The Reason Why Your Microwave Isn’t Heating and What to Do About It


Almost every modern home has a microwave oven, which greatly simplifies the process of reheating leftovers or preparing other foods.

But if your microwave breaks down, it may be a huge hassle. If your microwave suddenly stops heating, there are a few things you may do before giving up and buying a new one.

Consult a professional repair service if you are uneasy about addressing the issues below on your own.

What You’ll Need to Troubleshoot a Non-Heating Microwave

Before attempting these DIY repair methods, read this tutorial to understand more about the way a microwave works.


 How to Use and Care for Your Specific Model


 Multimeter Phillips head screwdriver

If your microwave isn’t heating, here’s how to fix it.

How to Repair a Microwave That Is Not Heating Up steps will walk you through some potential reasons why and how to fix the problem.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional service expert if none of these solutions work.

Power cord plug iconStep 1: Double-check the microwave’s power supply.

Make that the microwave’s power cord is connected to a working outlet and that it is attached into a grounded outlet. To test whether an electrical outlet is functional, try connecting a small appliance like a light into it. If the outlet is functioning normally, it may be that a circuit breaker or fuse has been tripped.

Microwave iconStep 2: Check That The Door Is Securely Closing

For reasons of safety, a microwave will not start heating until the door is completely closed. Before starting the microwave, double-check that the door is completely closed. In the case of a brand-new microwave, the latch may not close all the way because the shipping spacer or other packing materials have not been removed.

Icon of a gearStep 3: Double-check the microwave’s settings.

To avoid burning your food in the microwave, always use the correct setting. The meal may have been undercooked because the present settings do not provide enough power, or because the cook time is less than what is required to heat the dish.

Checkmark iconStep 4: Look for error or display codes.

Your microwave won’t heat and a code will show up on the screen if it detects a fault or is programmed into a certain mode. Common codes that restrict heating include “Control Lock” and “Demo Mode,” both of which must be removed before the appliance can be used again. Consult your model’s Use and Care Guide in order to determine and rectify the cause of any error messages.

Kindly watch this video also for more understanding about microwave


If your microwave still won’t heat after you’ve done everything in this guide, you may plan to consider replacing it.


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