All You Need To Know About LG TV Stuck On The Logo Screen [updated 2022].

 I purchased an LG TV that has model no: 42LB650V. The night before, there was a sudden failure of the firmware. Unfortunately, it has caused my LG TV to be stuck on the logo screen. Sometimes, the screen goes black after showing the LG logo for a while.”

This is a typical issue with LG TVs. It happens due to the numerous reasons which we are going to study in this content. Along with that, you will get to know the top 5 ways to fix LG TV stuck-on logo screen problem.

This issue will become complicated, and it can damage your TV permanently if not solved at the right time. Thus, make sure to move on to learn how to fix LG TV stuck on the logo screen.

Why Won’t My LG TV Get Past the Logo Screen?

In the event that your LG TV becomes stuck on the logo screen, you may be confused at first. Imagine how annoying it would be if your TV suddenly quit working after you spent an enjoyable evening in front of it or it gets stuck at the moment when a visitor very important comes to visit you for the very first time and wish to have some time watching TV for news update. Without television, life would be rather dull even in these days of constant connectivity.

If you own an LG TV and have been stuck on the login screen, the most recent firmware upgrade may be at fault. This is by far the most common reason an LG TV won’t exit demo mode when you try to use it without the original remote. If the firmware is not updated properly, the LG TV will remain on the logo screen.

There might be a wide range of other causes as well. It’s possible the motherboard is broken, but it might just as well be something else in the system. These are two of the most common causes of an LG TV’s inability to go beyond the logo screen.

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Instructions for Getting Your LG TV Off the Logo Screen

Now that you know what may be causing your LG TV’s logo screen to remain on screen, we can move on to the many solutions available for fixing it. If your LG TV is frozen on the logo screen, try one of these solutions.

Step 1: Verify the Presence of an Enter MENU Screen

Make sure the “MENU” screen is shown on your gadget. The LG logo screen locking up is most likely due to this. If you can see it, you ought to make sure the reset option is enabled in the options.

Step 2: Reconnect the TV to the wall.

You shouldn’t switch off the TV if it’s already on. You should unplug it and leave it in a stationary position for 30-60 seconds. After that, try reconnecting your LG TV to the wall again to check if the problem persists.

Step 3: Restarting the set by force is the third option.

The problem should no longer exist if the LG logo does not disappear following a force reset of your LG TV. To do this, just remove the plug from the wall outlet.

For the next 10 seconds, maintain pressure on the power button. You should just ignore it and turn on the TV. If this solution does not work remove the stuck logo, and go on to the next one.

Step 4: Update the Software

Perhaps unbeknownst to you, firmware is often at the root of the problem. Occasionally, if the firmware is loaded incorrectly, your TV may have problems. It won’t turn on, and all you’ll see on the screen is the LG logo or darkness.

Step 5: Call LG’s Customer Service

When you’ve tried everything else and still can’t fix the problem, it’s time to call in the experts. They have so much experience that the issue will be fixed quickly.

Simply dial the local LG support number and an agent will be sent to your location as soon as possible to assist you. If your LG TV is frozen on the logo screen, this is the best method for fixing it.

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All the methods we’ve detailed have been used successfully by several LG TV owners. You may use these to fix the logo if it gets stuck again. To that end, we really hope you find what you’re looking for.

If your LG device is stuck in a boot loop or you’re encountering other stuck issues, ReiBoot for Android is your best bet. In this essay, I will go through the potential solutions and hope that at least one of them helps you out. Just drop a remark down below if you need clarification.

I hope you find this content so helpful to you.

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