Error Code 68 in Wyze (Quick Fix)

Error Code 68 in Wyze

Wyze cameras are well-known for being a cheap and dependable kind of security camera that provides a variety of helpful features to residential customers. The app on your phone can be used to operate these cameras, and you can use it to see the live feed and playback footage from the cameras directly.

However, these cameras may sometimes show faults, such as the error number 68, which is associated with a problem with the underlying system. In most cases, the error code 68 in Wyze is brought on by a compatibility problem, the incorrect edition of the firmware, a corrupted program or firmware, or a combination of these and other issues. The majority of the time, an error number 68 or 90 will display on the screen of the camera immediately after a firmware update has been applied to it.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the connection issue error code 68 in Wyze and the many ways in which you may swiftly fix it. If you are having issues with the functionality of your Wyze camera, following the steps in this article should have you back up and running in no time.

Error Code 68 in Wyze

What causes error 68 in Wyze and how to repair it

Keep the app as well as the camera up to date.

Updating the application to the most recent version is sometimes all that is required to resolve this problem. In the event that the application is out of date, it is possible that it could result in compatibility difficulties with the camera and that it will be unable to stream the movies. You can acquire the most recent version of the software by going to the App Store on your mobile phone (if you have an Apple device) or the Play Store on your phone (if you have an Android device).

If an update is not currently available, you may use the TestFlight app that is already installed on your iPhone to upgrade to the most recent version of a trusted app by going to the Wyze website. By doing this, all of the compatibility issues will be avoided, and the issue will be fixed.

In addition to this, you are going to need to verify the camera’s firmware. If you upgraded the firmware and immediately thereafter the error 68 began to show up, there would be compliance concerns between the app as well as the new firmware if you did this.

You are able to do another check of the firmware and then upgrade it. In addition to this, you may reinstall the Wyze app on your phone after first removing it.

Utilize the Beta test version.

In the event that upgrading the app does not resolve the problem, you should switch to the beta version of Wyze’s app. It has been claimed that using this approach would resolve error code 68 in 90% of the instances.

It is possible that the software that has already been loaded will only be suitable with the beta version of the app. Because of this, you will first need to try out the beta version, and then you will need to launch the Wyze app once again.

For those that utilize iOS:

  • You should make sure that TestFlight is installed on the Apple device that will be used for testing.
  • Launch the browser on your device and go to this URL.
  • Press View in TestFlight or Begin Testing; or hit Accept, Install, or Update for the program you wish to test. Alternatively, you may tap the “View in TestFlight” button.

For those that utilize Android:

  • You should begin by signing in to your Google account, after which you should go to this website and select the option labeled “Become a Tester.”
  • After that, if you go to the Google Play Store and search for Wyze using the same Google account, you will find the most recent beta version of the app.
  • After you have completed these steps, attempt to visit the Wyze camera once again to see whether or not the mistake has been resolved.

Reset the camera

Resetting your camera is an additional solution to the problem code that you are seeing. It is possible that this will assist in re-establishing the connection and fixing the problem code.

On the other hand, after you have restored the camera to its factory settings, you will need to configure everything from scratch. Therefore, it is recommended that you give the other solutions a go before turning to this one.

Before doing the reset, we recommend that you take screenshots or images of all the setups, as they will be of use to you when you are configuring the camera once again.

To reset your Wyze camera to factory settings:

  • Press and maintain your finger on the setup button located on the underside of the camera for ten seconds while the device is hooked into a power source. This will trigger the camera to reboot.
  • At a bare minimum, wait half a minute for the device to start up.
  • There have been occasions when the process has taken up to 5 minutes.
  • The camera may now be readied for its subsequent installation.

After the camera has been reset, add it to the Wyze app once again; at this point, the error number 68 should no longer be there.

Delete the camera from the application, and then re-add it.

  1. You have the option to remove the application from your device and then reinstall it. After that, re-insert the camera.
  2. Launch the Wyze app on your mobile device, and then choose the cogwheel symbol located in the app’s settings menu.
  3. Choose the Delete Gadget option that’s located in the Device Settings menu (scroll to the bottom). To provide your consent to the activity, click the Yes button.
  4. The indicator light on the camera, which is an LED, will begin flashing yellow to show that the gadget is no longer attached.
  5. You’ll find the button to reset your Wyze cam on the bottom of the device. Press and hold it down. Continue doing this for about 15–20 seconds, or until you hear the command “Ready to connect.”
  6. To add a new device, open the Wyze app and select the New Device option.
  7. Please provide the name and password for your WiFi network.
  8. Then scan the QR code that comes up on your mobile with your Wyze cam.
  9. Just mention the camera, and the configuration is finished. Check to see whether the problem still exists after using the app to access the camera.

Restart electronic gadgets.

Next, you may power reset your camera and the router. By performing a reboot, errors and other kinds of malfunctions may be cleared away.

To restart the camera’s power, you must:

  • Pull the plug on the power socket where the Wyze camera is plugged in.
  • Wait between 30 and 60 seconds.
  • Wait for the camera to initialize once you plug it back in. Verify that the mistake has been corrected.

To reset your router’s configuration:

There are situations when the problem lies with the router. It’s possible that the connection is unstable, or that the service is overloaded with users. In order to restart the router, please follow these procedures.

  • Drag the cable out of the wall where your router is plugged in.
  • Just give it between 30 and 60 seconds.
  • Connect all of the cords again, then turn the device’s power back on.
  • Attend to the device’s online return before continuing.

Reach out to error code 68 in Wyze.

If you are still experiencing issues after trying the solutions provided above, please contact Wyze Support. As we have said before, the majority of the time, this problem occurs after an upgrade to the firmware.

Make a phone call to the error code 68 in Wyze technical support representatives and describe the problem to them. After all, it is their obligation to release versions of the firmware that have not been tested and may include errors aside from error code 68 in Wyze.

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Questions and Answers

What is error code 68 WYZE camera?

If you’re getting -68 problems and/or can’t live view/stream v2 or Pan cameras, your app is most likely out of date and out of sync with the cam’s firmware.

Why, then, does Wyze Cam go down?

If your camera goes down, touch and motion sensors linked to a bridge hooked into the impacted camera may also go offline. To resolve this, you must restart your camera. Remove the camera from its power supply. This may be done from either the wall or the camera side.

How can I reactivate my WYZE camera?

Log out after saving your cable or router’s settings. Restart your router (unplug it from power, then plug it back in). Allow it to fully connect and stabilize before proceeding. Set up each Wyze Cam afresh in the Wyze app by clicking the + plus symbol > Add Device > Camera.

How can I reattach my camera?

Procedures for reconnecting your camera to an established internet connection

  • Press and hold the WPS button on the camera’s rear and let go when the LED starts flashing white (about 6 seconds).
  • Join your alert system’s (XX:XX: XX) Wi-Fi network with your smartphone or computer.
  • Choose a language.
  • Scan for Wi-Fi connections should be selected.

Why is my security camera always going offline?

Your camera might be offline for a variety of reasons, including a low battery, excessive bandwidth use, changed network settings, or wireless contamination. The camera is programmed to reconnect automatically whenever internet access is restored.

How can I get the latest version of the Wyze app?

Hit Account in the Wyze app, then go down and tap Firmware Update. Look for your Wyze Cam in the list. If it says “Up to Date,” it has been updated and is ready to use.


Watch this video for more understanding about error code 68 in Wyze.


To summarise, Error Code 68 in Wyze is a firmware-related problem that may be resolved by utilizing the beta version of the Wyze app, upgrading the firmware on the camera, upgrading the app, or even power cycling both the camera and the router.

You may also attempt to reset the camera, remove it from the app, and then put it back in again. If none of these alternatives were successful for you, please get in touch with Wyze so that we may provide additional support.

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