The top cryptocurrencies to invest in for the year 2022


Cryptocurrencies have soared in popularity within the last several months. Of course, the much more famous remains bitcoin.

But numerous other small cryptos are gaining substantial traction as well, as the notion of digital money continues to seep into the common understanding.

However, it may be tricky to know which cryptocurrencies to engage in, or whether you would in the first place. There are already hundreds of various types of coins on that market.

And some – like Dogecoin, which has been founded as a joke – don’t appear to be serious. Others, particularly those built on the Ethereum blockchain, appear to have greater use cases.

Crypto is an arcane domain – its complexity may be tricky to fathom, especially for those fresh to the discipline.

Below are the greatest cryptocurrencies lists as proposed by Forbes

In 2021, Forbes predicts that the best cryptocurrencies investment will be made in

  1. The cryptocurrency is known as Bitcoin (BTC) has More than $821 billion in total market capitalization
  2. A market capitalization of about $353 billion for Ethereum (ETH)
  3. a tether (USDT) – Capacity: 68 billion dollars
  4. Over $67 billion has been invested in Cardano (ADA) (BNB) – XRP’s market capitalization now exceeds $64 billion (XRP) – Market capitalization: $44 billion or more
  5. Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Javier Solana (SOL) – Market capitalization: $41 billion USD Coin (USDC) More than $31 billion Polkadot has a market capitalization of (DOT) Over $28 billion in market capitalization.
  6. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency (DOGE) – Market value: More than $26billion.

Despite the fact that these look to be the main coins and are probably the most recommended, we decided to chat with several specialists as to which altcoins – cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin – they believe have the most potential in order to cut through the noise and aid.

The principles and technical aspects that make such cryptocurrencies so alluring were also addressed by some of the industry’s leading specialists. The following articles represent their viewpoints.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in cryptocurrency, these are the top five.


Ethereum is now the second most popular cryptocurrency behind bitcoin. However, there are drawbacks, such as high transaction costs. Three cryptocurrencies were suggested by VanEck’s head of technology platform research, Matthew Sigel, to fight ether.

For programmers, Ethereum’s possible applications include “smart contracts” that run automatically when conditions are met and “non-fungible tokens” (NFTs), a cryptocurrency that does not have a finite supply (NFTs).

Similarly, the value of Ethereum has risen significantly. Its price went from around $11 to over $3,000 in only 5 years, a 27,000% rise.

The USDT (Tether):

When it comes to cryptocurrency, Tether stands out from the others because it is a stable coin, which means it is guaranteed by fiat currencies such as the US dollar and the Euro and supposedly maintains a value equivalent to one of those quantities.

As a result, investors who are wary of the extreme volatility of other cryptocurrencies favor Tether’s value as a more stable alternative.

the Dogecoin currency

Celebrities and businessmen like Elon Musk have helped to make Dogecoin a hot topic in the media. Since its launch in 2013, Dogecoin has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies thanks to a strong community and creative memes. There is no limit on the quantity of Dogecoins that may be created, which renders the currency subject to devaluation as supply grows.

Early this year, dogecoin’s price rose more than 12,000 percent to $0.68. Since then, the price has gone up, but it’s still a hot commodity. The price is at present $.027. What’s next for it?

Dogecoin was worth $0.0002 in 2017 when it was released. By September 30, 2021, the price has risen by 101,800 percent to $0.27.

BNB (Binance Coin):

To sell and make payments on Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, you may use the Binance Coin.

Binance Coin’s growth has gone beyond merely facilitating transactions on Binance’s exchange platform since its inception in 2017. It is now possible to use it for commerce, payment processing, or even to book a vacation.

In addition, it may be traded or exchanged for other types of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum or Bitcoin.

By September 30, 2021, it has risen from a price of $0.10 in 2017 to roughly $382, an increase of more than 382,000%.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is notable for its early use of proof-of-stake validation, despite the fact that it entered the cryptocurrency market after several of its competitors.

By removing the competitive and problem-solving aspect of transaction verification that is intrinsic to systems like Bitcoin, this strategy shortens the amount of time it takes to complete a transaction while also lowering the amount of energy used and the effect it has on the environment.

Cardano functions similarly to Ethereum in that it enables smart contracts and decentralized applications. These features are driven by ADA, the network’s native currency.

In comparison to the rise of other major cryptocurrencies, Cardano’s native coin, ADA, has seen very modest expansion. In 2017, the price of ADA was $0.002 per share. As of the 30th of September in 2021, the cost was $2.10 per unit. This indicates an increase that is over 10,500 times higher.

Questions and Answers about Cryptocurrencies


How is Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies Different from Buying and Selling Stocks?

Although it is possible to invest in cryptocurrencies, doing so is quite different from investing in traditional assets such as stocks and shares.

When you buy stock in a company, you are acquiring a share of the ownership of that company. This gives you certain rights, such as the ability to vote on important issues pertaining to the company’s future.

If that company declares bankruptcy, you may be eligible for some kind of compensation once the company’s other debtors have been paid off using the proceeds from the sale of its assets.

Purchasing cryptocurrencies does not confer ownership over anything other than the token itself; rather, it is analogous to exchanging one form of currency for another. In the event that the coin decreases its value, you will not be entitled to any compensation after the fact.

That’s the most significant difference to keep in mind, but there are many more that are as crucial to keep in mind.

Should You Expect to Be Taxed on Your Cryptocurrency Gains?

It is imperative that you pay attention to the tax laws governing cryptocurrencies if you come and buy coins. Cryptocurrency is viewed as a financial instrument, like equities, rather than cash.

That appears to mean if you purchase cryptocurrencies at a financial gain, you’ll have to pay tax liabilities. This would be the case when you’re using your token to pay for an acquisition.

In Conclusion

If you have in mind obtaining any of these coins discussed, you can consider buying cryptocurrency from cryptocurrency trading, including Coinbase, Kraken, or Gemini. Nevertheless, certain brokerage firms, including Weibull and Robinhood, now facilitate consumers to buy cryptocurrency as well.


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