The modem or router light is green?

modem or router

You likely have a combination of green blinking and steady lights on your various internet-connected gadgets. This is true regardless of whether you use a standalone modem and router or a single device that combines the functions of both. We will assist you in recognizing each light and helping you fix typical issues so that your devices may have a robust internet connection.

Internet modems come with a plethora of different symbols and LED lights, each of which may have a distinct significance based on the color they are and what they do. For instance, the meaning of a modem light that is steady or not on at all might be very different from the meaning of a light that is flashing quickly.

This page will explain what the various signals on a modem mean, how to interpret the signals on a modem, and give extra resource links to common internet service modem guides and support materials. Modem light colors will also be explained.

Please take into consideration that the information presented in this article is applicable including both modems and modem/router hybrid devices.

The lights on the modem and router

The following is a list of some of the most common lights that may be found on a modem, router, or equipment that combines a modem and a router. We put the lights in the approximate order that they could be set on your device, so keep that in mind as you go through the list.

LED bulbs on modems provide information on the operation of the internet connection equipment. Certain colors may indicate whether functions of the device or internet provider are operational, if there is an error, whether anything is offline or damaged, and so on.

We have some recommendations for you a little farther down the page in the event that you are unable to recognize your lights since they are not labeled and do not correspond to our representations.

The power indicator on the modem and router

If the modem, router, or combined modem and router has a power light, it means that it is connected to a stable power supply. During the process of downloading and installing standard upgrades, this light could blink or become yellow, but it should otherwise remain solid green.

What does it imply when the power light is either red or black?

If the power light on your gadget is red or off altogether, it does not have sufficient power to function. Check to be sure that the end of the power cable is firmly inserted into both the item you’re using and the wall socket. If the problem persists, the outlet you are using could not be working properly. If this is the case, try connecting your gadget to a different outlet.

The indication for the modem or router’s downstream connection

A downstream indication, which may also be denoted by the letters “DS,” is included in modems and modem/routers. Additionally, some systems combine the indicators for the upstream and downstream streams into a single light. In any case, the downstream indication will reveal whether or not you are connected to the internet service provided by your local provider.

As soon as the power light on your modem becomes green, the downstream indicator will begin to blink green. This behavior will continue until your modem identifies a signal coming from your internet service provider. After that, it will be a solid shade of green.

How come the indication for my downstream position won’t stop blinking?

Your modem is unable to identify any signal coming from your internet service provider, which is why the downstream indication on your router continues flashing. Make sure that you have linked your modem to the network outlet that is located on your wall. Depending on who provides your internet service, the connection might be a DSL or a coaxial cable.

If your cables are not loose, the problem may lie with your local internet connection or the issues that you are experiencing with your cable internet account. Get in touch with your internet service provider for further details.

The signal that says “Modem/Router Upstream.”

In addition, modems and modem/routers feature an upstream indication, which is often denoted with the letter “US.” This indicator light illuminates whenever your modem seems to have a stable internet connection and is able to upload or send information to your internet service provider.

During the process of establishing your upload connectivity to your internet provider, you will see that your downstream indication will become steady after your upstream indicator has flashed. After that, the upstream signal on your gauge will go completely green.

Why won’t the indicator on my upstream boat stop blinking?

Your modem isn’t receiving a reaction from your internet provider, and as a result, it is unable to create a firm connection. This will be shown by your upstream indicator continuing to flicker. Get in touch with your internet service provider for further details.

The sign that the modem or router is online, as well as the internet light

Your constant and reliable link to the internet is represented by the light on your modem that is branded “online” or “internet.”

When both of your downstream and upstream lights become a consistent shade of green, your connection light will begin to blink while it communicates with your internet service provider to confirm the IP (internet protocol) address. After that, it will become solid.

It’s possible that your modem may drop the internet signal sometimes. After then, it will need to restore a link, which will begin with a blinking downstream sign once again.

Why is the internet light on my modem/router turned off or red?

If your internet light is red or not lit at all, this may signal that your internet provider is having problems confirming your username and password; as a result, your local internet speed is likely down. However, if this is your first time setting up your modem, you might have to get in touch with your internet service provider in order to get your login details.

The Modem/Router Link indicator begins to glow.

The connection light indicates whether or not you have connected a device properly to the Ethernet port on the back of the modem. Modems only have one Ethernet port on the back of the device.

The single port on the modem is used by the vast majority of users to connect their modem to a router. However, it is also possible to link a single computer to it.

Due to the fact that they already include a router, modem/router combos do not feature link lights. You should look for the Ethernet or LAN lights instead.

Is it normal for the connection light on my modem and router to be blinking?

Blinking link lights indicate that the link port is operational and communicating with your computer or network. The blinking is an indication that the link port is transferring If the connection light on your device is completely green, it means that it is connected but is not actively sending or receiving data.

The WAN indicator on the modem and router.

Some routers come equipped with WAN lights that indicate whether or not you have successfully connected your modem and router by using the connection port on the modem as well as the WAN port on the router, respectively.

It is normal for your WAN light to be either solid green or flashing green. If the light does not seem to be lit, check to see whether the WAN port on your router is appropriately linked to your modem by means of an Ethernet connection.

The Ethernet or Local Area Network light on the modem or router

Even while the Ethernet light, also known as the LAN light, looks very much like the connection light up above, its function is significantly different. Link lights are only seen on modems since modems only have a single Ethernet connector. Routers, which contain several Ethernet ports so that more than one gadget may be connected to the internet at once, are the devices that need LAN lights.

It’s possible that the lights on your LAN are branded “Ethernet” or “LAN,” or they might just be numbered. Unless you attach a device to one of the Ethernet ports on your router, these lights will continue to be off. After that, the green light that corresponds to the port that you used will either remain constant or blink continuously.


The Wi-Fi, Wireless, or WLAN light on the modem or router.

There is a Wi-Fi indicator light on your router or modem/router, and it may be labeled “Wi-Fi,” “Wireless,” or “WLAN,” depending on the model. You may also have two lights that are labeled “2.4G” and “5G”; these lights indicate the two different frequencies that are used by your dual-band Wi-Fi network (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).

No matter what the label on your Wi-Fi light says, if it is green, it means that your router is sending out a Wi-Fi signal across your house, allowing you to wirelessly connect any devices that you have. The presence of a flashing light is normal and indicates that your network is operational.

The Wi-Fi light on the modem/router is red; what causes this?

Your router is susceptible to security risks if the Wi-Fi light in your device is flashing yellow or red. You should secure the data you save online by enabling password protection on your Wi-Fi network and, for further peace of mind, think about subscribing to a virtual private network (VPN).

Why is the Wi-Fi light on my router completely dark?

Your wireless network connection is not active if the indicator light for it is off. You might try turning your Wi-Fi on or off by clicking the button that is located just on the back of your router. In the event that this does not cause the Wi-Fi indicator to turn green, you will need to disconnect your router and wait between 15 and 20 minutes for it to fully power down. After that, you should plug it in again and allow it some time to rejoin before you check the light again.

The WPS indicator on the modem/router

A WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) indicator and button, which is a convenient method to rapidly connect devices to your Wi-Fi network without needing a password, may be present on your router or combined modem/router.

Open the network menu on your internet-capable device in order to utilize the WPS button. This is the first step. If there is a WPS option, you should pick that one. Then, on your modem, router, or combined modem and router, locate the WPS button and press it until the indicator light goes on. Establishing a connection might take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes.

While you are attempting to communicate with a new device, the WPS light on your router can become yellow or blink. The WPS button will remain dark while you are not attempting to connect a device to the network.

What do the different lights on a modem or router mean?

Even if the lights on many modems and routers are labeled with straightforward sans serif explanations, some of them still want you to interpret them as though you were an expert in hieroglyphics. Yikes.

If the front of your equipment does not have any labels, you should examine the rear of it first. You may need to get out a magnifier since the explanations of what each light indicates are often written in very small font.

If it doesn’t work, you may try doing a search for the model number of your device. There is a significant possibility that you will be able to locate a handbook on the internet. We do not anticipate that you will retain that tangle of documents lying about your home. The documentation that came with your gadget will provide you with a comprehensive guide that explains the significance of each of the lights.

Should everything that’s lit up on my modem and router be green?

On your modem, all of the lights—including the power light, the downstream indication, the upstream indicator, the online indicator, and the connection light—should be green.

It is recommended that you keep the modem turned on and allow it some time to complete any necessary upgrades if the power indicator light is yellow.

And even if the internet indicator is flashing red, it’s likely because the internet service at your location is temporarily unavailable. You may try power cycling your modem, although it is unlikely that this would resolve the issue. You won’t be able to access the internet until your internet service provider fixes the issue on their end.

What does it mean when the light on the modem/router is green?

Whenever the power light on the modem is green, this indicates that perhaps the modem is currently being used. When the power cable is inserted into the rear of the modem and the green light is on, this indicates that the modem is getting power.

Should there be a steady light for each indicator on my modem and router?

During the process of connecting, the indicator lights for upstream, upstream, and online will blink. However, they should become steady after your signal has been successfully locked in. The indicator light for the connection will keep flashing, indicating that the link remains actively transmitting data.

Why are the lights on my router green but I have no internet connection?

There are a number of possible explanations for why this light is not functioning properly. The most likely explanation is that you have not input the correct parameters for your Internet service provider into the modem. The vast majority of modems that are sent to you by your ISP should arrive preconfigured with all of your settings, making it possible for you to just plug them in and start using them.

Take this into consideration: flashing lights and green lights are both perfectly acceptable.

When you quickly glance at your modem and router, be sure that all of the lights that are now being used are colored green. It is very normal for your Ethernet light, your WAN light, and your link light to blink. This indicates that all three of these lights are working very hard.

No matter what the label on your Wi-Fi light says, if it is green, it means that the router is sending out a Wi-Fi signal across your house, allowing you to wirelessly connect any devices that you have. The presence of a flashing light is normal and indicates that your network is operational.

I’m crossing my fingers that everything, including your modem and router, is working well for you.


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The lights on the modem and the router are not particularly difficult to decipher and comprehend. The fact that a lot of individuals do not have the appropriate knowledge is one of the primary reasons why it is difficult for them to do it. Because you now have had this guide, you will be able to rapidly resolve any problems that may arise. In most circumstances, you won’t need to seek the assistance of a specialist or waste time or money waiting for somebody else to complete their task.

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