How do I watch CNN+ on Xbox One (2022)

CNN+ on Xbox One

CNN + is regarded as the preferred streaming option for various consumers. Now, it permits the Xbox one. You may effortlessly view any sort of series, program, preferred tv show, or movie.

There are no limitations for users on CNN + on Xbox one. You don’t have to worry about anything else if you sign up for CNN+ and then use the streaming services here. In this piece, we are going to talk about how to get CNN+ on Xbox one.

What is CNN+?

CNN+ is one of the prominent streaming services, and you may view the numerous sorts of collections here. Another eye-catcher is that it is the cheaper expenditure to get. Yes, this is the paid streaming platform, which costs $59.99 a year and $5.99 a month.

Unfortunately, it appears with some of the desired gadgets, and it is also not achievable with all devices. You can use the CNN app on your game console, though.

If you want to use CNN+ on Xbox One, you’ll need to follow the instructions below. After you finish the installation process, you can watch CNN Plus on your big screen.

How to Get CNN + on Xbox One?

When users come with both the CNN+ on Xbox one treatment regimen to their Xbox one gaming console, admittedly, the CNN plus is unavailable here, so you cannot obtain your gaming console. But the next lines will help you get to it.

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How do I add CNN + on Xbox One console?

Yes, you can use CNN+ on Xbox One, but you’ll need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, hook up your Xbox One to the HDMI port on your Smart TV. Then change it for that step.

Step 2: Check that the Xbox One works with your TV. Make the pairing process as fast as your internet connection will allow.

Step 3: Go to your Xbox One’s Home screen, then scroll to the right and click on the Store tab.

CNN+ on Xbox One

Step 4: Go to the section for browser apps and scroll down the screen. Then click this section to search for apps.

CNN+ on Xbox One

Step 5: Tap the “search app” button and then type in the name of the correct CNN app under the “search” tab.

Step 6: Go to the CNN application-based interface, click the Get button, and then click the Download button. If you did that, you could put the CNN here.

Step 7: Once the CNN Plus app has been installed, you can go to the app section. With an add-on to the CNN app, you can access CNN Plus.

Step 8: Use the details to complete the sign-in process for CNN+ on Xbox One. Then choose any kind of video here, and then watch the PlayStation.

How do I use Screen Mirroring to get CNN Plus?

You have to watch CNN Plus on Xbox One, then use your console to find and install it here. Screen mirroring works the same way as the main way to do things.

First, you need to connect your phone and Xbox to the same wifi network.

Then, on your iPhone, install the right Airserver app, and on your Xbox One, use the Wireless display app for Android.

Still, you need to use the app stores for your Android or iOS phone to download the CNN Plus app.

You must install the right mirroring app on your Xbox one.

At the same time, you turn on the mirroring feature on your phones.

Choose the Xbox one that will give you the results you want.

Open CNN+ on Xbox One that you have installed on your phone, and then start streaming your favorite content.

Questions People Usually Ask

1. Does CNN+ come with Xbox One?

No, you can’t go straight to CNN Plus on your Xbox One because of the way it works. Then CNN Plus was taken off of other smart devices because it wasn’t being used.

2. How much does CNN Plus cost?

Most of the time, CNN Plus is taken off the air, and it doesn’t follow the subscription service. At the same time, CNN Plus usually costs $5.99 a month and $59.99 a year.

Wrapping Up

Hope this section makes it easier for you to get to CNN+ on Xbox one. Follow the instructions in the article above. Then it would be easy to get CNN Plus quickly. On the other hand, you can’t use these services on the devices you want. And the screen mirroring method is a simpler way to get CNN Plus on Xbox one.

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