How to Access and Use Netflix Party on Your iOS Devices (iPad and iPhone)

Netflix Party

In recent years, Netflix Party has seen a rise in its level of popularity. You and your loved ones may now enjoy the excitement of every movie moment together in real-time, even if you are physically separated by a great distance.

In spite of the fact that perhaps the Teleparty functionality has more than 10 million subscribers and is continuing to gain more, it has entirely neglected users of the iPad and iPhone since these chrome extensions are not accessible on both of those devices.

But why is it the case? Is there any other method that the iPad and iPhone may be used to access Netflix Party?

Why is it that I am unable to view Teleparty on my iPad or iPhone?

As was said before, Teleparty is an add-on that may be installed on your browser. Opera,  Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and even Safari all provide support for the extension. However, your iPhone and iPad are unable to utilize teleparty since the browsers on these devices are structurally different and do not accept extensions. This means that you cannot use teleparty on these devices.

How can you utilize Netflix Party on your iOS devices like the iPhone, or iPad?

We should count ourselves fortunate that there is still some chance for us.

Even if we are unable to use the authorized Netflix Party app on the iPad, we are still able to use this feature by way of a third-party application called Rave.

You may simply host or attend a streaming party with the help of the free software Rave, which enables you to do either. This software is a good replacement for Netflix Party, and it is accessible for iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and even Android. Rave is compatible with a large number of well-known streaming providers, including Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo, Prime, YouTube, and many more.

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To throw a party on Rave, you may begin by doing the following.

1. Install Rave from either the app store on your device, then sign in using the account of your choice.

2. After you have accessed Rave’s feed, choose the “+” button located in the lower-right-hand corner of the screen.

Netflix Party

3. You will have a variety of choices available to choose from as a result of this.

Netflix Party

4. In order to proceed with this step, you will need to connect your Netflix account. Therefore, click Netflix, and then continue.

Netflix Party

5. Open Netflix once you have entered your login information.

6. You may start by searching for a movie or an edition of a program that you wish to watch and then select it.

7. Once the video has begun, press the pause button. Choose Friends from the list of choices under Privacy if you wish to restrict access to just certain friends. In most cases, the default value for this parameter has always been set to Public.

Netflix Party

8. You now have a variety of options available to you for inviting your colleagues to your party. Using the button in the upper-right corner of the screen, you can even see who else is at your party.

Netflix Party

Congrats! Your celebration may now begin! Tap the “X” button in the upper left corner of the screen whenever you feel the need to call a halt to the festivities.


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More Alternatives to Netflix Parties Available on iPhone, and iPad

If you are unable to access Rave or would want to explore other possibilities, the following are some excellent Netflix Party alternatives that we suggest checking out:

1. Zoom

The use of Zoom is not restricted to only business calls. Using the Sharing Screen function does not prevent you from streaming your preferred movie or television show. Even with the basic, free account, you have the ability to invite up to one hundred people to your party.

However, the event could not live up to one’s expectations. It is possible for users on Zoom to forget to mute personal audio, which may degrade the overall quality of the audio.

2. Messenger
Messenger is another choice that gives you the impression of a more intimate conversation with your pals. When you make a video call, the maximum number of people who can see what’s on your screen is normally eight. You may, however, let up to fifty individuals into a Messenger room that you build yourself. On the other hand, if the quality of your internet connection is poor, you may not be able to enjoy satisfactory audio or video.

3. Discord
Another user-friendly and completely free program that allows you to share your screen with other people. Despite this, it seems that a number of users have reported to Discord that they are experiencing ongoing issues when streaming content.

4. Twitch
Twitch is another respectable application that is centered on live broadcasting. As a result, you should anticipate having a more satisfying time while arranging a viewing party. It may be downloaded for free on iOS devices. However, in order to use the app, each of your visitors must get an Amazon Prime account.

Without employing Teleparty, there are a number of other straightforward approaches that might be used to launch a streaming party. One of the best things about the aforementioned options is that you don’t have to provide a Netflix account in order to use them.


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