How to start recording audio on a Dahua camera or digital video recorder (NVR)

Dahua camera

Some models of Dahua cameras are equipped with an internal microphone that gives the user the ability to capture sounds from their surroundings using the Dahua camera. If you don’t want to operate external mic microphones that are independent of one another, this is an excellent alternative.

Because the audio feature of these sorts of Dahua cameras is turned off by default, you will first need to turn on the microphone before making any further adjustments to the Dahua camera’s configuration.

It is possible to activate the audio in one of two ways: via the interface of the NVR or by using the web interface. You have the option of switching the microphone between the NVR (or DVR) and the Dahua camera directly. It is advised that you turn on the microphone via the recorder unless you intend to use the Dahua camera as an independent device.

The configuration options are the same regardless of whether you are using the Dahua camera’s internal microphone, which is physically affixed to the motherboard of the Dahua camera, or an external microphone that is connected directly to the Dahua camera (which is called a line-in mic),

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Activate Audio Recording on the Dahua

How to activate the microphone so that an audio recording may be made using the NVR

Step 1: Go to your NVR, input the login and password, right-click, and pick Main Panel, then Camera from the menu that appears.

Dahua camera

Step 2: In the Dahua Camera section, choose the channel that you want to use for the audio recording that you want to make (in our case, channel 1). After pressing Encode, go to the More Setting tab.

Dahua camera

Step 3: On the next page, choose the option to Enable Audio Encoding. After clicking OK, click the Apply button. Keep the Audio Source set to its default (normal) setting, since this is the only one that will function with built-in microphones.

Choose the Line-In option if the microphone is connected to an external source. Additionally, the audio format G.711A should not be changed.

Note that if you have numerous channels that each have their own microphone, you will need to adjust the settings for each microphone individually. In the Dahua Camera section (step 1), choose the channel and configure the parameters. Then, return to the previous screen and repeat the process with the second Dahua camera.

Dahua camera

The web interface of the Dahua camera includes instructions on how to activate the microphone.

In addition, you have the ability to activate the audio recording by entering the Dahua camera directly through the web interface (you also have the option of accessing the web interface of the NVR).

Step 1: After entering your credentials in order to log in to the Dahua camera, install any necessary plugins as directed by the on-screen prompts, and then go to Settings > Camera and choose Audio.

Dahua camera

Step 2: To activate the microphones for the mainstream, choose the Enable checkbox located under the Main Stream heading. This is the stream that is often used for recording because of its great quality. Therefore, the mainstream feed will be recorded, and you will want to make sure that the audio recording function is turned on for it.

Step 3: To activate the microphones for the Sub Stream, go to the Sub Stream menu and pick Enable from the drop-down menu. This is the minimal stream that is often used if the camera is accessed via a mobile application (DMS, gDMSS, third-party apps, etc.). The Sub Stream is just available for remote viewing and does not get recorded in any way.

Step 4: Choose the kind of audio input. The microphone is for the one that is already built in. Line-In is for microphones that have wires physically connected to them (an external mic hooked into the Dahua camera). These settings could be different depending on the model of the Dahua camera. To save the changes, click the Save button.

Maintain the default settings for both the encoding mode and the sampling frequency. You also have the ability to modify the volume of the microphone (some users complain that the volume on the playback is too low). When you have a loudspeaker connected to the Dahua camera, you may adjust the volume of that speaker using this setting.

The older versions will perform well in the vast majority of typical circumstances. However, if you are not satisfied with the performance of the audio recording, you are free to adjust the parameters until you have something that satisfies your needs.

When everything is finished, we recommend that you verify the playback and make sure that the audio recording is working properly on all of the channels that were chosen.

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You are now aware of how to activate audio recording on Dahua, whether you prefer to do it via the user interface of the IP camera or directly through the local NVR or DVR. Check the film with the audio turned on, and if you are not satisfied with the way the audio is performing, you may go back to the audio options and tweak them as needed.

Lastly, before you call it a day, double-check the playback to ensure that the audio is functioning properly on each channel.

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