How to Fix the Error Code 107 on Your Samsung TV (2022)

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An OpenAPI failure is the root cause of Samsung TV error number 107, which is a topic that requires some explanation due to its complexity. However, this does not really matter all that much since you can quickly solve this problem by adjusting a couple of the settings.

The majority of the time, the problem may be resolved by performing several troubleshooting steps, such as contacting your internet service provider, altering the wrong TV settings, upgrading the TV’s firmware, and so on. Below, you’ll find a more in-depth discussion of each of these suggestions.

How to Fix the Error Code 107 on Your Samsung TV

As was said before, the problem manifests itself as a result of a conflict with OpenAPI. As long as the issue in question is resolved, the specifics don’t really matter all that much.

Perform a check on the firmware.

Due to the presence of error code 107, the Samsung TV is unable to connect to the internet. First things first, you need to determine whether or not the TV is the sole device that is having trouble connecting to the internet. Make sure there isn’t a problem with the internet service in your home by verifying the functionality of any other devices you may have.

There are two different approaches one might use when dealing with the problem of firmware. It is possible that the firmware is outdated, in which case you will need to upgrade it to the most recent version in order to be sure that any flaws have been fixed.

Navigate to the Settings menu of the TV, search for the area labeled Update, and check to see if there are any new releases. If there is, you should update it, and after you’re through, restart the TV.

If the TV was functioning normally before the firmware was upgraded, but later began displaying error number 107, the situation gets more problematic. This indicates that you need to revert to an earlier version of the firmware that was successful. The process can seem challenging at first, but it’s really very manageable if you just take your time with it.

The vast majority of Samsung Smart TVs are equipped with USB connections, and in order to update the firmware, you will need to download either an older or more recent model version of the software and save it to a USB drive. Upgrade by inserting the USB stick into the TV’s available USB port.

To get a clearer picture, carry out the stages in the following order:

  • Navigate to the Samsung Download Center using your own computer.
  • First, choose the kind of product you’re looking for, then search for your television or enter its model number.
  • Before you roll out a new version, you should look for the most recent firmware or the one that is already functional.
  • You will first need to download the file, then unzip it, and then copy it onto your USB stick.
  • After that, you should insert the USB stick into the TV’s USB port.
  • Use the remote control to navigate to the Settings menu on your TV. Choose Support, and then click the Software Update button. Click the Update Now button, followed by Yes.

The firmware version that is now stored on the USB will be upgraded and installed on the Samsung TV. One other thing to keep in mind is that before installing any updates, you should unplug the television from the internet. If the television is still connected to the internet, it may prevent the transaction from being completed.

Make sure the router’s settings are correct.

Error 107 is often brought on by incorrect settings made in the router. You have two options available to you right now. To begin, you will need to reboot the router by first removing it from its power source, waiting sixty seconds, and then plugging it back in again.

It is possible that deleting accumulated mistakes on the device and refreshing the settings will be accomplished by performing a reboot. Tap on it to check whether the problem still exists.

Second, you have the option to reset the settings on your router. You may connect to the router by entering its IP address into the address bar of your web browser (via your computer). Find out the IP address and password for the router by looking at the label on the back of the device. In addition, you may obtain further information about your router by googling the model number.

Take note of the following instructions:

  • Utilize the device’s default username and password to log into the router’s administrative interface.
  • Find the section that deals with wireless settings.
  • If you are using a 2.4GHz band, make sure that the channels on your device are either 1 or 6. (These are the recommended channels to avoid interference).
  • Make sure that you are using secure methods of WPA2 or a higher standard.
  • If you are using a band with a frequency of 5.0GHz, choose the channels 36-48 or 149-165.
  • Make sure you save the changes.

After you have completed these procedures, you will need to restart the router by turning it off and then back on again. Please be patient and check back after it has been brought back up to see whether error 107 has been resolved.

Adjust your Samsung TV settings.

You might try readjusting the TV settings, refreshing them, or resetting them to their factory defaults if the issue persists in certain circumstances. Resetting a contemporary smart TV might alleviate some problems that may arise with the device.

Proceed in the following manner:

  • Make use of the remote control to get to the Settings menu.
  • Click the Self-Diagnosis option that appears after selecting Support from the menu. Click the Reset button.
  • Enter your PIN code. 0000 is what it will be by default (if you have not previously modified it)

After you have completed these procedures, you will need to restart the TV and then reconnect it to the internet or WiFi. Examine the code to check whether the problem still exists. It has been stated that following these procedures would, at the very least, clear up the problem in half of the cases.

Inquire with your internet service provider.

In addition to that, you might want to contact your internet service provider to inquire about the current condition of your internet connection. It’s possible that the configuration and all the settings on your end are right, but the problem is on the ISP’s end. Get in touch with them to find out if there is a power outage or any other potential problem that might be causing the internet to behave erratically.

In most cases, they will be able to discover your account and may do a remote check on the condition of the service. Sometimes, in order to get things working on their end, they will need to reboot and reset the devices.

If you are utilizing WiFi routers, WiFi repeaters, or any other devices that function as access points, try restarting them to see if this resolves the problem. Turn off each device for anything between 30 and 60 seconds before turning it back on. Pay close attention to the LED indicators to check for any problems or warnings that may have occurred.

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Questions and Answers

What is the source of error 107 on my Samsung TV, and how can I resolve it?

Error Code 107 on a Samsung TV

1:Determine the network’s present condition.

2: Examine and resolve any difficulties with router access.

Make the required configuration changes to the router.

4: Reset the Samsung TV’s network settings.

5: Ensure that the firmware on the television is up to date.

6: Reset the TV’s settings.

How can I resolve Steam error code 107?

The Steam web browser’s cache should be cleared as a first step in addressing problem 107.

Choose Steam to open the Steam Settings menu.

To remove your web browser cache, go to Web Browser > Delete Internet Browser Cache.

How Do I Update My Samsung Smart TV’s Firmware?

Using the TV controller, go to the Options menu and then choose the Support option. Select Software Update, then Update Now from the drop-down option. Any available app updates will be downloaded and installed automatically by your TV. Wait patiently until the update is complete before turning off the TV; updates sometimes take a few minutes.

What is the problem if I attempt to link my Samsung TV to the world wide web?

If your Samsung TV won’t connect to the WiFi network, you’ll need to reset it. Turn off your tv and wait one minute after you turn it off. While the tv is turned off, push and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Re-plug in the Samsung TV after a minute and a half, and it should reconnect automatically.


Watch this video for more understanding.


If you follow the advice in this article, you should be able to fix Samsung problem number 107 with a success rate of at least 90%. The remainder is dependent on either the Internet service provider, who you will need to contact, or malfunctioning gadgets (such as a malfunction with the router or the TV itself).

In either case, you should attempt to upgrade the TV’s firmware or revert it to an earlier version that worked well. In addition to this, the TV may be restarted and its settings can be cleared by entering the default PIN code.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, you may try getting more technical help by getting in touch with Samsung support.

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