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Check out these suggestions in the event that you can’t access your account page or the game.

Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 users may encounter a problem known as the “black screen of death.” A blank screen, either completely dark or lit up featureless, is the symptom of this problem. Before the blank screen appears, the Oculus symbol may show. Dead batteries, stalled upgrades, damaged firmware, and even structural faults are some of the possible causes of the black screen of death.

The Factors Contributing to the Oculus Quest Death Screen

The black screen of doom in Oculus Quest may be caused by a few different problems. The headset won’t switch on if the voltage is low on power or not charged enough. A black screen might also be caused by firmware upgrades that become stuck or are stopped. A black screen of doom may appear if, after changing your Oculus password, you’re unable to log in and your Oculus becomes stuck trying to update. This issue may also occur if the device’s firmware is corrupted or if the hardware itself is destroyed.

How to Remove the “Black Screen of Death” When Playing Oculus Quest

You may get your Oculus to operate again by attempting to solve the following issues, which are causing the black screen:

Make sure that the headset has been charged. If the headset does not have any charge left in it, all you will see is a blank screen. Leave the headset plugged into a USB charger that is compatible with it for some time before attempting to use it again. If it does not appear to be charging, either try another charger or check to confirm that you are using a charger that is compatible with your device. Because the Oculus charger produces 2A, using a charger with a lesser amperage will cause a longer time needed to charge the device.

Open the Oculus menu and see what happens. Try pushing the settings menu on your left gamepad and the Oculus controller on your right controller when you are experiencing a blank screen. Whether doing so grants you entrance to the menu, launching an application to check if it resolves the issue with the black screen is the next step.

You should check out the Oculus app. Launch the Oculus app on your mobile device and enter your login information if it doesn’t do so automatically. Verify that the app is able to recognize your headset, and then attempt to start a game from inside the app. Put on your headphones after starting the game, then check to see whether the issue with the blank screen has been resolved before continuing.

This is the most probable reason for the black screen of doom you have been seeing, especially if you also seem to be having an issue with the boot loop.

Keep the headset turned on and connected at all times. If you have tried powering the headset, but all you see is a black screen, and you are certain that you are using a charger that is compatible with the headset, you should give it a rest for at least half an hour. If the headset is currently trying an update, leaving it alone while it is hooked into power may enable it to complete the update and resume its normal function successfully.

Verify that you have successfully signed in to the Oculus app as outlined in the previous step, that your phone recognizes the headset, and that everything is connected to the Wi-Fi network. If the headset requires an upgrade, the process might be rather time-consuming depending on how quickly your network operates.

You also have the option to manually upgrade either the Quest or the Quest 2, respectively.

Make sure the proximity sensor is working. A tiny proximity sensor may be found in your headset, located in the space between the lenses. If the black screen persists, try to cover the sensor using your finger to see if it clears it up. In the event that this does not solve the problem, you may try cleaning the detector with a dry soft microfiber.

Check for gaps or serious harm that could allow light to pass through into the foam insert or spacer if the black screen disappears when you cover the detector with your thumb but remains when you wear the headset. If the black screen disappears when you cover the detector with your thumb but remains when you wear the headset, the problem lies elsewhere.

Carry out a full system reboot. If clicking the power button brings up a blank screen, continue to hold down the power button for at least 5–10 seconds after you’ve pressed it. By depressing and holding the power button for several seconds, you may force the Oculus Quest to do a hard restart, which can resolve a wide variety of problems, including the dreaded “black screen of death.”

Start up using the menu provided by the bootloader. If you are unable to do a hard reboot using the power button alone, you should attempt to perform a hard restart using the bootloader menu instead.

  1. At least ten seconds should be spent pressing and holding down the volume and power buttons simultaneously.
  2. The volume buttons should be used to highlight the boot device.
  3. To do a hard restart of your Quest, press the power button.

Carry out a reset to factory settings on either the Quest or the Quest 2. This is an extreme option to take since doing so would erase all of your information from the headsets and restore it to the condition it was in when it was first manufactured. Before you use this solution, you should be sure that you have tried everything else that comes to mind. You will not only need to redownload everything, but you will also lose any and all data that you have previously stored.

  1. Maintain simultaneous pressure on the volume-down and power buttons for at least ten seconds to turn off the device.
  2. Utilizing the volume buttons, highlight the Factory Reset option.
  3. Make sure the power button is pressed.

What Should You Do When the Black Screen of Death Continues to Appear?

If you’ve attempted all of these options, but you’re still seeing the “black screen of death,” then the problem is most likely with your computer’s hardware. This situation is most probable if you complete a system restore but still have the black screen of death or if you seem unable to access the bootloader and so cannot execute a factory reset at all. Both of these circumstances make it impossible to perform a factory reset. It is quite likely that you will be required to get in touch with Oculus in order to get further help and either has your headset fixed or replaced.

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Frequently Ask Question

Why won’t the lights come on in the Oculus Quest 2 controller?

It is possible that your Oculus controller needs to be charged. In the event that the problem persists, you can also use the Oculus app to unpair the controller and then re-pair it.

Why can’t I connect my Oculus Quest 2 to my wireless network?

If your Wi-Fi connection isn’t functioning, you may attempt to rejoin your network by using the Oculus app to first detach from your Wi-Fi connection. Check your Wi-Fi settings if none of your other gadgets can connect to the internet.

Is there a button that allows you to reset the Oculus Quest 2?

No. There is no reset button on the Oculus, thus you cannot easily restart it.

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