, then Updates, and finally System Update. 

  Step 5: Your TV will restart to apply the update when the update has been installed.

  Step 5: Your TV will restart to apply the update when the update has been installed.

Using a Manual Update for Your Sharp Smart TV [Roku Models]

 Step 1: fire up the TV and get it online(Turn on your TV and connect it to the internet)

Sharp Smart TV

Step 2: Go to the Settings menu from the main screen.

Sharp Smart TV

Step 3: Select System from the Settings menu.

Update Sharp Roku TV

step 4: Select System Update and  Select the “Check Now” button.   

Sharp Smart TV

  Step 5: If there are updates available for your Roku TV, it will download and install them automatically.

 Step 6: Your Sharp Roku TV will restart automatically to apply the update when the update has finished downloading. When the TV has finished restarting, you may use it normally.

The Hands-On Guide to Manually Updating Your Sharp TV [With a USB]

The Sharp AQUOS TV, like with other variants, may be updated via USB. 

 1: In your computer’s browser, visit the Sharp Products Download page.

 2: choose the appropriate language, then the Country, Category, and Product Name. Then, proceed by selecting Next.

Sharp Smart TV

3: Save the file to your computer.

Sharp Smart TV

4: Unzip the archive and save the contents to a flash device.

5: Remove the USB drive from your computer and plug it into your TV. Start watching some TV.

6: to be the Digital Configuration.

7 Select Software Update and then hit Enter our TV’s model number and your four-digit password.

8: you’ll need to press Enter for the TV to scan for the USB device. Once the USB has been recognized, press Enter twice, and the TV screen will show you the current update status, like in 

 9: The TV screen will show you the current update status, The TV will need to reboot while it receives the update, when the update is finished,   

Sharp Smart TV

 10: Hit the ENTER button when the update is finished, and remove the USB drive

You may upgrade your Sharp TV using any of the aforementioned techniques depending on your operating system.

The trouble with Sharp’s New Software Update

You are not alone if you run into problems upgrading your Sharp TV. This is a common complaint from people who own Sharp Smart TVs. It’s possible that the Sharp TV may suddenly power down during the update process or become stuck on a certain screen for an extended period of time.

If your TV is having these kinds of problems, disconnect it immediately and turn it off. Just let it sit for a few minutes. The next step is to power on your Sharp TV, go into the menu where you may restart it. Restarting the TV won’t allow you to install the latest software, so you’ll need to reset the Sharp TV instead.


You can watch the video below for more insight on setting up you sharp smart tv


Is it time to upgrade my Sharp television?

In a word, yes. Regular updates are required for all Smart TVs. TV performance troubles are inevitable if you put off updating your set for an extended length of time.

What is the procedure for updating Netflix on a Sharp TV?

Select the Netflix app from the Google Playstore on your Sharp TV. You may update the Netflix app on your TV by selecting the Update option.

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