What to Do If Your Mouse Stopped Working (Steps for the latest review)


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  • When did my mouse stop working?
  • The Quick and Dirty Method for Restoring Mouse Function
  • The Pointer Won’t Move on the Monitor
  • I Can’t Move The Mouse From The Edge Of The Display
  • The Mouse Won’t Move From The Center Of The Display.
  • The Mouse won’t move from the bottom left of the screen.
  • Our Mouse Won’t Leave the Bottom Right Corner of the Display
  • Issues with Windows 10 and the mouse
  • When I move my mouse, it jerks around.
  • If you’re using two screens, the mouse won’t switch between them.
  • MacBook Pro: What to Do If the Mouse Won’t Move
  • The cursor on my Logitech mouse has frozen.

Why isn’t my mouse moving?

There are many things that could cause your mouse to stop moving all of a sudden. This is a problem that can’t be fixed by turning off your computer. Here are some of the reasons why:

Your computer or laptop might not have the right connection for your mouse.

If you’re using a Bluetooth mouse, the connection may have been lost or the switch may have been turned off.

You might have accidentally pressed the function key, which turned off the trackpad for you.

The settings of the device might have been changed.

Your laptop is one of the most important things you use every day. But if you don’t have a mouse, it’s nearly impossible to do any work on your computer. As soon as you realize that your mouse isn’t working, you need to fix it.

The issue with your mouse not functioning properly may be common, but fixing it may take a unique strategy.

Using my experience, I have come up with some easy troubleshooting solutions for the majority of mouse issues you may have when using your laptop.

The Quick and Dirty Method for Restoring Mouse Function

There are just a handful of potential culprits when a mouse suddenly stops responding to clicks. The key indicators are:

  • Investigate the possibility of a physical reason, such as a loosened connection or the loss of Bluetooth.
  • To use the touchpad’s functions, press Fn on the keyboard. Activating the trackpad in this way should fix the issue.
  • The Windows key on your keyboard may be used to access the mouse’s settings menu.
  • It’s time to utilize device management to update the mouse driver.
  • To check for corrupted files, activate the System File Checker.

Mouse Cursor Stuck On the Screen

When your cursor freezes, it is one of the most annoying things that can happen. Here’s what you have to do to get it working again:

1. Go to Settings: On the settings, check if the trackpad has been disabled, here’s how:

  • Click Start, then type ‘mouse’ on the search bar, and then select ‘touchpad’ from the list.
  • Click on the tab to make sure it is enabled.

 2. Take help from Drivers: If all the other options feel it is time to take help from the drivers. You will simply have to visit the manufacturer’s website and download the drivers. Then run the setup and install it on your computer.

Corner-Stuck Mouse

Touchscreen computers are particularly affected. HD compatible drivers include a touch screen pws driver. This light-sensitive driver moves the pointer to the top of the screen.


  • Keyboard Windows key.
  • Find Device Manager.
  • Choose HMIs.
  • Choose an HID-compliant pen.
  • Clicking the ‘X’ in the toolbar removes the driver.
  • To deactivate this option, click the down arrow.

Middle-of-the-screen mouse

To solve a stuck mouse, run System File Checker.

Do this:

  • Start MSConfig.
  • Click System Configuration.
  • On the service tab, select Hide all Microsoft services, then Disable all.
  • Under Startup, click Task Manager to launch it.
  • Disable each tab’s item.
  • Click OK on the Startup tab, then restart your computer.

The Mouse won’t move from the bottom left of the screen.

There are several possible causes, but these fixes should get your mouse functioning again:

  • To access the Hardware and Sound settings, go to the Control Panel.
  • If you want to utilize a mouse or touchpad, choose that option.
  • Select “Additional mouse options” now.
  • To access the Mouse Properties windows, please click the mouse button.
  • Verify that the device has already been set towards the enabled position. If you don’t want to disable the gadget, then choose that option.
  • Leave the screen now.

My Mouse Won’t Leave the Bottom Right Corner of the Display

Try these steps if you notice that your mouse constantly relocating to the bottom right of the screen:

  • You might try moving the mouse to a different USB port.
  • If you want to see if it helps, try giving your machine a fresh start.
  • Make sure the battery life of your wireless mouse is up to par.
  • If you’re using a Bluetooth mouse, you’ll need to reconnect your device.

Issues with Windows 10 and the Mouse

If your mouse still won’t budge after you’ve tried everything in Windows 10, you’ll need to come up with a whole new plan.

What really has to be done as fast as possible is as follows.

  • Pressing the shortcut keys (Control–Alt–Delete) will bring up the Task Manager.
  • To learn more service these options, click the “Services” link.
  • Find the ETD Service and turn it on.
  • If it didn’t solve the issue, try restarting your computer.

When I move my Mouse, it jerks around.

A filthy mouse or one that isn’t properly attached is a common cause of strange behavior. Several options for addressing this issue are listed below.

  • Try giving your mouse a good cleaning to see if it helps.
  • For the mouse to function properly, the optical sensor must be free of debris.
  • See whether your mouse pad is nice and smooth.
  • If you’re using a wireless mouse, make sure it’s connected and that its battery isn’t having any problems.
  • If your mouse isn’t working, try disconnecting and reconnecting it.
  • Detach any other input devices, if any.

The mouse does not move across dual monitors.

The primary reason your mouse may not move across dual displays is that the monitors are not properly configured to interact with one another.

Here’s how to troubleshoot a mouse that won’t move across twin monitors:

  • To access the control panel, press Windows key+X on your keyboard.
  • Select Display after selecting Appearance and Personalization.
  • Now, choose the Resolution or Modify Resolution option to see your displays as numbered icons.
  • Now, click Identify, which will reveal the monitor numbers. This indicates how the system software has organized the monitors.
  • Now, move the monitor icons to match the displays’ actual locations.
  • To save the adjustments, click OK.

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How to Repair a Non-Moving Mouse on a MacBook Pro

When the mouse on your MacBook Pro stops moving, you must take action as quickly as possible. Here are some things you may do to get the mouse to move again:

1. Free up RAM: This is an advanced technique that you must follow by following the steps below:

  • Hold down the command and space keys at the same time.
  • Double-click the inactive process.
  • After that, the press stopped.
  • Reboot your MacBook.
  • SMC should be reset.

2. Attempt to force-quit apps: This is a rather straightforward technique. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Hold down the command, escape, and option keys at the same time.
  • This will complete the task, and you will just need to restart your device after that.

You can watch this video also for more insight on how to go about mouse issues on window 10

The Logitech mouse has become still and unresponsive.

Whether you’re having trouble moving your Logitech mouse, you should check the warranty that came with the mouse to see if you can obtain a new one or have the one you have replaced. Having said that, there are a few things you can do before that, including the following:

  • Examine the USB cord as well as the USB port to see if there are any issues. You may try another mouse in that port to determine whether the problem is with the port itself or the mouse.
  • You should try to disinfect the mouse and place it on a surface that is more suitable.
  • To check whether the issue has been fixed, you should restart your desktop computer or laptop.

Although each of these potential solutions to the issues has been tried and tested on several occasions by a wide variety of other individuals, you are the only one who can choose which one will work best for you. 

We hope you have found this so helpful.

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