Following the ETH merge, these are the top 10 cryptocurrencies that will surpass Etherum.

ETH merge

The Consolidation of ETH merge

There have been a number of significant improvements in the cryptocurrency sector, but the ETH Merge update stands out as particularly significant.
The ETH Merge has been making headlines since some weeks ago. The creators of Ethereum announced the Merge will take place on September 15 and 16 on August 11th.

Several cryptocurrency markets have been volatile since the report’s release. Many people will want to buy ETH merge at current levels, which might lead to a surge in ETH merge in the days leading up to the release of The Merge. If the changeover goes smoothly, investors may cash out part of their holdings, sending the price of Ethereum down.

To counteract this, developers and users will likely flood to the ETH merge blockchain in the next weeks and months to take advantage of the network’s increased speed and decreased costs.

That being said, let’s take a look at the top 10 cryptocurrencies that will replace Ethereum after the two networks join.



Over the some years back, cardano has showed incredible price performance. ADA is sometimes referred to as a “third-generation” cryptocurrency since it was created to address issues with earlier coins like Ether and Bitcoin. Its stated goal is to use blockchain technology in the resolution of real-world issues, and to do so by using a development strategy heavily based on academic research. Investors may also choose ADA over other cryptocurrencies because to its more long-term friendly algorithm.


While Bitcoin can handle roughly 7 TPS, Solana can handle 50,000 TPS. The results show that SOL is much quicker than BTC. Similar to Cardano, it is eco-friendly and has a programmable blockchain capable of powering smart contracts. In 2021, SOL has seen extraordinary growth, propelling it to the position of fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market value.


Cryptocurrency is appealing conceptually, but its decentralized structure has kept many potential investors at bay. Ripple asserts that it provides part of this security. It is the market’s number seven cryptocurrency and the most valuable token among altcoins. XRP transactions may be completed in a matter of seconds, and they cost next to nothing.


When compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin is frequently thought of as a close relative. The two cryptocurrencies are functionally equivalent, however LTC has several advantages due to its unique features. In theory, the Litecoin network should be around four times quicker than Bitcoin’s.

There is no cryptocurrency that can verify transactions as quickly as Litecoin. The maximum number of BTCs is capped at 21 million, whereas Litecoin may produce up to 84 million tokens. LTC has a huge possibility to succeed in the future despite its poor record thus far.


When discussing the cryptocurrency industry, Avalanche is a bright light on the horizon. Its native AVAX token serves dual purposes, as a component of the avalanche consensus system and as a means of payment for transactions. Ethereum has had incredible growth thus far this year, up 3,800%. Crypto is most likely to become the market’s most valuable coin as more apps are integrated into its ecosystem.


It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency community is full with meme coins, and Dogecoin is no exception. As of right now, DOGE is a very little cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, but its expanding investment community is making it more popular every day, suggesting it may have enormous growth potential in the future. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is a big fan of DOGE and has helped boost its popularity as a result.


Despite being an Ethereum rival, Cosmos has a big and rapidly expanding network. It operates on a proof-of-stake protocol that is both energy-efficient and designed to facilitate interoperability. Whereas many other prominent cryptocurrencies have grown thanks to massive marketing expenses, ATOM’s expansion has been mostly organic.

The Axie Infinity of Time

Axie Infinity’s 23,000% growth this year came as a complete surprise. Since it promoted a new genre of online gaming known as play-to-earn, industry experts think it has altered the public’s view of the medium permanently. As a result, the value of this cryptocurrency has increased dramatically this year.


Although Algorand is relatively unknown among crypto traders, it packs a serious punch when it comes to settling transactions quickly.

It has shown that more than 1,000 transactions per second can be processed by its blockchain, with each transaction being finalized in under 5 seconds. Many traders and investors are drawn to the market by the efficiency of ALGO.


In the original blueprints, Polkadot Crypto was envisioned as a level 3 component of the Web. Polkadot, in its simplest form, improves scalability and security by linking together several chains.

Polkadot crypto encourages the creation of custom blockchains, or “Parachains,” by its users. Polkadot’s relay is used by these blockchains to increase transaction throughput and transaction speed.

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