How to Repair a Laptop Smells of Burning (STEPS)

Laptop Smells of Burning

Laptop Smells of Burning: Section I: Table of Contents

  • Why is my laptop smelling like it’s on fire?
  • How to Repair a Laptop That Smells of Burning
  • Why is my laptop charger emitting a burning odor?
  • What Should You Do If Your Laptop Smells Burning?
  • How to Troubleshoot a Burned Laptop Smell
  • How to Repair a Burning Smell on a Laptop
  • Laptop Odors of Burning Plastic
  • The laptop has a burning odor and will not turn on.
  • The MacBook Pro has a burning odor.
  • HP Laptop Smells Burning
  • The Burning Smell of an Acer Laptop
  • The Lenovo Laptop Smells Burning
  • Dell Laptop Smells Burning
  • Conclusion

My laptop smells burning, what may be causing this?

In the event of a breakdown in the cooling system, a laptop will emit a burning odor. It is common for laptops to cease operating because the internal cooling fan has become clogged or has experienced some other mechanical or technological issue. Battery problems or overheated machinery are two more possible explanations for the odor.

Some of the most prevalent justifications are listed here.

  • obstructed air flow for cooling

The cooling system might break down if the vents are clogged up with dust or other debris. Because of this, the laptop overheats and breaks down completely. The laptop then emits a burning odor.

  • The Fan Is Off

Recently released models of laptops from Dell, for example, include a Power-saver option that disables the cooling fan. Overheating may cause a burning smell if the laptop is used heavily when in power saving mode.

  • AC Adapter Failure

The voltage range of modern AC adapters is quite broad, and they work well with the vast majority of common voltage standards. But if the laptop is supplied with a voltage outside of its safe operating range, the adapter will overheat and emit a burning odor.

  • Broken Laptop Bag

Sometimes a laptop’s casing is to blame for the cooling system not activating. Overheating may occur if the laptop’s fan doesn’t activate because of the case’s interior.

  • Overheating

The amount of heat a laptop generates is directly related to how hard you are using it. You may notice a burning odor coming from your laptop if you use it for long periods of time and the heat generated is more than the cooling system can handle.

How to Repair a Laptop Smells Burning

Replace the AC adapter and clean the cooling vents with compressed gas to eliminate the burning smell from a laptop.

A burning odor from any electrical device is enough to trigger concern. Even more so when the device in question is your laptop, which is worth hundreds of dollars. Most users have encountered a burning smell from their laptop at some point in their lives.

There are many causes for a burning smell in a laptop, but there are also remedies. While certain causes may be serious enough to warrant taking the laptop to a repair facility, most of the time it is only a setup error that can be resolved with a few easy actions.

Throughout this article, I’ll go through all of the probable causes of a burning smell on a laptop.

Laptop Smells of Burning: Why is my laptop charger emitting a burning odor?

A burning odor from the laptop charger indicates that electricity is not transferring as planned between the supply socket and the motherboard of the laptop.

This circuit has three connections. A fault at any of these three areas may cause the charger to emit a burning odor.

The first step is to connect the charging connector to the motherboard. If the stench is very strong and persists even after the charger is turned off, there is most certainly a problem with this connection.

The second connection is between the charging port and the power cord. A problem may occur at this stage if a pin in the charging port or the power cord is damaged or loose.

Finally, there is the power cord and the supply socket. If there is a faulty connection inside the supplying socket, the laptop will continue to charge, but this will damage the charging port and cause it to overheat.

What Should You Do If Your Laptop Smells Burning?

The first step is to promptly shut down the laptop. After it has cooled down, restart the laptop to determine the source of the burning smell.

Here are a few things you may try before contacting a professional.

  • Examine the User Manual

To learn how your laptop’s cooling system works, see the user manual. Most modern laptops include a cooling system that operates at a certain temperature range. After the laptop reaches a specific temperature, cooling begins. The user handbook displays you this temperature and advises you on how to modify it.

  • Examine the Cooling Vents

Check the cooling vents of your laptop for junk when it is totally disconnected and powered off. It would be preferable to remove the battery first.

Laptop Smells of Burning: How to Troubleshoot a Burned Laptop Smell

If your laptop emits a burning odor, it is best to seek expert assistance rather than attempting to repair it yourself. The burning scent indicates a fire danger and should be handled with extreme caution.

However, there are a few remedies that may be tested without causing a fire.

  1. Fresh Cooling Vents

If you see dust or other particles obstructing your laptop’s fan, unplug it and clean it. Cleaning the dust accumulation on the vents is simple with a standard dust cleaner. Avoid using vacuum cleaners or blowers since they may wind up hurting the laptop’s delicate components.

2. Examine the Options

Most laptops with Power-saving modes do not turn on the fan until the laptop reaches a particular temperature. This may be modified under the laptop’s Power-saver mode settings. Turning off the Power Saver mode may also be beneficial.

Laptop Smells of Burning: How to Repair a Burning Smell on a Laptop

If your laptop begins to create a burning odor, it is strongly advised that you take it to an approved expert. Even if you are familiar with the insides of your laptop, do not attempt to repair it.

Turn off your laptop and wait for it to calm down before investigating the source of the burning smell. When attempting to locate the cause of the odor, it is best to remove the laptop battery.

It is advised that you contact an authorized technician for the brand of your laptop. Other technicians may also assist, but they may not be able to supply authorized equipment or components to solve the problem if necessary.

Laptop Smells of Burning: Laptop Odors of Burning Plastic

If a laptop’s cooling system fails owing to a blocked fan or for any other cause, the machine may overheat, causing a wire or other component to burn and emitting a burning plastic odor.

Because the chances of a burning wire are great, anybody attempting to address the problem on their own risk being electrocuted. As a result, you should call the support center to identify and resolve the problem.

Technicians may seem to be pricey, but attempting to repair your laptop yourself might end up being much more expensive when you have to take it to a service facility.

You may attempt the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps. The best thing to do is to clean the cooling fan to eliminate any dirt.

After it has cooled, turn on the laptop and see whether the scent is still there. If the scent continues, immediately turn off your laptop and take it to a specialist.

Laptop Smells of Burning: The laptop has a burning odor and will not turn on.

If a laptop’s cooling vent becomes clogged while it is overheating, the components may be destroyed. As a consequence, the laptop may not switch on again.

Handling with the I/O boards and other important components is required to resolve this. The smallest mistreatment might result in the whole motherboard being ruined. To prevent the high costs of a new laptop, it is best to have a specialist check into it.

Also, backup your data before bringing your laptop in for repair, since the repair may necessitate flashing up the disk.

Laptop Smells of Burning: The MacBook Pro has a burning odor.

Apple provides some great servicing alternatives for MacBook Pro consumers. If your laptop is creating a burning odor, you may visit your local Apple official store or make an online pickup request. Apple’s service centers’ hours of operation vary by state in the United States.

If the MacBook Pro is under warranty or covered by AppleCare+, the whole repair, including any hardware replacement, is free of charge. If the gadget is still under warranty, the online request is likewise free.

If your laptop is out of warranty, the cost will depend on the kind of repair necessary, the level of damage, and the components replaced. If the battery is damaged, the cost of repair might reach USD 199.

Apple does not extend coverage for the MacBook Pro if it is serviced in an unapproved repair facility. AppleCare+ costs USD 99 for screen or exterior casing damage and includes two accidental damage covers.

Further than the exterior casing, other damages will incur a USD 299 penalty with AppleCare+ coverage. You may submit a service request by visiting

HP Laptop Smells of Burning

If your HP laptop emits a burning odor, you may take it to an HP ASP (Authorized Service Provider). It is normally returned within a few days after being repaired.

If you need your laptop fixed quickly, you may choose HP Express Repair, which will return your laptop within 3 business days.

Customers may locate the closest authorized HP service facility by going to Customers may contact an HP expert at 1800-474-6836 in addition to visiting the shop.

Before sending your laptop in for repair, the technician will want you to do a self-test to see if you can remedy the burning smell. The cost of repair will be calculated only once the technician has assessed the gadget.

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Laptop Smells of Burning: The Burning Smell of an Acer Laptop

Acer offers comprehensive troubleshooting of a laptop with a burning odor before sending it in for repair. Customers are also urged to verify their warranty status using the SNID number written on the laptop’s sticker.

You may seek assistance and troubleshooting suggestions in the Acer Community, a user-based community. Customers in the United States and Canada may reach Acer support at 1866-695-2237 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If the equipment is still under warranty, the cost of repair is paid; otherwise, the cost is determined by the kind of damage sustained by the device.

Warranty details may be found on your product’s warranty card as well as on Acer’s support website at

The Lenovo Laptop Smells of Burning

If your Lenovo laptop smells burnt, it may or may not turn on. Before contacting a support specialist, you may check Lenovo’s help website ( for a three-step check for your issue using in-built tools.

Lenovo’s support website also includes a link to a community forum where you may be able to discover a solution for your device.

Because your problem involves a fire danger, you should take your laptop to an authorized service location for repair. You may submit a service request online by registering with your device ID.

Dell Laptop Smells of Burning

If you have a Dell laptop and notice a burning odor, go to Dell’s PC Support Website at You may call them at 1800-288-4410, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The approach is straightforward, with the support executive on the other end assessing the situation and offering viable remedies. If a repair is necessary, it will be evaluated and an estimated charge will be provided. Dell also provides assistance for any devices that are no longer under warranty.

Laptop Smells of Burning: Conclusion

To summarize, if your laptop emits a burning odor, you may attempt a few troubleshooting methods that may resolve the problem. However, since the situation concerns a fire threat, it is best to contact your laptop’s tech support as soon as possible.

When replacing any component, only use authentic supplies to prevent having to replace it again in the near future. Also, remember to backup your data before sending your laptop in for repairs.

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