How to Prevent Access to Fortnite Using Your Router in Three Easy Steps


Fortnite is an extremely well-liked online multiplayer battle royale game, but one of the potential disadvantages is that it might cause younger people to spend an unhealthy amount of time playing it.

As parents, it is our responsibility to limit or deny entry so that our children may concentrate on activities other than their schooling. Is this something that can be done at the router level?

It is very difficult to restrict access to merely the Fortnite program on gaming consoles; often, you will need to disable access to everyone on the device, or even at the absolute least, limit access to certain times of the day.

This indicates that the user will not be able to play certain games online on that computer, which is less accurate but still functional in its own right. However, it’s possible that offline play will still be available.

Reading this post will present you with a variety of methods and procedures you may use.

What precisely does Fornite mean?

The most talked-about simultaneous online game is Fortnite, which was released in 2017 but has been a phenomenon since its introduction.

This game offers a universal gaming experience by including three distinct game types, in addition to internet chat rooms and in-battle discussions.

There are millions of gamers from all around the globe participating in this royal battle video game, and it features graphic depictions of combat.

Your youngsters aren’t just using the Fortnite app to pass the time; they’re also actually watching streams and videos on YouTube to learn Fortnite hacks and tactics that will help them enhance their combat talents and ascend the leaderboards.

“Save the world” is the catchphrase for this video game, and it is expected of players that they will utilize their exceptional gaming skills to protect the planet from zombie-like creatures.

These combat powers are enhanced by game ratings and things that have been purchased with the gold that warriors have earned via various victories and conquests.

Why Should I Avoid Fortnite?

Parents all around the world are concerned about the well-being of their children and find the Fortnite server to be disrespectful as well as a squandering of their children’s time and the effort they put into playing the game.

As a direct consequence of this, all of these concerned parents are keen to shift their children’s focus away from Overwatch by having it outlawed across all platforms.

The addictive quality of Fortnite gaming is the primary cause of concern for parents, who point out that playing these games may take up the vast majority of a child’s study time, if not all of it.

Players are determined to play Fortnite for extended amounts of time due to the game’s visuals and player rankings. As a result, they miss out on opportunities for outdoor leisure, interpersonal relationships, eye contact, and even eating.

All of these actions point to the fact that the participants are being kept in the virtual environment rather than the real world, which is undesirable to the players’ parents, who want their children to avoid playing Fortnite at any and all costs.

The following are among the most common, though not necessarily all, concerns that parents have regarding their children playing Fortnite:

  • low scores as a direct result of insufficient time spent studying.
  • exclusion from the social life of the community (no social dealings except for those in games).
  • committing one’s whole day to stay in one’s own room or house.
  • The normal routine is jolted and disrupted on a regular basis.
  • unusual and unhealthy patterns of food consumption ( grabbing quick bites while rushing back to the game).

How to Disable Fortnite on a Router

Let’s take a closer look at the numerous techniques for banning the Fortnite application, or an individual device, on the network.

Obtaining Access Controls for Your Router

Here are some easy techniques for entering your router’s configuration and restricting certain devices or apps for non-technical people who aren’t used to messing with network settings.

This is distinct from linking to the network and accessing the internet by entering the Wi-Fi password and logging in.

A router’s login credentials are technically distinct, but they are displayed on the back of the router on a label beside the Wi-Fi user credentials.

How to Block Fortnite on Router in 3 Simple Ways

Simply launch any website (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and so on) on any device connected directly to the router’s connection by wire or Wi-Fi and do the proper procedures:

Enter the IP address of your router (for example, or into any browser on any device connected to the router’s Wi-Fi/LAN port.

In the pop-up window, fill in the administrator and password fields.

How to Block Fortnite on Router in 3 Simple Ways

This will lead you to someone’s router’s preferences, where you may prohibit or reduce the availability of Fortnite and computer activities in general for a specific network device by using one of the methods listed below.

Option One: Blocking All Gaming Consoles using a Router (MAC Filtering)

If a user wants to restrict just Fortnite on a certain router, they’ll have to settle for a feature that practically blocks the whole machine (e.g., PS4, Xbox) from connecting to the network, preventing it from playing any online games (not just Fortnite).

Many parents worry that their children are wasting a lot of time on computer games or the internet in general, and this book may be a good option for them.

A unique MAC address is needed for this purpose, which is why you must first discover the device’s IP address.

The MAC address can always be found in the World Wide Web settings menus on game consoles.

It’s as simple as going to Settings… Network… on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

Make sure you’re connected. You should see something like this:

How to Block Fortnite on Router in 3 Simple Ways

Xbox game systems include a menu where the MAC address may be retrieved. The Network/Internet Settings menu item is where you’ll find it again.

Make a note of the Wan and Wi-Fi MAC identities of the gaming console.

A list of attached devices on a router might help you identify which computer is the gaming console. The MAC address may sometimes be found by looking at the smartphone’s name (e.g., John PS4), but it’s not usually. In order to retrieve the MAC address, you may have to go into the console’s settings.

In order to prevent access to a certain computer, get its MAC address by following the steps listed below:

Please use as the IP address, admin as the username, and password to log in to your router.

Enter the network and go to Devices/Wireless, where you may search for any linked devices by their MAC address and remove them from the network. For example, Mike’s PS4 has a moniker that makes it easier to recognize the device and lets you know what kind of device it is (eg. Android, PC, etc). After some time, you ought to be able to tell which devices are which.

Use this detailed guide to identify any device’s MAC address to determine who owns a particular one. Look at everybody’s MAC addresses and you may be able to find out which device is the gaming console.

Check for MAC Shows that multiple under Wireless, Gadgets, Advanced, Security, or anything similar after you’ve sorted it out.

Enter the MAC address of the interface(s) you want to block, then choose Deny/Disable/Block in the drop-down menu.

Save your changes and then exit the router.

As a result, Fortnite and any other game can no longer be played online as a result of the Wi-Fi network being disabled.

This method can be circumvented by more advanced users, but it’s a good starting point.

How to Block Fortnite on Router in 3 Simple Ways

There are a few drawbacks to the MAC filtering process:

Some routers have it, but not all of them.

  • To use it, you’ll need the MAC address of the gadget you wish to block. If you can not locate it, try Option #3, which comprises utilizing ports.
  • Specialized skilled people who know what they’re doing can get around MAC filtering (known as “MAC Spoofing”). However, it should be enough to block children.
  • However, be wary of children trying to circumvent this by connecting to other local Wi-Fi access points (neighbor’s Wi-Fi, hotspots, etc.).
  • It’s also worth noting that offline play in other games could still be possible. This solution simply prevents the help from engaging with the internet through your network.

Option Two: Limiting the gaming console’s access time.

Because some routers enable you to limit access to the computer only during particular times, this is often a variant of both the MAC filtering choices mentioned above.

However, different routers implement this option in various ways; below are a few instances of how to set time limits for device access:

1st Situation

This option may be discovered inside the MAC filtering segment of certain routers–whenever you enter or select an address, there could be a choice to “block/allow under time constraints” or something similar.

So, rather than limiting the consoles all day, every day, you could merely block it at particular periods (for example, between 7 and 10 p.m.).

2nd Situation 

Authentication Process, Parental Settings, or a similar option/menu on various routes may allow you to block access for smart devices at certain times of the day.

If it isn’t listed under MAC Filtering, look through the settings on your router to see if you can find it.

3rd situation

You may also block/allow particular ports used for gambling on other routers, mostly during certain times of the day. In the next section, we’ll go through this in further depth.

Option 3 – Blocking Fortnite just at router level via ports

This is a more precise technique of restricting the protocols that Fortnite utilizes to interface with a web server, but as far as I understand, there is really no way to differentiate Fortnite from these other games that utilize the same ports.

As a consequence, you would be unable to play any videos on that system if you do this. Offline play in other games may still be available.

Although the MAC filtering approach described above is probably easier and quicker, you may try this if the user can’t find out whether the MAC address belongs to your home network’s games console.

You may accomplish the same objective, though, by using port settings. Ports are also used for the opposite purpose of Network Settings, which is to provide unrestricted access to certain router ports to improve connectivity.

Most routers enable you to restrict access by blocking as well as opening ports utilized by certain games.

Look for the Ports or Traffic Routing section, which is normally under Advanced or maybe something similar. Following that, you may allow or block TCP/UDP routes and save your adjustments.


The Fortnite translations for different platforms are as follows:

  • TCP 5222, 5795-5847; UDP 5222, 5795-5847; TCP 5222, 5795-5847; TCP 5222, 5795-5847; TCP 5222, 5795-5847; TCP 5222, 5795-5847; TCP 5222, 5795-5847; TCP 5222, 5795-5847; TCP 5222, 5795-5847; TCP 5222, PS4/PS5 Fortnite
  • TCP 3074 (Xbox One/Xbox X) TCP 6667, 12400, 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920; UDP 1-65535 Fortnite (Switch)

Though every router has its own menus and settings, the fundamental port forwarding approach is as follows:                 

  • Log into your router and use the 192.168.x.x IP configuration and the admin/password listed on the front of the router.
  • Proceed to the “Advanced Tab” or a similar option.
  • From the drop-down option, choose “Port Forwarding.”
  • As described over or on, add each TCP/UDP port for Fortnite to the console separately. Normally, you would click the “Add” button, then enter the port value in the proper boxes for each port you wish to forward.
  • Rather than allowing or forwarding specific ports, you should be able to prevent, block within a window of time, or something similar. Again, this capability is not available on all routers.
  • After making the changes, restart the router.


Blocking in Fornite: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent questions and their associated answers are provided here.

Question 1: How do I stop Fortnite from running on my computer?

You can start a Fortnite block experience right now by typing “Fortnite” into the Filters box on the Start Session page. “Block App” is the last option.

As soon as an app is blocked from being used offline, browsing will prevent it from being accessed or downloaded.

Because you don’t have to worry about them using the app while they aren’t connected to the internet, this is particularly useful if your child is using the app when they really shouldn’t be.

If you’re using Google Chrome, you’ll be unable to install and play the game, but if you’re using another computer or device, you may be able to do so with one keystroke.

Question 2: Is Fortnite safe for a 9-year-old?

In accordance with the Fortnite rating system, children ages 12 and above will engage in family Fortnite instead of children ages 9 and up.

Free to play video game Fortnite features no profanity or inappropriate content. However, some families may be put off by the game’s age categorization.

Although this game is playable by children who are able to read and write, you should be aware that you will likely lose to better-trained opponents if you compete online.

A child’s enthusiasm for the game might quickly wane if they allow themselves to get frustrated or annoyed.

Until your kid is ready to try new things on his or her own, the best thing you could do is find different things your child loves and play with them.

Question 3: Can my 14-year-old kid spend 10 hours a day playing Fortnite?

Your child may be able to quit spending 10 hours per day on Fortnite if you use the following method.

Either turn off alerts or remove the game from their account completely.

They’ll be able to do something else with their time as a result of this. Your job as a parent is not to prevent your children from playing video games in order to teach them responsibility.

Consider giving them enough time to work things out on their own if they’re already having issues with acceptable behavior.

completely remove his gaming privileges if he plays for too long a period of time.

Unplug his laptop from the web when he is away from home so that he will no longer want to play as much as possible!

Observe his behavior in the house, as that’s where he and his family spend the most time!

To limit the amount of time everyone in the family spends online, they’ll need to utilize devices with limited internet connectivity or Wi-Fi that’s been turned off.

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To sum everything up

You will need to have a fundamental grasp of routers as well as internet connections in order to properly block Fortnite just on the router.

Following the selection of the ports that need to be closed, typical firewall rules might be implemented.

After you have generated new rules, you should verify that they are working properly before attempting to delete them since there are already other rules in effect.

It is necessary to determine which of your device’s many network interfaces will be required to block Fortnite gaming traffic if your gadget has more than just a network interface.

Furthermore, if you do not want to go through all of this hassle or aren’t sure how to use a  command prompt to make new firewall rules, you can look for free software that has basic capabilities and can do the work for you.


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