For what reason is my Roomba not charging | How to investigate and fix it!

For what reason is my Roomba not charging | How to investigate and fix it!

Roomba not charging: Assuming that your Roomba not charging, clean the accusing ports of scouring liquor and delicate material to eliminate any residue or hair.

Additionally conceivable you’ll have to reinstall or supplant your battery or charging dock, or even reset the Roomba not charging to processing plant settings.

Ensure the electrical contact focuses are liberated from flotsam and jetsam.

Since the Roomba is a vacuum cleaner, it might gather residue and grime, making it get messy and glitch.

Electric associations, for instance, are known to cause an oxide layer to shape on the charging port or to gather dust.

This is the reason, to forestall mistakes that could restrict the Roomba’s lifetime, it should be cleaned.

The best angle is that you don’t have to employ an expert to clean your Roomba. All you’ll require are a couple of essential cleaning supplies from around the home.

Utilize a delicate, dry fabric and exactly almost 100% isopropyl (scouring) liquor to clean the contact areas.

Cleaning the accusing marks of a microfiber material or melamine froth is additionally a choice.

You’ll need to investigate in the event that cleaning doesn’t ease the charging issue.

For what reason isn’t Roomba not charging?

Roomba not charging

Your Roomba is an electrical device that might break down for an assortment of reasons.

Coming up next are the justifications for why your Roomba battery isn’t charging.

1. The battery is outdated.

2.  Electrical contacts have been obstructed.

3. The Charger Plug Is Faulty

4. Headquarters isn’t working as expected.

5. Pull the tab for the yellow battery

6. Dusty Caster Wheels

1. The battery has arrived at the finish of its helpful life: Roomba not charging

Any electrical gadget’s unique battery has a time span of usability, and your Roomba’s Lithium-Ion battery is the same. It’s conceivable that the battery is drained or failing.

2. The electrical contacts are stopped up: Roomba not charging

Since your Roomba is a vacuum cleaner, it might become messy, and the electrical associations interfacing the Roomba to the Home Base might stop up. The Roomba would not be able to charge satisfactorily subsequently.

3. The Charger Plug Is Faulty: Roomba not charging

Whenever the charger plug is deficient, energy can’t move from the electrical plug to the charger (divider attachment, etc.). As a result, no power is shipped off the Home Base, and that implies your Roomba won’t be charged.

4. There is an issue with Home Base: Roomba not charging

The Roomba will most likely be unable to figure out where the Home Base is after it has been cleaned assuming that it has a breaking down Home Base. Regardless of whether the docking station isn’t sending energy to the Roomba, you can in any case charge it.

5. Pull the tab for the yellow battery: Roomba not charging

Assuming that your Roomba is pristine, ensure the yellow force tab at the base has been eliminated. This is utilized to isolate the battery from the robot’s power supply, keeping it from working while on the rack accidentally.

6. Dusty Caster Wheels: Roomba not charging

Check for trash aggregation on the caster wheels, which could keep the Roomba from totally appending the charging associations with the Home Base.

Step-by-step instructions to investigate the Roomba not charging

In the event that your Roomba battery unit isn’t charging, this is the way to analyze and fix it.

1. Turn the Roomba back on: Roomba not charging

Instead of the equipment, the issue is frequently with the program. It’s conceivable that an issue will keep the Roomba from demonstrating that it’s charging.

The initial step is to do a delicate reset. The Roomba will continue, however, the manufacturing plant default settings won’t be reestablished.

Profound charging or 16-hour resetting are different terms for battery reset.

Since your contraption would need to be put to rest for 16 hours.

To reset the Roomba 600 series battery, follow these means:

Roomba not charging

1. Eliminate the battery from its case.

2. Press and hold the clean and dock buttons on the gadget.

3. Discharge the buttons at whatever point you hear a signal from it.

4. The Roomba ought to fire up and show the charging sign when you plug it back in.

5. Then charge it for 16 hours, or until the green marker light enlightens.

6. The 700 and 800 series Roombas, then again, incorporate a different reset button. Holding it down for 10 seconds will delicately reset it.

7. To reset the Roomba 700 series battery, follow these means:

8. Associate the Roomba with the power source.

9. Hold the “Perfect” button down until you see the blue letters “r 5 t” on the screen.

10. Permit the machine to close down naturally and tune in for the reset tone.

11. Then, at that point, for an aggregate of 16 hours, charge it.

12. Charge your Roomba machine straightforwardly to the power source, in a perfect world utilizing the headquarters link, for ideal advantages.

2. Change to another power source: Roomba not charging

Prior to getting into extensive cleaning and more troublesome investigating arrangements, it’s smart to twofold actually look at our wiring and attachments.

At the point when you plug the Home Base into an attachment, the power light ought to enlighten.

The GFCI outlet has definitely stumbled in the event that you don’t see the light.

While connecting, change to an alternate electrical plug and twofold actually take a look at the associations.

3. Ensure the docking station is spotless: Roomba not charging

It’s conceivable that the Roomba won’t charge on the off chance that it doesn’t get sufficient power.

Perhaps the most common explanation is the development of soil on the charging associations. The connection between the ports and the result has been broken.

Cleaning the docking station for flotsam and jetsam consistently is suggested. It very well may be exactly the thing you’re searching for.

This is the way you can get it done:

1. Flip the Roomba over to eliminate it from the caster wheel.

2. Guarantee that the wheels are clear of any garbage.

3. Utilizing scouring liquor and a sensitive fabric, clean the charging contacts.

4. Supplant the battery: Roomba not charging

During transportation or for some other reason, the battery might be dislodged or released from its unique position.

Prior to changing the battery or asserting the guarantee, be certain it’s in the proper spot.

To gain admittance to the battery compartment, eliminate five screws on the backboard, then, at that point, supplant the battery perfectly placed.

Supplant the screws and plug in the Roomba after that.

5. Draw the battery haul tab out: Roomba not charging

Roomba not charging

I’m expecting your Roomba to be fresh out of plastic.

You might not have made sure to eliminate the battery pull tab.

Yellow draw tabs might be seen on the batteries of most present-day devices.

Producers apply it to keep gadgets from turning on without anyone else, especially while transporting.

This tab keeps the battery from connecting with the contacts.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you haven’t done so yet… Your cell phone will not be able to charge.

Assuming this is your most memorable Roomba, eliminate the force tab by following these means:

1. Alter the Roomba vacuum cleaner.

2. Look out for the hanging pull tab.

3. Then totally scam it.

4. After you’ve taken out your gadget, it ought to charge typically.

6. Move the contraption to another room: Roomba not charging

It’s remarkable, yet your Roomba won’t charge in the event that the room is excessively hot or cold.

Like some other gadgets, your Roomba and its Home Base ought to be kept up at room temperature.

Assuming the motor is presented to temperatures that are excessively hot or excessively cool, it will most likely be unable to perform appropriately.

Assuming that this happens, your Roomba will show a mistake code on the screen until the issue is settled.

Simply putting your gadget in a room with a sensible temperature can you forestall this.

Note: Allow it to rest for essentially an hour prior to charging it back on its Home Base.

7. Reset the machine to industrial facility settings: Roomba not charging

If restarting the unit’s product or battery doesn’t tackle the issue, the gadget should be an industrial facility reset.

Production line resetting, not at all like restarting, eradicates the entirety of your information and settings.

This covers your cleaning routine as well as the format of your home.

To put it another way, it reestablishes your cell phone to its unique processing plant settings.

‘Make a reinforcement of your information assuming that you’re persuaded you need to plant and reset your gadget.

There are two different ways to reset your Roomba. Utilizing either the iRobot Home application or the gadget straightforwardly.

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Production line reset Roomba utilizing the iRobot Home App:

1. Go to the iRobot Home App page.

2. From the menu, pick “Settings.”

3. Select “Eliminate/Factory Reset” starting from the drop menu.

4. Then, on the robot name of your unit, click.

5. Observe your Roomba series prior to doing a production line reset.


Roomba not charging: This is the way to process plant reset your Roomba in light of the Roomba series:

In the series An and I,

Press and hold the “Home,” “Spot Clean,” and “Clean” buttons simultaneously. Pause your breathing until you see the light ring become white.

The J-series

To start with, eliminate the trash from the unit. Then, at that point, press and hold the “Perfect” button for 7 seconds. Give up after you hear the reset tone. To finish, click the “Spotless” button.


Press and hold the “Home,” “Spot Clean,” and “Clean” buttons simultaneously. Hold it for close to 20 seconds. Then, at that point, unwind.

The 900-series

Press and hold the “Dock,” “Spot Clean,” and “Clean” buttons simultaneously. Hold the conservative until all of the button’s pointer lights turn on.

The 600 and 800 series are Wi-Fi empowered

Press and hold the “Dock,” “Spot Clean,” and “Clean” buttons simultaneously. Keep up with your finger on the button until a blaring tone is heard.

Blend Roomba

By opening the gadget cover, search for the “Reset” button. For about 10 seconds, press and hold the reset button.

Roomba not charging: Is it conceivable to charge the battery in a Roomba?

Indeed, obviously!

Roomba not charging

There are a few Roomba battery substitution decisions accessible these days. Be that as it may, not all batteries are made equivalent, and some could really corrupt the existence of your gadget.

One thing is sure: on the off chance that appropriately kept up, the first battery will get through many cycles prior to being supplanted.

Coming up next is a rundown of battery care rules to assist you with understanding how to drag out the existence of your Roomba’s battery and assurance that it generally works at its ideal:

Utilize just iRobot batteries.

Since the Roomba is fueled by a battery-powered battery, it will run throughout longer timeframes assuming you use it consistently.

Whenever not being used, keep Roomba connected – in the event that you don’t have a Home Base, you might associate Roomba with the charger to keep it charged consistently.

Charge the gadget and keep it in a cool, dry area.

To hold the contraption back from being impeded with hair or trash, clean it routinely.

Assuming you sense a strain while working your Roomba, check it immediately. Permit it to rest on the off chance that you don’t believe the battery should deplete speedier.

Roomba not charging: Troubleshooting and Repair FAQs

1. What is the most effective way to tell whether my Roomba is charging or Roomba not charging?

Check to check whether your Roomba is charging by taking a gander at the LED light sign encompassing the CLEAN button. Varieties to search for include:

Strong Red – The battery is either completely energized or is currently being completely energized.

The battery is charging while the golden light glimmers.

Completely energized – strong green

The Roomba is amidst a 16-hour charging cycle, so it’s beating golden.

2. What is the battery duration of a Roomba?

The battery ought to last 400 re-energizes, or 2 to 4 years, contingent upon the size of your home and how frequently you utilize the Roomba.

On the off chance that you live in a minimalistic house or don’t utilize your Roomba much, you might drag out the battery’s duration. Substitution batteries are, in any case, promptly available and sensibly evaluated.

3. Does the light on the Roomba charging port stay on while it is charging?

The charging station light doesn’t stay on while the Roomba is being charged. The light will streak for close to 5 seconds prior to heading out to save power.

4. How might I let know if the battery in my Roomba is drained?

The power light on your Roomba will be a strong green tone when it is totally charged.

You’ll see a beating golden variety while it’s actually charging.

At the point when the battery is running short, the light will streak red, and when the battery is totally depleted, the light will be strong red.

Since this vacuum cleaner’s battery is battery-powered, you might keep it charged by purchasing and introducing a discretionary charging station called the Home Base.

5. Might Roomba at any point be utilized without a base?

Roomba can work without the requirement for a headquarters. The headquarters fills in as a charging station as well as a safe stockpiling area after the cleaning is finished. Your Roomba, then again, will work fine and dandy without the headquarters.

It will charge, clean, and do different assignments on a case-by-case basis, yet it may not be essentially as helpful as having a headquarters.

Since Roomba offers two charging decisions, this is the situation.

Most Roomba vacuums accompany a charger toward one side that is associated with your Roomba and a power source on the opposite end.

Assuming you start it physically, it will get back to where it began in the wake of cleaning in the event that it doesn’t have a headquarters. In this way, your Roomba can work without a headquarters.

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Roomba not charging: Last Thoughts

A breakdown in your Roomba units, such as foul electrical associations or an obsolete battery, could make it quit charging.

To keep the electrical associations clean, dust the accusing ports of scouring liquor. Assuming the battery is obsolete, simply supplant it and your Roomba will charge regularly.

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