Step by step instructions to Troubleshoot and fix the Error 49-4c02 on a HP LaserJet-P3015, P4014, P4015, and 4100N Printer

HP LaserJet-P3015

On the off chance that you’re telecommuting or at the workplace and your printer shows the 49.4c02 HP mistake code, we have a few answers for you.

Nothing is more irritating than completing your work on your PC just to have it neglect to print when you submit it to be printed.

This blunder can come up in any HP Printer, particularly HP LaserJet-P3015, P4014, P4015, and 4100N Printers.

Whenever your printer shows the blunder code “HP mistake code 49.4c02” it’s typically a result of a “print work”. The following are a few choices for settling the issue.

The initial step is to eliminate any assignments that are right now in the print line. In the instructional exercise beneath, we’ll tell you the best way to achieve it.

Deactivating Advanced Printing Features and checking to assume the Franklin Gothic Book typeface is being used is another chance. Once in a while, utilizing this textual style might be the wellspring of the issue.

Anything printer issue you’re encountering, we understand it’s anything but a charming encounter. Nonetheless, steps to approach taking care of this issue are itemized in the article beneath.

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What is a “Print Job”

In PCs, a print work alludes to a record or a progression of documents that are fit to be printed.

Print work is many times appointed a one-of-a-kind ID number by the framework, alongside extra subtleties like the size of the printed medium, need, and the number of duplicates to be created, in addition to other things.

A print work works with the exchange of information and records to be printed between a printer and a framework.

A print occupation might be saved in a line ready to be printed, and the framework keeps up with track of its recognizable proof number.

A print occupation might need to pass through an incorporated print server prior to arriving at the predefined printer while using an organization printer.

A printer might highlight neighborhood capacity, which permits print tasks to be saved and lined for printing.

How to determine HP Printer Error 49.4c02?
Here are the straightforward ways you can have printer mistake 49.4c02 fixed

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1. Eliminate any assignments from the print line that are not generally required.

You might achieve this by getting to your printer gadget, which is regularly situated in the base right-hand corner of your PC as a little printer symbol.

To get to the print line, right-click and pick “Open Print Queue.” Delete all positions from the rundown once it shows up.

2. Print a test page

Switch off the printer, then, at that point, turn off the printer’s wire from your PC and walk out on. Print a test page assuming your HP printer changes to a prepared condition when the line is turned off.

On the off chance that the test page prints, the issue is doubtlessly brought about by one of the print occupations in the line.

In the event that these techniques don’t determine the issue, here are a few further choices for settling HP issue number 49.4c02.

3. Switch off Advanced Printing Options

Follow these means to set it in motion:

  • Go to the Windows Logo Printers segment.
  • Select a printer line.
  • Pick with a left click. Inclination for printing
  • Select the Advanced choice.
  • Select Advanced Printing Features from the Document menu.
  • Set it to Disabled.

Utilize a test page to have a go at printing once more. On the off chance that this doesn’t work, happens to the following choice.

4. Check to assume the Franklin Gothic Book text style is being utilized.

Printing a record utilizing the Franklin Gothic Book typeface, especially on the HP MFP Series, may here and there bring about the HP blunder number 49.4c02 being shown.

If so, do the accompanying advances:

Empower the ‘Send True Type as Bitmaps’ choice in the Advanced tab of either PCL 5e or PCL6 drivers. The paper will presently print without the HP issue number 49.4c02.

Set the True Type Font Download choice to Bitmap for the PS driver. The paper may now be printed without the HP blunder number 49.4c02. To do as such, go to the Advanced tab under PostScript Options.

You may likewise utilize the Web JetAdmin module “Gadget Storage Manager” to introduce the text style on the printer’s hard drive. This empowers you to print the text style or record without utilizing the Bitmap settings expressed in the past two drivers.

5. Update the firmware by blazing it.

Whenever your printer is associated with your PC through an equal wire, follow the means underneath to refresh the firmware:

  • Switch on your printer.
  • Analyze the LCD to see whether Ready is shown.
  • Make a test page.
  • Check your printer’s firmware update, then, at that point, play out the accompanying:
  • Actuate the Select button.
  • To raise the Information menu, utilize the Down button.
  • Press the Select button.
  • To see the Print Configuration on the LCD, push down.
  • To print the test page, press Select.

On the test page, under Printer Information, the firmware date and amendment will be given.

  • Begin by squeezing the Start button.
  • Pick “Run.”
  • Type CMD or COMMAND in the Open box.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Go to the firmware registry, for instance, C: FIRMWARE, and enter the way into the order window.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • On the order window brief, type duplicate/B *.RFU LPT1.
  • To move the firmware document to your printer and update the firmware, press Enter.

Assuming the redesign is fruitful, the LCD ought to show Receiving Upgrade.

Nota bene: no interferences ought to happen during the update interaction since this might truly hurt the printer.

  • The LCD will demonstrate Ready once the update is finished.
  • Switch off the printer and stand by 15 seconds prior to controlling it back on.
  • Print a test page and check that the firmware amendment is displayed on the test page under Printer Information.

Assuming that you experience issues while refreshing the firmware on your printer, follow these methodologies for a crisis firmware update:

  • Switch off the printer.
  • Keep the Cancel button squeezed while controlling the printer. The memory will increase all through this strategy, and the Ready and Attention LEDs will remain on.
  • Enact the Cancel button
  • Press and advertising Choose button
  • Press and advertising Resume You’ll see the message. Load and execute the record on the LCD show
  • Press and advertise UP Carry with this technique until the LCD shows the Program File to Slot 4 Flash.
  • Press and advertising Choose button
  • Press and hold the Select button two times more until the LCD shows Download File Now.
  • On your PC, right-click Start.
  • Pick Run.
  • Type CMD or COMMAND in the Open box.
  • Explore the registry that contains the firmware, for instance, C: FIRMWARE, and afterward input the way into the order window.
  • Enter
  • On the order window brief, type duplicate/B *.RFU LPT1.
  • By squeezing Enter, you might move the firmware document to your printer and update it.
  • Assuming that the update is fruitful, the LCD show ought to peruse Receiving Upgrade.

Note: no interferences ought to happen during the update cycle since this might hurt the printer.

  • The LCD will show Ready once the update is finished.
  • Switch off the printer and stand by 15 seconds prior to fueling it back on.
  • Print a test page and confirm that the firmware correction is displayed on the test page under Printer Information.

6. Connect with the producer of your printer.

As a last choice, you might contact the maker of your printer (in this example, HP Support) to look into settling the issue.

Inform us as to whether these systems and arrangements worked for you in the remarks region.

In Conclusion

The misconception between the objective printer and the framework that conveyed the print has been faulted for the 49.4C02 mistake and other comparable issues.

This may be brought about by specific PDF documents being printed or an obsolete firmware rendition on the printer.

On the off chance that a PDF document is printed, the printer will show this each time it is restarted until the print work is dropped from the PC from which it was gotten.

It could be challenging to find the framework that sent the print while utilizing an organizational printer.

At the point when an issue happens, the mistake is displayed on the printer’s screen. For a few lucky clients, this was simply a one-time event, however for other people, it turned into a determined issue, leaving the printer pointless since the blunder would return not long after turning it on.

We trust that the previously mentioned ideas assist you with defeating this issue. We’d be appreciative if you would return here and inform us regarding your experience.

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