What Are the Steps to Lock the Keyboard on a Mac? [Solved!]


People like to flock to purchase Macbooks since they are sleek, sparkling pieces of technological equipment. This might include very young children and even dogs on occasion; nevertheless, these are often the very last persons that an individual would want tampering with their Mac. If someone wants a simple method to lock the keyboard on their Mac to avoid any interference of any type, then they have come to the right spot.

Downloading a third-party application, such as Lockey, Karabiner Element, or Keyboard Locker, is required in order to lock a Mac keyboard. Alternatively, one might just lock the computer as a whole. People are still able to use their Macs even though the keyboard is locked by an application. However, they are unable to unlock the mac keyboard by utilizing key shortcuts.

It’s always a good idea to lock your MacBook keyboard since you never know when you may need to protect your data. Following this paragraph is some information that will show you how to lock the keyboard, how and where to cleanse it, how to make it cat-proof, and a few other helpful hints. We hope that by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll have a much clearer notion of how to keep your MacBook safe.

How to Secure the Keyboard on a MacBook

It is sometimes important to lock a Mac keyboard, whether a person is attempting to safeguard it from small children, roaming cats, or just wants to place it away while watching a film. There are numerous reasons why this could be the case. However, in order to accomplish this goal, a person must first acquire the necessary information to do this task. A user has a few options available to them when it comes to locking the keyboard on their Mac.

Apps from a Third Party

It may be worthwhile to download one or more applications in order to better control your Mac’s operating system and keyboard. Apps like Lockey, Karabiner Element, and Keyboard Locker may lock the keyboard on your Mac while maintaining the display and allowing it to continue functioning normally. If you ever wanted to view a movie or listen to music on the Mac without really having the keyboard, this is a great solution for you.

However, when new versions of the Mac operating system are released, it is possible that some programs may become inoperable. You will need to look for a different application to use if, after installing updates for your Mac, you are still unable to lock your keyboard using any of these programs.

Karabiner Element has become one of the most widely used third-party applications that may lock the keyboard on your Mac. To prevent unauthorized access to your keyboard while using Karibener Element, follow the proper procedures:

  • Launch the Karabiner Element software that you downloaded earlier.
  • In the search box, type the word “disable.”
  • To access the onboard keyboard, make sure the corresponding option is checked.

Here is the picture of a keyboard of a MacBook


Putting a Lock on the Whole Computer

If you don’t want to install an application from an external developer, there isn’t much you can do to restrict access to your Mac’s keyboard alone. Nevertheless, you have the ability to lock down the whole machine.

You may lock your Mac by pressing the key combination Control+Shift+PowerButton, or you can put your computer to sleep by pressing Option+Command+PowerButton. Both of these key combinations are located on the power button. Both of these choices will turn off your keyboard, but they’ll also turn off everything else on your computer at the same time. If you are using a MacBook, you also have the option of just closing the lid, albeit doing so will prohibit you from using the keyboard in any capacity. (Source)


The following steps need to be taken in order to use your Mac even while the keyboard is locked:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Select the Accessibility icon from the menu.
  3. The “Options” button is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. To activate the “Ignore Built-In Trackpad When Mouse Keys is On” checkbox, you must first click on its corresponding box.
  5. The “OK” button should be clicked.
  6. Put an end to the System Preferences.

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Putting a Stop to Keyloggers and Locking Down the Mac Keyboard

If you have a cat and a Macbook, you’ve probably had the frustrating experience of the cat strolling over and using the MacBook keyboard as a bed after it’s warmed up. This is a common problem for those who possess both a cat and a Macbook. Even if this might be seen as quite adorable by some, it does not alter the reality that the computer is also utilized for other purposes that are far more useful and significant. Here are some suggestions on making a Mac less inviting to cats.

To lock the keyboard, you may choose to implement any of the aforementioned options. However, using an external display is quickly becoming one of the most common techniques to prevent a cat from using a computer keyboard. It is possible for a person to keep their laptop closed the whole time if they just connect an external display and keyboard to their device. This will prevent the cat from dozing off on the laptop, which is particularly helpful while the machine is being used by someone else.

Another useful piece of advice is to use the MacBook at a location where it is unlikely that the cat would attempt to use it. Because a cat may easily climb up onto a desk or a sofa and make themselves at home there, these two types of furniture are not always appropriate alternatives.

Think about doing your typing at the kitchen counter, the bar, or any other area where the cat cannot sit on the computer or interrupt the person who is trying to write or do any job. Although technically speaking, this It doesn’t make the keyboard locked, it should help get rid of the problem.

If nothing appears to be working and you’re starting to feel the want to strangle the cat, another option is to go to a private bedroom, shut the door, and isolate yourself there. While the cat is confined inside, you may take advantage of the opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air by venturing outdoors.

Locking up and making clean

Below is the typical video of Steps to Lock the Keyboard on a Mac

One of the best ways to take care of a Mac is to get familiar with its cleaning process, in conjunction with locking the keyboard to prevent obnoxious cats from using it. When I was cleaning the screen, I accidentally touched far too many keys, so if the keyboard has been on and in the way, discovering the screen messed up will not be a good experience.

                        Here is a practical picture of to clean your MacBook keyboard


Before you begin cleaning the Mac, check to see that the keyboard is locked. Otherwise, you may hit the incorrect keys at the wrong time, which would make the cleanup process much more difficult.

The following are some guidelines that may be used for the cleaning of any product:

  1. Utilize towels that are lint-free.
  2. Towels, paper towels, and other types of abrasive towels should be avoided.
  3. Avoid doing too much wiping, since this might cause harm to your skin.
  4. Turn off any cords and power sources that are external.
  5. Nobody enjoys the idea of being electrocuted.
  6. There should not be any moisture or liquids anywhere near the apertures.
  7. In general, use extreme caution whenever liquids are present near electrical devices.
  8. Avoid using any products that need pressurized sprayings, such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

Apple recommends using Lysol and Clorox kitchen disinfecting wipes as two of the most effective cleansers and disinfectants to use while cleaning. The following are some wipes that are more specific:

A wipe containing 

  • 70 percent isopropyl alcohol
  • 75 percent ethyl alcohol wipe

The magnificent Mac may be used to its full potential with the assistance of these hints and tips, which include locking the keyboard and keeping dust and animals from interfering with the user’s experience. Cleaning, eliminating accidental key presses when cat-walking, and locking the keyboard should be all that is required for a person to have the greatest experience possible with their computer.

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