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Every router that we investigate is put through a series of tests, including those that evaluate its range and speed, as well as those that evaluate its ease of setup, the quality of its settings, and its overall usefulness.

The quantity of data that a router is able to send and receive through the wireless connection is referred to as its throughput.

This test is carried out at a distance of 5 feet, with no impediments in the way, so that we may get an estimate of the router’s optimum data transmission rate.

More throughput is preferable for data-intensive activities such as gaming, video streaming, or connecting numerous users at the same time.

The greatest distance at which a router may be used to transmit data is referred to as its range. Homes that are bigger and have more rooms that are separated from one another benefit greatly from having longer ranges.

We analyze however much data a router is capable of sending at ranges of 5, 50, 75, and feet in length so that you may choose the most suitable model for your compact house or apartment, which requires optimal short-range performance.

We further put a router through its paces by passing it through ceilings and walls to see how effectively it can broadcast a signal in environments that are known to reduce the strength of Wi-Fi signals, such as those that are common in many commercial and residential buildings.

We will conduct further tests on routers to determine the efficiency with which a signal may be sent from the primary router to a satellite device using the mesh system.

5 of the Best Routers Available in 2022 for Forwarding Ports, Including Prices

A router that supports port forwarding is necessary to enable devices from the outside world to access software applications hosted on private networks.

By using ports, you can keep many services running on your device at the same time without them interfering with one another.

Even while port forwarding is enabled on the vast majority of routers, certain models are better suited for the task than others.

In the event that you are unsure which choice would be most beneficial to you, we are here to assist you.

The Linksys AX6000 wireless router is your best option if you want to forward ports on your network. When it relates to wireless performance and coverage, the fact that it is a Wi-Fi 6 router with such a mesh device means that it is reliable and blazingly fast at the same time.

Setting up port scanning on a Linksys router is simple and can be done in a short amount of time. In addition to that, it can connect to a number of different devices and it supports dual bands.

The cost of these routers, on the other hand, might be different depending on when and where you have been reading these comments as well as where you are accessing them.

Despite the fact that these anticipated prices have been confirmed by major e-commerce organizations, the prices may still alter due to shipping and importation fees…

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Prior to making a purchase, there are a few things to keep in mind about port forwarding routers.

Before you go out and purchase a port forwarding router, give yourself some time to do some research and consider your alternatives.

Given the variety of choices, selecting the most suitable router for network settings might prove to be challenging.

The following are some things you need to check out:

  • Wireless Range
  • Speed Wireless
  • Wireless Range
  • Mesh Wi-Fi using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Wireless Signal Strength:

When looking for a router that can forward ports, one element to take into consideration is the wireless range of the router.

There is a wide variety of wireless ranges available in routers, but the finest ones is AX and AC routers. They frequently offer the biggest range as well as the connection that is the most dependable.

The Speed of Wireless:

AD Wi-Fi routers might be an excellent solution for situations in which you want high speed over a short distance.

AC Wi-Fi routers are employed in order to deliver a gaming or video viewing experience that is quick and fluid across a number of different devices. On the other side, the AX Wi-Fi router, also known as the Wi-Fi 6 router, is a more contemporary variation of the AC Wi-Fi router.

In consideration of wireless speed, AX Wi-Fi routers are indeed the ones that are both the quickest and the most reliable.

The wireless frequency spectrum at 2.4GHz is the only one that is accessible for use with some routers, which only have a small patch available. A single band has the drawback of being inadequate for high-bandwidth systems since it is easy to get congested. This is because of the nature of the single band.

Dual-band routers link several devices simultaneously by using the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. This results in reduced congestion on the network and quicker wireless data transfer rates.

Due to the fact that they include three bands, tri-band routers are able to manage a greater number of connected devices without compromising their wifi performance (2.4 GHz, 5GHz, and 5GHz). Tri-band routers offer very little to no latency or interference, even when several devices are connected to them at once.

As a direct result of this, it is reasonable to hypothesize that the bandwidth will determine the speed of the wireless connection as well as the amount of network interference that will be experienced.

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The Top Routers for Apple Products in 2022, Including Detailed Information on Their Features, Prices, and Buying Guides


Apple fans may still get an Apple-like experience from a range of other router manufacturers, despite Apple’s decision a few years ago to stop producing the AirPort brand of routers.

The very finest Wi-Fi routers for Apple products make it extremely simple to control your family’s phones, iPads, laptops, and other electronic devices from the comfort of an app. This is true whether the router in question is part of a whole-home mesh network connection or an attempted single unit.

If you already have an Apple device in every room of your house, you will want to ensure that you have the most advanced router on the market. This will ensure that your Wi-Fi connection does not interfere with your ability to use and appreciate these great items.

This page is more than simply a buyer’s guide since we’ve gone to the trouble of providing you with in-depth information on the recommended routers for the Apple devices and have taken the time to do so.

But on the other hand, the price of these routers could change based on when and where you read this post, as well as the specific location.

Even though these projected costs have been validated by major e-commerce shops, it is possible that shipping and import fees may have an effect on the final price of the product.

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Things to think about before choosing a decision: buyer’s guide

With so many options, it might be difficult to choose the ideal router for your requirements. It’s important when purchasing a router to have these factors in mind:

  1. First, take into account the size of your home.
  2. You’re Getting a Faster Internet Connection
  3. How Many Devices Do You Own?
  4. Security and protection.
  5. Routing and Switching (R&S)
  6. the number of distinct frequency ranges
  7. It’s also important to pay attention to one’s looks.
  8. Other Features of a Router

The Measurement of Your Private Property

When looking for a new router, it is important to take into account not only the overall size of your house but also the dimensions of each individual room.

If you live in a more compact location, such as an apartment, you may be able to get away with using a router that has a restricted range.

However, this is of utmost significance in a big home since, based on the router you buy and the range it provides, you can discover that some parts of the house do not have access to wireless internet connectivity.

If you have a big house, you should consider investing in a Wi-Fi system that uses a mesh network.


5 Absolutely Fantastic Routers for 400 Mbps in 2022, Including a Buyer’s Guide, Price, and More Information


Two different things need to be present in order to have a successful internet connection. The first is a connection that is dependable, and the next is a router that is dependable and is capable of effectively sharing that connection.

Even the most experienced internet users will be able to appreciate the benefits offered by a reliable router that has a size and layout that are more conventional.

You may invest in amplifiers or have routers distribute internet access throughout the region if you want to either improve the network’s functionality or extend the area that it covers.

Although a connection speed of 400 Mbps is considered to be rather fast, both consumers and Internet service providers make frequent use of this speed. But at the other hand, certain users take advantage of local area network lines in order to set up individualized connections.

In this post, the specialists and network professionals that make up our team will share their insights, thoughts, and comparisons about the “best 5 routers for 400 Mbps in 2022,” as well as their experiences with using those routers.

This post will also provide price information as well as buyers’ suggestions for a variety of routers. We hope it fits your standards.


Purchasing Advice For The Top 400 Mbps WiFi Router

In the last segment of this article, I evaluated the top 400 Mbps routers. But which option is optimal for you?

It depends entirely on your requirements.

This comprehensive purchasing guide, on the other hand, may assist you in determining your needs and the best router for them.

The following aspects should be considered while searching for the finest 400 Mbps router in 2022.

  1. Router’s Bandwidth
  2. Router Range

        3. The Quality of Wireless Bands

  1. The number of satellites and antennas.
  2. Number of Ethernet Ports
  3. central processing unit and memory
  4. Safety Measures
  5. Additional attributes


1. The Quickness of the Router

After the capacity of your ISP, the most crucial element in determining how quickly you can access the internet is the speed of your wireless connection. Because the speed of your internet will indeed be slow regardless of how quickly your internet access is if your router is unable to manage the increased traffic.

As a direct result of this, you should strive to choose a router that has a speed that is greater than your bandwidth. The creation of a local network or the transfer of data is both possible uses for a high-speed router.

The encouraging news is that all of the routers we tested were capable of handling rates greater than 400 Mbps.

2. Router Range

When selecting the finest wifi router for 400 Mbps, distance is the second biggest factor to take into consideration. As a result of the router’s limited range in comparison to that of your house, you won’t be able to acquire high-speed internet in all of your rooms.

To get started, you have to determine the scope of the problem first. Create a ballpark figure for the square footage of your home.

Variate according to the size of your property, and add an extra 500–1000 square feet of living space. This is the collection that you’ll need to have in order to completely furnish your home.

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The Top 10 Wifi Routers for College Dorms in the Year 2022


The process of selecting the appropriate router for a dorm room at a university or college may take a significant amount of time. Before making a purchase, it is important to think about the device’s performance, range, and bandwidth in order to make the most effective choice.

You need to read this article to save effort and time because it will guide you in the right direction, which it will do by pointing you in the right direction.

Since you are enrolled in college at this point, you ought to have access to the web. You do not need to be concerned about the safety of the wireless network when you connect wireless devices to your router, including laptops and mobile phones.

Because it is not dependent just on the school’s wifi, which can be faulty at times, it also gives users greater choice in terms of their connection options.

Check to see if your dorm room is equipped with a router. A decent one from the category below may solve all of these issues in a confined space such as a dorm room, in addition to providing a reliable wireless router for several devices.

These products have received positive feedback and come with straightforward installation instructions that are simple enough for non-techies to understand.

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Buyer’s Guide: Think about these points before making a decision.

When looking for a good dorm router, there are a few things to consider. Here is a list of factors to consider while selecting the ideal gadget.

  1. Frequency and speed
  2. Number of Users
  3. Range
  4. Confidentiality and security
  5. Interference from other networks
  6. Individual Preferences

1. Velocity and Rate of Occurrence

The number of gigabits per second that a router can process reveals its speed. If you are searching for a device for your dorm room that will enable you to carry out research, purchase an essay, or watch movies without interruptions or slowdowns, the best option would be a router with a Gbps of 3 to 5.

2. The Total Number of Users

Make sure that your wireless network supports multiple users if you want to be able to share it with your housemate and any visitors who may stop by sometimes.

The bandwidth of the router has a considerable impact on the operation of this function. Students make use of a variety of technological gadgets, including tablets, desktops, laptops, phones, and so on.

It is very necessary to strike a balance between both the functionality and bandwidth of the device you are working with. For instance, the 2.4 GHz band provides a signal that is more consistent but operates at a slower pace.

But on the other hand, a band operating at 5 GHz offers dramatically increased download speeds while having a signal that is noticeably less robust.

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5 of the Best Routers Available for Use with Security Cameras in 2022


A device known as a router is one that can link several computers to the network connection. Wi-Fi enables connectivity for a wide variety of electronic devices, including pcs, tablets, telephones, smart TVs, and security cameras, amongst others.

Not only do you receive quicker Wi-Fi connections when you use routers for your surveillance video system, but many of history’s newest models also offer built-in security mechanisms like WPA2 protection, which prevents your data from being stolen by criminals.

Many of today’s routers are created with ease of use in mind, and many of them come equipped with monitoring software and other capabilities that make it simple for parents, nannies, or anyone else to monitor their children’s use of the internet.

Your Wi-Fi router makes your wireless network more connected and increases its performance. To function correctly, wireless cameras require a wireless router. However, not all wireless routers are interoperable with one another.

In the modern world, a reliable Wi-Fi connection is required for everything from going to school and working to playing video games and streaming content.

You will need a router that is capable of managing several devices concurrently without causing a slowdown in connection speeds or skipping any connections in order to get the best performance possible in these apps with the security camera system.

These five best WiFi routers for security cameras are available in a variety of configurations, sizes, and price ranges, giving you the ability to choose the one that caters to your requirements the most effectively.

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Consider These Factors Before Making Your Security Camera Router Purchase.

It’s impossible to find a better CCTV router on the market right now.

When deciding on the best router, there are several factors to keep in mind. The following are the details:

  1. Range of a Router
  2. Router Performance
  3. Router Types
  4. Security, and Privacy
  5. Optical Beamforming and Range Enhancement.


1. The Reach of Routers

When selecting a router for use with security cameras, the range should be a top priority. mainly due to the fact that the majority of the security cameras will indeed be installed on the outside of your property.

As a consequence of this, in order to link them wirelessly, you will need a signal that can go across the whole of your home.

Because of this, you should look for a router that has a coverage area that is at least 200 sq ft larger than the dimensions of your house.

2. Routers’ Speed

When selecting a router for use with wifi IP cameras, speed should also be a consideration on your list of priorities. As a result of the fact that data cannot be sent via wireless cameras.

In order for them to communicate data, they will need a wireless connection. As a consequence of this, a router with a high speed can send IP camera data rapidly. In light of this, you should seek a router that has high throughput.

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The Top 10 Wifi Routers for Amazon’s Alexa in 2022, Including a Buyer’s Guide, Benefits, and more


IoT technology (IoT), a relatively recent innovation, is quickly becoming more widespread in today’s modern environment. On the other hand, Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled home automation is now a possibility.

As a direct result of this, several artificial intelligence-based devices have been developed that can carry out human commands and control different types of home appliances.

Probably one of the best of these devices is the Amazon Alexa, which is making a significant difference in the lives of a lot of different households.

Alexa is constantly expanding its repertoire of skills in order to ensure that it is compatible with the ever-growing number of new electronic devices and home appliances that are released.

Assume that you like using your Alexa devices and are impressed by the fact that they can control a wide range of devices in your house just by listening to your voice commands. This is not just limited to routers; there are also Alexa-compatible routers available, each of which comes with a broad variety of capabilities.

In this article, I will introduce you to a few of the best wireless routers that are compatible with Alexa and provide you with the ability to control your home appliances from a distance.

You have control over your connection to the internet since you can switch it on and off at will. Your voice may also be used to control the devices in your smart home as well as guest networks.

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BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER, think about these policies.

There’ll be no shortage of Wi-Fi routers on the market. It’s only that not every one of them can be used with today’s devices and systems. There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you’re receiving the finest bargain possible.

Choosing the best Wi-Fi router for your gadgets requires careful consideration of the following factors;

  1. First and foremost, the router’s ability to quickly connect to the network
  3. Frequencies of DUAL-BAND WI-FI RADIOS
  4. IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wireless Networking Protocol



Before purchasing a Wi-Fi router for your home automation gadgets, you should first test the speed of your existing internet connection to ensure it is enough. As a direct result of this, it is important to take into consideration the maximum Wi-Fi bandwidth that your router is capable of providing.

Only 11 megabits per second could be achieved using early Wi-Fi routers while connecting to the internet.

The next category of Wi-Fi routers was the 54 Mbps 802.11g mid-range models. Later on, Wi-Fi routers came onto the market, and these were able to send signals at a speed of 600 Mbps by using the standard 802.11n protocol.

In the modern world, a Wi-Fi router that broadcasts 802.11ac signals may potentially provide internet transfer rates of up to one gigabit per second.

However, a Wi-Fi router could be able to produce speeds of up to 1 Gbps (or even higher). The capacity that your internet provider (ISP) makes available to you when you sign up might have a significant impact on the speed of your internet connection.

Only if your internet service provider (ISP) has a capacity of 25 Mbps or more, would a Wi-Fi router with a speed of 1 Gbps be able to deliver that speed.

As a direct result of this, you need to choose a Wi-Fi router that has the same connection speed as your current service provider. Obtain a Wi-Fi router that is capable of managing the fantastic ISP speed if you want to increase the number of megabits per second (Mbps) that you get from your Internet service provider.

2. The Wireless Network’s Capabilities

Once you’ve determined the appropriate internet speed for your smart home, the next step is to check that every component in it is connected to the internet. Obviously, the square footage of your house could be different from that of another person’s.

As a direct result of this, the kind of protective coating that works best for you may not work for someone else.

A Wi-Fi router with a service area of 1,200 sq ft would be sufficient for a household with just a few members. On the other hand, larger houses need more soundproofing, with 2,500 square feet proven to be the most effective measure of coverage.

If your house is big enough to reap the benefits of enhanced Wi-Fi network coverage, you should seriously consider investing in a Wi-Fi router with a longer range.

It is also possible to employ a Wi-Fi mesh network in order to provide coverage for a Wi-Fi network over a large region. Last but not least, before purchasing a Wi-Fi router that serves a certain region, you need first to determine the size of your property.

After that, you are free to select the Wi-Fi router that will provide you with the highest level of coverage.

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The Top 10 Wired and Wireless Routers for Gaming in 2022, together with a Buyer’s Guide and More


You probably already understand the significance of speed if you play games on a personal computer. Gaming computers must have the most recent and fastest central processing units (CPUs), a large amount of random access memory (RAM), the fastest strong drive (SSD), and, obviously, the greatest graphics cards money can buy.

Even while the combination will almost surely produce a fast personal computer, the performance of the PC for online gaming may be diminished if it is linked to a congested network and its internet connection is managed by an overworked or antiquated wireless router.

In addition, because of the rise in the number of people working from home as a direct result of COVID-19, home routers are now under more strain than they have in the past.

If you place as much importance on the overall performance of the game as I do, it will be well worth your effort to look into network optimization.

To begin, let’s have a look at how everything is linked together. A family’s worth of things may include a number of smartphones, tablets, televisions, devices for streaming video or music, and smart home gadgets; all of these items are likely connected to the home network and are putting a strain on it. (It’s not an exaggeration to say that some homes will have dozens of technological gadgets inside of them.)

All of those here are people in the home who play video games online, they will have to fight for speed not just with one another but even with all of those smart gadgets. As a direct result of this, the performance may be unreliable and often subpar.

On a fundamental level, a large number of routers, even those that are classified as inexpensive routers, now have Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities that allow you to prioritize devices or applications that need a significant amount of bandwidth.

However, only a few of them provide the gadget geek settings and improvements that can only be provided by a gaming router that is specifically designed for that purpose.

Continue reading to learn how a gaming router could help you regain your competitive edge, as well as how to choose the best model for your home, playing preferences, and finances, among other considerations.

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A Buyer’s Guide

Streaming, particularly streaming in 4K, consumes a significant amount of bandwidth; thus, you will need to make investments in both hardware and services that are capable of keeping up with the demand.

Start by selecting an internet subscription that offers sufficient bandwidth (and a data limit that is high enough) to accommodate your streaming activity while still giving a nice experience overall.

Then you will want a router that is capable of managing bandwidth while also being able to prioritize traffic across multiple devices.

It is important to keep in mind that even while the router provided by your internet service provider (ISP) may be able to stream 4K video in its most basic form, it is very unlikely to have advanced capabilities such as those that allow you to transmit to several devices simultaneously.

If you are experiencing a significant amount of buffering, stuttering, or freezing when streaming video, it is time for you to update your network.

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A Guide to the Top 8 Routers Compatible with Steam Link in 2022


One area in which console games have an advantage over PC games is the simplicity with which they can be played while seated on a couch.

When Valve introduced the Portal Link with the Gaming System in November of 2015, the company’s intention was to bring about a shift in this situation.

The first launch of the gadget, on the other hand, was received with a variety of reactions, including negative reviews and inadequate performance in comparison to what customers had anticipated.

The Steam Link hardware was stopped in November 2018, only three months after the product’s first release; nonetheless, the software continues to operate normally.

The Steam Link was designed to allow you to play games on linked screens by streaming them from the user’s Steam account.

Users were able to play Steam games on their TVs while sitting on their couches, with their personal computers acting as the server for the games.

However, issues surfaced as a direct result of the unfortunate Steam Controller, which was a piece of hardware that just could not live up to the standards set by customers. Even when other consoles were used in place of the Steam Link, the performance of the game was not up to par with what should have been expected.

The vast majority of games experienced unplayable levels of input latency, even if the user had a high bandwidth and a stable WiFi connection.

When you are away from home, you may play your favorite videogames on your mobile device as long as you have a good internet connection and the Steam Link software, which is not only free but also requires very little in the way of system requirements.

This page will provide a rundown of the ten different wireless routers that are currently considered to be the best options for use with a Steam Link.

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A Buyer’s Guide for Gaming Routers, both Hardwired and Wireless

Though we’ve previously covered some of the top solutions for wired routers,

If you’ve never bought a gadget before or aren’t familiar with its features, it might be difficult to choose which one is best for you.

There is no need to stress since our buying guide will provide you with all the information you need.

If you want to get the greatest router from either the list above, you’ll need to read all of the ways through our purchasing guide.

  1. The rate at which something happens.
  2. a sense of safety
  3. WAN port numbers
  4. The number of LAN ports
  5. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  6. Initiation of Action
  7. Indemnity

1. Speed

Before you go out and buy a router, the first thing you need to do is figure out what sort of internet connections you already have as well as how much speed your current internet subscription gives you.

If you want to use a wired router at your office or company location, you will need internet speeds that are satisfactory.

As a direct result of this, subscribing to a plan with 1 Gigabit per second is a prudent choice. However, if you are only an occasional user, a connection of 100 Mbps should be plenty.

You should choose a router that is compatible with the frequency of your internet access before making your purchase.

You may always improve your plan in the future while keeping the router you already have, however, if you have only a 100 Mbps plan, you can still acquire a router with a 1 Gigabit per second connection speed.

Stay with wired routers with 100 Megabits per second of bandwidth if your budget is tight.

2. Safekeeping

There is a big difference between the level of security provided by wired connections and that of wifi communication.

The vast majority of wired routers are outfitted with complex hardware firewalls and compatibility for a range of virtual private network (VPN) protocols. These features understand the correlation more secure and protected from attackers and other online dangers.

As a result of this, you should check the security mechanisms of the router on a regular basis to ensure that it can provide you with a secure surfing experience.

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How to Stop People From Playing Fortnite on Your Router in 3 Easy Steps

Fortnite is a very popular online strategy game, and one of its potential drawbacks is that it might encourage younger players to spend excessive amounts of time playing the game.

As parents, we have a responsibility to limit or limit access so that our kids are able to focus on other activities, such as schooling. Is this something that can be accomplished at the level of the router?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to restrict access to only the Fortnite app on game consoles; you will almost always need to block access to a large device, or at the very least, limit it to set hours each day. This is because restricting access to anything other than the Fortnite app would be too restrictive.

Because of this, the user will not be able to play any online games on the gadget, which has a lower level of precision but can still perform its intended functions. Playing the game offline, on the other hand, could still be an option.

This post will take you through the several approaches and processes that may be taken in order to ban Fortnite on your router.

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What exactly does it mean to be Fornite?

Fortnite, the most popular multiplayer online game, was first made available to players in 2017 and has since grown into a sensation.

The gameplay of this game may be customized to fit the player’s preferences, and it also includes three distinct game types, internet chat rooms, and in-battle dialogues.

There are millions of players from all around the world participating in this royal combat video game, which features vivid depictions of violent conflict.

Your children are not only using the Fortnite mobile app to pass the time; they are also watching Fortnite-related live streams and videos on YouTube in order to pick up tips, tricks, and strategies that will allow them to improve their combat abilities and move up the game’s leaderboards.

The players’ objective in this game is to use their gaming prowess to save the globe from being overrun by zombie-like monsters. The game’s tagline encourages players to “save the world.”

These fighting abilities may be improved by climbing the game’s ranks and using the money and loot obtained from battles to buy better equipment.

Keep reading if you want to find out how to prevent access to Fortnite on such a router.

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Buyers Guide, Costs, and More Information Regarding the Top 5 Routers for the Arris SB8200


A built-in wireless network interface is not included on any of the following modems: arris sb8200, arris sb6190, arris S33, arris TM1602, or arris sb6183. As a consequence of this, purchasing a reliable wifi router to pair with your Arris modem needs to be your first concern.

We are able to assist you if you are seeking the most suitable router for a certain model of Aris surfboard. But which router is by far the most compatible with Arris devices?

Arris is compatible with any wireless router on the market. The optimal solution, according to industry professionals, is to make use of a router that comes equipped with a gigabit wide area network (WAN) connection.

With the assistance of this guide, you will be able to discover the different varieties of routers that have been mentioned for various applications. In addition, we provide a variety of WiFi 6 routers, which are an appropriate choice for Aries S33 customers.

What does the Arris SB8200 exactly consist of?

The DOCSIS 3.1 modem included in the ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 is the latest and most advanced technology available to cable companies.

In addition to its many other uses, it is excellent for gaming in virtual reality and streaming videos in 4K ultra-high definition. Additionally, it features two Ethernet connections that are 1 Gigabit each!

The connected home of today requires connections that are far faster than in the past. With the SB8200, you can equip your network connection with an Internet connection that will provide the most dependable service at the quickest possible rates.

Keep reading if you want to find out how to select the most suitable router for the Arris sb8200.


Buyer’s Guide: Why Arris SB8200?

  1. The Design

        2. Performance and Compatibility

  1. Top-notch Equipment
  2. The Setup Is Quick and Easy
  3. Compatibility and Performance
  4. Ease of Installation and Use
  5. As far as costs go

1. How its Design

The vast majority of broadband connections do not have a very alluring design. The vast majority of them are either completely white or completely black, or they are a blend of the two colors. Additionally, they typically have a rectangular shape.

There is no exemption made by the Arris Surfboard SB8200 modem. If you look carefully, you’ll be able to notice that the SB8200 cable modem has a white plastic case with a matte finish. This is visible when you look at it closely.

The Arris SB8200 Modem seems to be comparable to earlier variants of the company’s modems.

If you take the time to examine the SB6141, SB6183, and SB6190 in great detail, you will see that they are all quite similar to the SB8200.

This is really a clear indication that Arris merely wants to keep the present design, which we feel to be wonderful and very distinctive in its own right.

It seems that the casing of the modem is composed of two separate parts. It seems from the outside that a portion of the shell has been wrapped around a more compact and rectangular component. The two separate components result in the formation of two narrow channels that are separated by a number of ventilation holes.

We have found out that the little canals that are located in between the ventilation holes are there to keep the air from getting too hot.

How to Give Different Devices on a Router Different Priorities in 2022

Consumers who have busy home networks often run into the issue of their gaming or streaming being disrupted because the network is too congested with several devices connected at the same time. Is there a way to give precedence to a single device over the others in order to circumvent this problem?

It is fortunate that some routers include a setting known as Quality of Service, or QoS, which is explicitly built for this reason—to prioritize devices and problems and prevent them on busy home networks, ensuring that essential devices’ traffic and customer experience aren’t harmed by other devices that are connected to the network.

Even if the manufacturer of your router names it something else, a cursory look through the handbook or a search online should be able to reveal whether or not it supports the quality of service (QoS).

If it does, you should familiarize yourself with both the function and what it is capable of doing, since Wi-Fi prioritizing may be able to help you decrease the amount of time spent buffering and prevent losing connections when it matters the most.

In a nutshell, five different devices, denoted by the letters A through E, are now using the internet connection in your house, which is causing the movie that is playing on the enormous screen (D) in the living room to buffer.

To ensure that your clients are as relaxed as possible while watching a movie, make sure that the MAC address of the smart TV, which is D, is set as the first device to access the internet, and then connect the laptop, which is C, after it. The Chromecast (device A) comes in at The telephone (device B) is ranked fourth, and the computer that your younger brother uses (device E) is at the very bottom of the list.

The preceding article discusses how to set priorities, which is exactly what is meant by the term “prioritizing.”

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How to Port Forward without Router Access in 2022

Every day, internet users all around the world discover new methods to improve their online experience. One of the most frequently asked questions and requests we get is port forwarding.

Many people find the port forwarding beneficial, especially if they’re into gaming or security, but it may also be useful for regular internet users.

It’s normally simple to set up if you have access to your router, but what if you don’t?

Even if you don’t have access to a router, there are still methods to set up a port forward, and we’ll go through them all today.

What exactly is the purpose of port forwarding?

Computers or services on private networks may connect with computers or services on public or private networks through the internet via port forwarding, also known as port mapping.

Keep in mind that every router has a firewall to safeguard your network and keep strangers out while learning about port forwarding. To protect against certain assaults, the firewall keeps all ports closed by default.

Certain programs, on the other hand, need the opening of one or more ports on your router in order to function effectively and connect to your local network devices.

Continue reading to get answers to all of your questions about port forwarding.


A Buyer’s Guide and Prices for the Top Residential WiFi Routers with Integrated Modems

Your home must be equipped with a top-tier Wi-Fi router in order to keep up with the demands of the modern online world; doing so is also the simplest method to boost the performance of your local area network.

A contemporary router may be beneficial for a variety of electronic devices, including laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and doorbell cameras.

Your Wi-Fi connections will not only be speedier, but many new routers also come equipped with network security, settings that are based on apps, and simple parental controls.

Be sure to check out our selection of the top home Wi-Fi routers for CES 2022, as many new Wi-Fi routers were recently shown off at CES, including some with moving antennae that focus on signals. Also, CES 2022 included a number of other innovative technologies.

Because we spend so much of our lives online—from work and school to gaming and streaming—having access to the finest Wi-Fi routers is really necessary.

Because of this, we put every single one of the multitudes of routers we examined through a series of tests to see which ones would be the greatest match for your house and requirements in terms of providing solid performance, a wide coverage area, and reasonable cost.

Which Wi-Fi routers are usually considered to be the best?

According to the results of our exhaustive testing, the Asus RT-AX86U is the greatest wireless router on the market right now. It is a Wi-Fi 6 monster that is capable of giving power to a complete home’s worth of devices connected, offering pure power for gaming, and securing everything you own.

It is a mix of routers designed for general use, gaming technology designed for serious competition, and protection against cyberattacks. It should come as no surprise that we have selected this item as our Editor’s Choice given how affordable it is.

The Netgear Nighthawk AX8 (RAX80) Wi-Fi 6 router exceeds the vast majority of its rivals despite its much higher price.

The most current wireless standard has the highest throughput that we have ever seen, and it is easily capable of managing the connection needs of all of the gadgets that are found in a single house.

In bigger homes, when coverage has to extend farther and to multiple levels as needed, the use of a mesh router is required because of the need for this feature.

The results of our study and analysis indicate that the Nest WiFi system is the most effective mesh Wi-Fi system currently available for purchase.

In addition to providing exceptional signal coverage over the whole of the home, it also includes a Google Connected home speaker that can be controlled by voice.

In our experience, the Netgear Orbi WiFi 6e is the world’s most advanced mesh-routing system, and if money were no object, it would also be one of the quickest passageways available. Take into consideration, however, that the expense will go into the thousands, at the very least.

The major objective of this post was to provide assistance to you in locating the most effective WiFi routers with connections for use in your house. Why don’t you keep on reading in order to discover what they are?

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What to Look for When Buying a Router | Buyer’s Guide

You might become bogged down in technical terms and arcane standards if you’re trying to choose the finest wireless router.

How to address two critical questions will suffice. Do you need a high-speed internet connection? Exactly how much protection do you need for your house?

  1. In terms of speed and quality,
  2. Coverage area
  3. Ports:
  4. Price range

1. Rates of travel and benchmarks

The speed of internet access offered by your internet provider and the maximum speed allowed by your modem are the primary factors that will determine the internet speed required for your router.

The majority of individuals are able to get by with a normal 802.11ac router, with the exception of those with the most lavish internet plans, including gigabit internet plans, which are only accessible in certain locations.

The majority of wireless AC routers ought to be able to accomplish the task with relative ease given that standard internet rates often average about 100 Mbps.

Wi-Fi 6, commonly known as 802.11ax, is the most recent advancement in router technology. It is a speedier standard that really is best suited to the various gadgets that are available in homes in today’s modern world.

There are a number of Wi-Fi 6 routers on the market, but there is also Wi-Fi 6e, which takes advantage of an area of the radio spectrum that has just become accessible.

The availability of laptops and smartphones equipped with Wi-Fi 6e functionality is still somewhat limited. Wi-Fi 6e is still not going to be of much use to you right though unless you’re simultaneously using more than a dozen different devices.

Check out this article to learn more about what Wi-Fi 6E is, including how it compares to Wi-Fi 6 in terms of routers and devices. to get more details.

2. The scope of the coverage

The coverage area is the other component of the equation for wireless connectivity. Standard standalone routers typically have a range of between 50 and 100 feet, making them appropriate for use in the majority of apartments and smaller residences.

A mesh router, which employs several devices to give Wi-Fi connectivity over a bigger area, maybe a viable alternative for your home if it is more than 3,000 square feet. Mesh routers utilize many devices simultaneously.

These are particularly useful in homes with many stories or in homes with dead zones that prevent the Wi-Fi signal from reaching certain areas.

Do Routers Keep Track of Internet History? | Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever given thought to whether or not the Wi-Fi router you use has a memory? Or the sort of information that ought to be stored in memory, in addition to the amount of memory that ought to be available to them?

It’s true that the majority of Wi-Fi routers have between 64 and 512 MB of RAM built right in (or more). ROM, which stands for “Read Only Memory,” RAM, which stands for “Random Access Memory,” NVRAM, which stands for “Non-volatile Random Access Memory,” and Flash RAM are some of the numerous forms of memory that may be found in routers.

History-Related Questions That Are Frequently Asked About Routers on the Internet

The following are the questions that we are often asked about the history storage on routers for the internet:

How long will the router logs remain intact?

Your browsing history is stored on your Wi-Fi router. That much is true. Therefore, unless you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a Wi-Fi owner who has enabled the logging function of their router may be able to see your search history. This is the case even if you use a VPN. For instance, the activities database of a Netgear Nighthawk router is capable of holding as many as 256 items.


When you use public Wi-Fi, routing your internet traffic over a virtual private network (VPN) enables you to safeguard your data and keep it safe from cyber snoops and other external hazards. Express VPN, Nord VPN, and SurfShark are three of the most widely used virtual private networks (VPNs).

What Kinds of Information Is Stolen By A Wi-Fi Router?

The memory of a Wi-Fi router is where the computer system, network routing, PPPoE identities, admin login details, and configuration files are stored. In addition, the configuration of the router may determine whether or not it is capable of recording data that travels through it, including the URLs that a user visits on the internet.

How long will a router save the logs of my wireless network?

If it has sufficient storage capacity, your router may keep logs for as little as a few minutes or as many as many months, depending on manufacturer to manufacturer and the specifications that you choose.

The majority of everyday home routers include the capability to preserve Wi-Fi recordings forever (for as long as the connectivity is active or until a specified threshold is reached [disc space, number of recorded messages, etc.]).

This page provides answers to all of the extra questions that are asked rather often in relation to routers, which may be found in the following sections… I was wondering if you’d be interested in having a look at it.

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Enabling UPnP on an ATT Router

  • The internet has proved to be a tremendous resource, and routers are among the ways we access its vast collection of data. This guide will show you how to set up the ATT router for UPnP. If you own an ATT router and can get the most of it, you’ll need to know how to activate the UPnP settings.
  • To activate UPnP on the ATT router, follow the steps below:
  • Link your router to the computer using an Ethernet cable.
  • Log in to the router’s settings menu.
  • Enable UPnP from the control panel.

The UPnP protocol may be enabled on such an ATT Uverse router in a quick and easy manner. If you are going to perform the task yourself, you should have no trouble getting it done quickly. I went through the process of enabling UPnP on ATT routers step by step to guarantee that it was simple enough for first-timers to follow. I did this so that the subject would be easier to comprehend.

By the time you reach your own of this post, you will have a better knowledge of how one can establish UPnP on an ATT router, whatever the term “UPnP” means, and why it is vital, as well as how to troubleshoot any difficulties that you may have while attempting to set up your router. You could have issues such as ‘UPnP not functioning,’ and if that does occur, I’ve done all in my power to find answers for you.


What Kind of Security Does My Router Have? | The Ultimate Guide to Routers in 2022

The security of routers is a crucial concern for all users in the current day. Hackers with bad intent may acquire access to the device and steal your data regardless of whether you are browsing the internet or exchanging movies over your local network at home.

The Wi-Fi security mode of your router is currently configured to its factory defaults. The majority of routers are equipped with a variety of security measures, each of which offers a unique degree of protection.

These modes each come with their own collection of characteristics to choose from. Check to see that the method of protection that you choose is suitable for your specific requirements.

Let’s take a closer look at the four primary Wi-Fi security techniques, and then we’ll compare their effectiveness to determine which is the most effective.


Try to watch this video also for more about router.

What Are The Router’s Security Options?

On the majority of home routers, you may choose the degree of security for your Wi-Fi network. This aids in the prevention of illegal access to your cable network devices. Security solutions such as WEP, WPA, WPA-2, and WPA-3 are available depending on the router. The Best of Router has a more in-depth guide.

Keep reading to learn about several types of router protection and why they are important.



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