How to Fix the Error Code 110 on Your Samsung TV (2022 Fix)

Samsung TV

When a Samsung TV displays the error number 110, it indicates that the device is unable to successfully connect to the internet. It is also possible that this is an indication that the internet access is unreliable or dropping sporadically.

You are able to correct this problem by either repairing the internet connection or resetting the networking. In addition, there are some further pieces of advice that you can follow, which will be detailed further down in this article, that will assist you in resolving the problem.

If you just follow the instructions that have been provided below, you should be able to get your Samsung TV operating again in a matter of minutes at most.

Samsung TV

Fixing Samsung’s Error Code 110 and Related Issues

The majority of the time, the Samsung Tv error code 110 may be addressed by going into the network settings of the Samsung TV and reconnecting to the WiFi network in your immediate area.

It’s possible that the problem lies with something else, but you should try that first. If it doesn’t work, go on to the next step. Simply access the network configuration of your Samsung TV and make sure that it is linked to the appropriate WiFi network.

You might also try the following options if it doesn’t work:

  • Simply restart or reset the television.
  • Restart the wireless router.
  • Turn off the firewall that’s built into your router.
  • Modify the manually configured IP parameters of the network.
  • Perform an update to the Samsung TV’s firmware.

We have provided a more in-depth explanation of these strategies below.

Simply restart or reset the Samsung Tv.

If you have already tried to restore the Samsung TV to your WiFi network, but it is still not working, then you should try restarting the device or even doing a factory reset on it. It is normal practice for electrical devices to become error-free after being restarted. Therefore, to turn it off, utilize the remote control you were given.

However, the method that is advised is to first disconnect the television from the power outlet, then wait one minute, and then turn the Samsung Tv back on. If you observe any problem warnings during setup, pay close attention to the screen that displays them. Confirm that it is functioning properly (and ensure it is indeed connected to your local WiFi, it may ask you to reenter the password).

Restart the wireless router.

Rebooting the router can also help revitalize your internet connection, so make sure you do it as well (or clear out any possible errors or signal congestion).

Find your router, then turn it off by pulling the power cable out of the wall socket (some routers have a button that allows you to turn the power on and off manually).

At the very least, wait sixty seconds, and then turn it back on. Keep an eye on the LED lights for anything that seems out of the ordinary. Check the status of the Samsung TV when you have finished waiting for the internet connection to get established.

Turn off the firewall that’s built into your router.

Error 110 may appear on the screen of your Samsung TV if it is unable to connect to the internet as a result of the firewall that is enabled on your WiFi network. You may check to see if there is a change by accessing your routers and momentarily disabling the setting for the firewall.

If you are able to get the Samsung TV to function normally, you will be capable of permanently adding the gadget to the exception rule of the firewall. These instructions and configurations are specific to the model of your router. Therefore, search the internet for your router and learn how the firewall settings (and the exclusion of devices) are adjusted.

You will need to manually adjust the network’s IP settings.

Your next step is to examine the possibility of manually adjusting the IP settings of your Samsung TV and “forcibly” connecting it to your WiFi network.

As a result, when you connect the Samsung TV to your WiFi, a prompt appears on the screen that gives you the option to change the connection.

Manually doing this task is possible, but first, you’ll need to gather some information about your network. In point of fact, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this, and you may get the information simply by utilizing your smartphone.

Using Android

  • Launch the Settings app on your phone, and then go to the WiFi Settings.
  • Choose the local WiFi network you’re connected to, and then click the Manage Network Settings button.
  • After selecting Show Advanced Options, navigate your way to the IP Settings menu.
  • In this section, you will change the mode of your IP address to static, which will enable you to access the specifics of the network.
  • Make sure that you jot down the IP address as well as the DNS server number that appears there. (For instance,, DNS, or whatever it displays in your particular instance.)

Using iPhone (iOS)

  • Launch the Settings app, then go to the WiFi area.
  • You will then be able to see your present WiFi connection after pressing the blue I button that is located next to the WiFi.
  • Keep scrolling down until you find the information about your Internet address and other details. Make sure to jot down the address.
  • Continue scrolling down and clicking the Configure DNS button when you reach the bottom of the page.
  • You need to look at the DNS server, and you should also note down its address.

Once you have this info (IP address and DNS server), go to the IP settings on your Samsung TV and pick the Manual Configuration option.

Samsung TV

After that, you will be able to input the Default IP address as well as the DNS server that you made a note of in the earlier stages. After you have completed the procedure by pressing OK, you should restart the television just in precaution, and then check to see whether the error 110 has been resolved.

Perform an update to the TV’s firmware.

There are instances when the TV’s firmware is out of the current, which might result in additional issues such as being unable to connect to the WiFi network. It is essential that you always use the most recent versions of your devices’ software (for security and performance reasons).

Check to see if there are any available upgrades to the device’s firmware. Turning on the software updates and allowing the Samsung TV to update itself whenever fresh software is made available is something that we would recommend doing.

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How can I solve the error code 110 on my Samsung?

  1. Simply restart or reset the television.
  2. It’s time to restart the router.
  3. Turn off the firewall that’s running on your router.
  4. You will need to manually adjust the network’s IP settings.
  5. Perform an update to the TV’s firmware.

What does the error number 110 mean on a Samsung TV?

In the event that you see Error Code 110 on your Samsung TV, it indicates that your device is unable to successfully connect to the internet. You could try resetting your internet connectivity to see if it helps repair the issue.

How can I correct the mistake that’s showing up on my Samsung TV?


You may solve the ERROR MODEL BIND error on your TV by doing a factory reset if you are certain that there is no issue with your WiFi network. When I say “resetting the TV,” I mean that you should go into the settings on your Samsung TV and do a factory reset. Go to the menu on your TV labeled Settings > General. Choose the option to Reset, and then click on it.

How can I troubleshoot a problem on my smart TV?

The process of troubleshooting

  1. Examine the screen to see whether an error code is shown…
  2. Check to see if the television is linked to the internet… Reload the information that is available on the internet. Make sure the software on the TV is updated to the most recent version.
  3. To reset the TV’s factory settings, do a power reset.
  4. Perform a factory reset on the cable modem or router…
  5. Bring the Samsung TV to the settings it had when it was first manufactured.

What are the steps to restart my Samsung Smart TV?

How to Perform a Hard Reset on Your Samsung TV

  1. Turn on the television.
  2. Maintain pressure on the power switch for one full minute.
  3. The television will begin the process of restarting itself and will wait for it to be completed.
  4. Repeatedly pressing and holding the power button is required.
  5. Patiently hold on till the TV comes back on.

Does the Samsung TV have a button to reset it?

The television was reset to factory settings.

Launch the Settings app, and after that, choose the General option. Choose the Reset option, then input your personal identification number (0000 is the default), and finally, Choose the Reset option. Simply selecting OK will finish the reset. Your television will automatically restart itself.

How can I do a factory reset on my Samsung television?

Try this if anything truly strange is going on: while the TV is on, press and hold down the power button on the Samsung TV control until the TV shuts off and then back on again. As soon as the television is turned back on, everything ought to be back to how it was.

What are the steps to upgrading my Samsung TV?

Using the TV remote, go to the Settings menu and then pick the Support option. Choose Software Upgrade, and then choose Update Now from the drop-down menu. Your Samsung TV will deliberately download and save any available software updates. Please wait until the update has finished before turning off the television; updates often take a few minutes to complete.


When a Samsung TV displays the error number 110, it means that the device is unable to establish a connection to the internet. You need to verify the status of your network service and make certain that the television is linked to the appropriate WiFi network.

After that, you might try to restart the TV, restart the router, manually input the IP address and DNS information, or even attempt to upgrade the TV’s firmware.

If you have attempted all of these solutions but have not been successful, it is time to get in touch with either your internet service provider or the technical support line for Samsung.

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