My PS4 controller’s connection indicator keeps blinking blue, but it won’t pair.


This is the worst whenever the hardware acts up just when I want to sit back and enjoy some fantastic video games.

It has been observed that the blue light on certain PS4 wireless controllers illuminates even when the device is not in use.

Let’s take a closer look and see if we can isolate the source of the problem so that you can return to playing the game.


Why is my PS4 controller glowing blue but not connecting?

In the event that your PlayStation 4 is showing a blue bright flash and you are unable to connect, there are a few possible causes. Nevertheless, it will be far easier to find a workaround than to identify the root cause. Reboot your PS4 and its controller. If it doesn’t work, you may always try to reset your console to factory settings or inspect the hard drive.

It’s also important to check the PS4’s power cable (PS4). The inability to use the controllers with the console might result from a faulty power cord.

This problem’s solution might be easy at times, yet challenging at others.

Keep reading to find out what’s wrong and how to repair it so you can get back to having fun.

Simplest Solutions

If the PS4 controller’s blue light is blinking rapidly, it’s trying to connect to your console.

Correctly linking takes just a few seconds of your time in most circumstances.

The difficulty arises when you have to wait a few minutes before you understand that it is not performing correctly.

The simplest answers are what I’ll be discussing.

Each one calls for enhancements to be made to the controller.

It is likely that if you start with these steps, you will be able to fix the problem.

Make sure to soft reset your PS4 controller.

If the light source on your PS4 controller is flickering, what can you do to repair it? It’s likely that if you restarted the controller, everything would be OK again.

Plus, this is the quickest and easiest way to fix the problem.

One of the first things to do is to determine whether the console needs to be powered. If the battery life is becoming low, a half-hour charge should do the trick.

The controller may still work on a partially charged battery, although doing so is not advised. Additionally, it may be challenging to connect to the console when the device’s battery is low.

Discover the PlayStation icon.

This button, located in the center of the analog sticks, has the PlayStation logo.

Hold for roughly 10 seconds without letting up the pressure. Stopping the controller’s power supply is required.

Just turn on the controller and it will start working. This will force the controller to restart, which should resolve the problem in almost all cases.

With the Bluetooth Networking Mode now on, you may easily share your device’s content with others.

Misconfiguration of the controller’s settings makes it impossible for it to function as a multiplayer device via Bluetooth.

If the controller’s connection to the console suddenly drops, here is what you may do to get it back up and running.

If you’ve never put these two things together before, you could find that you need to take this step.

Simply hold down the PlayStation button and the sharing button at the same time for roughly 5 seconds.

This allows the controller to connect to a PlayStation 4 or another compatible device.

Connecting a PS4 or Xbox One controller is as easy as selecting it from the corresponding menu.

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Reboot the PS4 Controller.

The next troubleshooting step is rebooting the PS4 controller.

This is functionally equivalent to power cycling the controller in actual use.

The most notable difference is that resetting the controller will revert it to its original setting.  You’ll need something long and skinny, like a toothpick, bobby pin, or paperclip.

The PS4 controller has a small hole, largely on the back, that may be accessed by flipping the device over.

This is positioned somewhat left of both the top margins.

You should feel the push of a key after you’ve inserted the object.

You should hear two beeps when you hold the button for about three seconds.

Eject the object from the premises. The controller’s power supply should be cut off as a result.

Try reconnecting after powering up the controller again.

It’s important to remember that the controller’s battery life may prevent you from making connections if you try to do so while it’s still charging.


Watch this video for more understanding.

The Safe Mode

This solution should be used as a last resort due to the potential consequences.

It is essential that you make a backup of your data before doing this troubleshooting step.

Anything not saved to the cloud must be erased.

Take a short amount of time to back up your data by cloning it from your hard disk drive to an external storage unit.

Controllers may fail to connect to the PS4 on rare occasions due to firmware issues.

Just like the hard disc section, this might cause more complications.

Enter standby mode on the PlayStation 4. Hold the power button until the PS4 displays the safe mode option. An affirmative beep from the control panel will confirm your input.

Once you’ve got a wired controller attached, press the PlayStation button.

Choosing this will launch a new window with a menu.

Depending on the PS4 model you own, you will see either “rebuild database” or “reestablish default settings.” It’s the same result achieved by both.

It will take some time for the system to revert to its factory configuration.

If the controller system was successfully linked before this modification, then you should be all set.

Verify that you possess everything you need to achieve before you take such drastic measures.

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