Complete Blogging Income Strategy for the Year 2022


Would you want to blog for fun and profit? Blogging is a low-investment business opportunity with monthly revenue potential in the thousands. This article details 11 ways successful bloggers generate money from their sites and shows how you can too!

Create a successful blog company.

Here Are Eleven Strategies for Monetizing Your Blog

  1. Check out a niche market that you can dominate.
  2. Set up a mailing list.
  3. Take a look at some of these sponsored items
  4. The opportunity to sell ad space exists.
  5. Take part in an affiliate program.
  6. Offering assistance
  7. Move digital products.
  8. Move some actual product.
  9. Create a club that members may join.
  10. You may monetize your YouTube channel.
  11. Make a podcast and try to get a sponsor for it.

How much money do bloggers make?

The potential of blogging is almost boundless. Popular bloggers like Ryan Robinson, who runs a blog blogging, may make as much as $30,000 per month from their efforts. It took Adam Enfroy only two years to turn his blog into a $1.5 million business. He started writing about the blogging industry in 2019.

Bloggers might make more than just a regular salary. Several blogs posted for sale on marketplaces like Flippa have reportedly sold for six-figure prices. Bloggers make money off of those who buy their original content.

While some bloggers may make a comfortable living from their efforts, that is not the case for everyone. You may increase the amount of money you make from your blog based on two factors:

What do you do best; Is there a lot of product spending in your company? This is especially true in the software industry, where many companies provide ongoing commissions. Even after a consumer has made a purchase, the blogger may still earn a small monthly income. I’ll explain in further detail later.

The strategies you want to use to make money. Some methods of monetizing blogs are off-limits for new bloggers with strong moral beliefs, including not wanting to be paid to post content with which they disagree. Potential earnings might be directly impacted by this.

In what time frame can a blogger expect to see financial success?

Bloggers sometimes start their sites as a second career until they earn enough to make the leap full-time. However, the time it would take to make a significant living as a blogger varies widely.

Some people, like Brittany Berger, creator of Work Brighter, make their first $100 online within several months if they have an entrepreneurial spirit. In her weekly email and on a subscription website for the newsletter, Berger advertised a $20 digital download she had made in her weekly email. “I was competent in renovating a multitude of categories of the readership since I began so early in the blog’s history,” she explains.

I’m pleased I tested out a minimal product while my following was minimal, since waiting to launch till you have a larger audience might wind up generating more pressure on yourself.

Mushfiq Sarkar is also another blogger who began writing in 2008 in addition to his regular work. Mushfiq claims, “I resigned my profession in April 2021 to concentrate on The Website Flip since it was developing considerably and I was more interested about building this website and writing.”

While the site is just a few years old, it already generates a healthy income: “I debuted during the height of the epidemic in April 2020.” Many people recognized my name but had no idea that I was also an avid blogger and industry observer. I got my financial footing in a matter of months.

Here are 11 ways to make money from your blog.

You need some more cash and you have to do something fun in your spare time. Whether you’re just starting out or want to broaden your present reach, here are 11 ways to make money from your blog.

1. Select a market segment that has the potential for financial gain.

A specialized area within a larger field, such as vegan cooking, is referred to as a niche. Your viewers will develop a connection with your site if you choose one of these for your blog. They are aware of all that awaits them throughout their visit, which increases the likelihood that they will turn to you as their primary resource when seeking guidance.

Mushfiq, the creator of The Website Flip, argues that “before monetization, it’s all about quality and competence” if you want to stand out in the competitive online marketplace. “To begin, it is important that you identify what your niche is or why you should really be writing about it. Next, create an identity for yourself that reflects who you are in relation to the subject matter. When that occurs, you will gradually amass a following over the course of time. After it comes to the process of monetization.

Bloggers may make money in a broad number of themes, ranging from enterprise software to pet items. You can discover bloggers generating money in all of these areas. Despite this, it’s not like all niches are productive ones.

There are three requirements for a lucrative blog niche:

It’s something you’re good at and/or enthusiastic about doing in your spare time. Building an audience and making money out of a blog requires a lot of good material to be published on a regular basis. Blogging on a subject that you have a true interest in will not only make the experience more pleasurable for you, but it will also enhance the possibility that you will make money from it. It is much simpler to continue with a pastime that we take pleasure in.

fewer competitors than usual. If other people are generating money in your industry and they have popular blogs, companies, or forums, that’s a good sign for you. In a similar manner, do a search on Google to determine the level of difficulty associated with keyword ranking. If well-known businesses, which often have much larger marketing expenditures, dominate the first page of search results, it will be more difficult to get organic visitors to your website.

Monetization potential. Investigate the potential for making money in each of the niches that made it into your shortlist. Do businesses operating in this field pay money to market their wares on the blogs of other people? Does that sector have a large number of affiliates? programs that offer a variety of products? Both of these characteristics point to the existence of a successful blog niche.

2. Create an email contact list.

You need dedicated readers who place value on your suggestions in order to generate income from your blog.

Creating an email list exclusive to your own blog is among the most effective methods for accomplishing this goal. When a reader provides their email address in order to get updates from your blog, they are giving you permission to communicate with them in a location that is considered to be more private than any other.

By a significant margin, the most fruitful sales platform for me is email marketing. According to Brittany Berger, creator of WorkBrighter, she “doesn’t really really attempt to sell directly through other channels anymore.” Instead, she directs people to her email list using social media, partnerships, and search engine optimization.

By employing a pop-up box, you may encourage visitors to your blog to join your mailing list. The objective is to entice first-time visitors to opt into receiving future communications from you, and some examples of such incentives include the following:

  • Free checklists
  • compiled lists of information or suggested items for purchase.
  • PDF files containing the content of blogs (such as printable recipes)

After they have joined, you should continue to build a connection with them by providing information that is either informative or amusing. You will cultivate an audience that is prepared to purchase things based on your suggestions.

Consider the advice of Lily Ugbaja, who launched her website FindingBalance. Mom as her first blog. “Because I needed to be able to spend spare time with my kid while still being able to help myself,” she said.

It took two weeks for Lily to start earning money from her blog: “I promoted my own items as well as related affiliate products using tripwires and Facebook pages.” When readers finish reading an article on your website, you want them to sign up for your newsletter, so you add “lead magnets.” You share just one offer rather than a success page. The offer is for a low-end commodity at a significantly reduced price, seven dollars in my instance.

Despite the fact that the site has fewer than 1,000 page views each month, Lily reports that she made over $100 in the first month after starting it, and that amount quickly increased to “a few thousand” each month.

According to Lily, you should consider your blog more of a means to a goal rather than the end itself. “Commodities and affiliate strategies account for the bulk of a successful blogger’s earnings, yet neither of those dividend sources will convert without careful trial.” Create goals and work your way backward. Begin with the item you want to sell, and then produce material for your blog that will assist you in making sales of that item.

3. Create reviews of products that are being sponsored.

  • Every company wants to be able to demonstrate to potential buyers that its goods are worthwhile investments via the use of social proof. Paying bloggers to write reviews is one method that they might use to obtain such information.
  • Make contact with the companies whose products you like the most and inquire about the possibility of receiving financial support from them in exchange for a rating on your blog. If you use the product for reasons other than the aim of the review, then this strategy won’t cost you very much at all. You will just get compensated for providing your feedback on a product that you have already purchased.
  • However, there is some ambiguity around this method of generating revenue. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) levied a punishment of $4.2 million on Fashion Nova for omitting unfavorable customer reviews, despite the fact that a third-party provider had ostensibly requested them.
  • E-commerce businesses and, in the end, the bloggers whom they pay to post sponsored reviews will be impacted by a whole new set of standards that have been issued by the FTC.
  • If you want to keep your blog out of trouble, you should disclose whether or not you are being compensated for writing the review. For instance, if you are being compensated to publish a review, you may say, “I’ve been paid for writing this evaluation and may get a commission if you buy this product.”
  • Being honest. Include both the positive and negative aspects of your experience with the product you’re reviewing so that your audience may make an educated judgment about whether or not they should buy it.

4. Engage in the sale of advertising spots

Businesses are prepared to compensate bloggers monetarily in exchange for advertising space on their blogs. Offer them a price in return for the usage of space that would otherwise be underutilized.

Building up this kind of money for your site may be accomplished in one of two ways:

Engage in separate negotiations with each company. Find businesses that operate in the same field as you do and inquire with them about the possibility of placing advertisements on your website. It will take you more time, and you will need to have great negotiating skills, but if you are successful at it, you will be able to make the maximum amount of money.

Use an advertising company. Do you prefer a less hands-on strategy? Ad space on your site is claimed by platforms such as Google AdSense, Mediavine, and AdThrive, which also manage the payment of advertisers. You’ll only need to insert their password on your website, and you’ll start being paid to display advertisements.

Display advertisements, in particular, have proven to be the most fruitful revenue stream for Emily Brookes, who blogs at Emily May. She estimates that display advertisements account for around sixty percent of her blog’s earnings. Also when I haven’t added any new material, the advertisements continue to bring in money for me each and every month.

Driving traffic to your website should be your first focus if you want to turn advertising into a significant source of cash for your blog.

Advertisement networks such as Google AdSense base their payment on a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) model; the typical CPM for display advertising is around $1.25. The more people that visit your blog, more the money you will earn from the advertisements that are shown there.

Before submitting an application to join either Mediavine or AdThrive’s network, bloggers are required to have a certain minimum number of page views on their site. It is the kind of investment that will bring in profits over the course of time. The majority of the cash that comes from this kind of blog advertising is brought in by Monica Lent, who is also the person who started the Not a Nomad Blog.

Reading Middle Grade is the name of the book blog that Afoma Umesi maintains on the side. She explains, “I began writing as a pastime before I decided to really consider monetizing the site.” “I had no experience,” she says. “I started blogging.”

“I wanted anything passive, so I opted for advertisements and affiliate links,” you explain. I’m not interested in producing or selling digital items or services at the moment, but I’m not a great lover of sponsored articles, either, which is why advertisements were the ideal choice for me. I just need traffic at this point.

Reading Middle Grade’s revenue now ranges from $800 to $1,000 each month, with this particular kind of advertising accounting for around three-quarters of that amount. “Don’t be frightened or embarrassed to employ advertisements,” advises Afoma. Some consumers find them to be bothersome, but if you offer something of value in exchange and make reasonable use of them, the majority of users won’t even notice the advertisements.

5. Participate in an online marketing scheme for affiliates

The act of promoting items to the audience of your site is an important step in affiliate marketing. If they make a purchase of the product through your unique link, you will get a percentage on the sale.

Because the readers’ purchasing choices will already be influenced by the material that you publish, this presents a fantastic possibility for bloggers to earn cash. You’ll be able to create the understanding, like, and trust aspects necessary to make a sale if you use your blog as a central repository for instructional information.

Affiliate marketing is appealing since it eliminates the necessity to develop one’s own goods or services as a prerequisite for participation. Join an established e-commerce company and take on the role of a salesman working virtually for that company. There is no need to be concerned with the creation of marketing materials, the shipment of items, or the handling of customer support issues.

Register with an affiliate marketing site such as ShareASale, AWIN, or ClickBank if you want to use this approach to monetize your blog and generate money online. Look through the different programs in your sector, submit an application to join them, create customized links, and monitor your affiliate earnings using the dashboard.

You might also look for high-ticket affiliate programs offered by retailers that sell pricey things like electronics, jewelry, or software. When bloggers advocate certain products to their followers, they are often compensated monetarily. Affiliates of Shopify, for example, are eligible for a commission rate of one hundred percent on the first two transactions of any subscription package.

6. You should provide services.

The more people you attract to your website or blog, the more likely it is that they will connect your name with both the subjects that you write about. That’s a fantastic approach to developing authority, which is exactly what people seek when they hire someone to carry out a job for them.

If you’re in the business-to-business sector like I am, consulting may be a significant source of income. If you have any experience and people are truly reading your material, what type of consulting services might you provide for them? According to Mushfiq, the creator of The Website Flip, “It’s a high income, low commitment approach to earning money blogging.” [citation needed]

Although it takes a lot of effort to manage a service-based company, one method to generate money quickly online is to provide those services to others. By demonstrating your level of knowledge via the content of your blog, you will be able to command a higher wage and attract customers who pay you more.

Alongside your blog, you may also choose to offer the following types of services:

  • Services related to consulting
  • Design of graphics
  • Writing on your own time
  • Virtual assistance
  • Instructional seminars or workshops

Apps such as Acuity and Calendly allow users to save time while simultaneously receiving money and booking appointments. Start scheduling As soon as possible, by promoting your service via the blog, whether through a single landing page or a showcase ad in your sidebar.

7. Sell digital items

Alongside your blog, selling physical goods is one way to generate money, but selling digital stuff is a more scalable one. You won’t have to trade your time for cash as you would in a service-based firm. Additionally, unlike the sale of tangible things, there are no expenses associated with shipping or manufacturing.

Because you just need to produce a digital product once to sell an endless number of copies of it on your blog, the expression “build once, sell twice” is appropriate.

“I made the decision to start offering printables, and subsequently other digital items as well, in order to diversify my earnings and give myself more control.” Because I’ve allowed my readers to choose how much they want to pay for my downloads up until this point, my income statistics haven’t been particularly eye-popping. Nevertheless, I have recorded over 800 sales, so that is something that I can be fairly happy about. ” — Swift Salary was established by Dylan Houlihan, its current CEO.

By conducting a reader poll with the following question: “What issue do you require assistance with that the blog isn’t currently addressing for you?” you may determine what kinds of digital items your audience would be willing to pay for. Answers may lead to the discovery of concepts that you may bundle and market as ebooks.

  • Printables
  • Workbooks
  • Online courses

For the past eight years, Benjamin Houy has devoted his full time to maintaining the blog French Together. The site generates the majority of its income through the sale of digital items, most notably a French language course. This course accounts for ninety percent of the blog’s total earnings.

According to Benjamin, developing a product is not only simpler but also more lucrative than what the majority of bloggers believe it to be. “Ads and affiliate links may be effective monetization tactics depending on the niche,” he adds. “When you take off your item, it does not have to be the very finest item that has ever been established; all it has to be is something that your customer will find to be really valuable and will be willing to pay for.” When you sell your own product, you get to develop it based on the feedback that people provide you, and you shouldn’t have to worry about affiliate programs being canceled or more and more customers using ad blockers. This is an awesome benefit of selling your own product.

8. Make money off of actual items.

Is there a dedicated community that reads your blog? Regular visitors to a blog almost immediately transform into rabid fans who are ready to show their support for their favorite influencer. By selling tangible things, you may assist your readers in doing so while also bringing in revenue for your site.

Because you only have to pay for the expenses of making a product when one of your readers buys it, the print-on-demand approach is well suited for small blogging enterprises. When things are manufactured in bulk, there is no need to worry about having extra inventory, paying storage fees, or having high initial outlays.

Create one-of-a-kind items, such as the ones listed below, with the help of a service such as Printful or Printify.

  • Mugs
  • T-shirts
  • Stickers
  • Posters
  • Tote bags
  • Phone housings

Are you looking for some motivation? Merchandise with messages that Her First $100K’s core audience finds meaningful is offered for sale. On the customized tote bags and t-shirts, you will find statements such as “Smash the Patriarchy” and “Financial Feminist.” These words have become synonymous with the site.

Do you prefer activities that are more interactive? When you open your first online business, you should consider the readers of your blog to be your first consumer base.

The founder’s blog was the impetus for the creation of one of the most well-known beauty businesses in the world. Through her beauty advice blog, Into the Gloss, Emily Weiss was able to cultivate a dedicated following of readers and followers. In the following years, she launched a line of skin care products that catered to the audience of the site. That was the beginning for Glossier, which is today a beauty business that is worth more than one billion dollars.

Richard Belton is also another example of a successful businessperson who followed this strategy. On his website, Kaito Ridge, which he’s been maintaining for close to eight years, he’s been writing posts on maple syrup as a method to monetize the site via commissions earned from Amazon affiliate sales.

However, Richard recently shifted his blog monetization approach and grabbed control of the site’s revenue potential by opening his own Shopify shop. In doing so, he made good use of the site’s prospective earnings. “I’m in the process of managing my articles, blog posts, and instructional posts to link with my own Shopify shop and reduce my dependency on Amazon,” he adds. “I’m in the process of managing my blog posts, and informative articles to connect to my own Shopify store.”

9. Establish a community accessible only to members

Offer the most involved readers in your community a special VIP experience, for which they will be required to pay a small price.

This kind of community is an essential component of social connection, which is something that is particularly crucial in a society that is growing more and more focused on online life. Not only has it been demonstrated that communities boost mental health, but also 52 percent of buyers are willing to spend more money on businesses (or blogs) that reflect their beliefs.

“If you want a continuous cash source for the blogging efforts, develop a membership program,” advises Michael Keenan, who also manages a membership community in addition to the Peak Freelance blog. You may provide members with unique information such as handbooks and courses, exclusive deals, and even a Slack channel similar to the one that we provide for Top Freelance members. Set your membership prices on a monthly or annual basis. Offer a little discount to customers who want to pay for the year in advance. This provides you with a good infusion of revenue, which you can use to create new content and items for your subscribers.

10. Make money off of videos on YouTube

In an effort to monetize your site, have you considered becoming a member of an affiliate program? Diversifying the types of content you produce may help you broaden your audience and, as a result, your revenue sources.

Include video marketing on your list of strategies if you want to get the most out of your affiliate revenue. After seeing a brand film, around 88 percent of customers have been persuaded to make a purchase of some kind. You will be compensated if a viewer makes a purchase as a direct result of your suggestion if you make it the subject of your instructional, review, or haul video.

If you approach each piece of material as if it were the basis of a video screenplay, you will be able to increase the amount of money you generate from your blog. After you have edited the video and uploaded it to YouTube, you should record yourself talking about the same subject.

For instance, the writers behind the website A Beautiful Mess uploaded a video on YouTube that walks viewers through the process of constructing built-in bookcases. People are directed to the blog write-up by the video. The product description includes affiliate links to the same items that were shown in the instructional video.

This tactic is successful for a number of different reasons. To begin, not everyone likes reading stuff found online. Watching videos is more appealing to certain individuals. By merely creating written information, you run the risk of turning off thousands of prospective customers.

The second point is that Google and YouTube are indeed the two most widely used search engines around the whole globe. The probability of your intended audience seeing the material you’ve shared on both platforms—and, as a result, making purchases of the things you’re an affiliate for—will improve if you do so.

The Google algorithm may sometimes grab videos from YouTube and display them on the search results page for certain searches (SERP). If you search for something like “how to groom your dog at home,” for example, the first item that will appear on the search engine results page (SERP) is a relevant video from YouTube.

The most exciting part? An active channel on YouTube boosts your earning potential.

The site comes equipped with its own set of revenue capabilities, one of which is the YouTube Partner Program, which is open to video bloggers who have more than 1,000 subscriptions and 4,000 view hours combined. After you sign up for a YouTube account, the website will pre-play adverts before your video play. You will get compensation each time a person sees it, which is a good way to augment the money from your site.

Continue reading: Affiliate Marketing on YouTube: 7 Expert Pointers to Help You Make More Money

11. Create a podcast and find a business to sponsor it.

In the realm of alternative formats, the popularity of podcasts is at an all-time high. And over half of the consumers in the United States have tuned in to a podcast, which is an increase from the 33 percent who did so in 2015.

But episodes don’t only occupy time on daily commutes. According to many studies, after hearing about a product via podcast sponsorship, a majority of listeners will go online to look for further information on the topic. One-third of people will bring up the subject of the individual in question in a discussion with a friend. Both of these aspects make them desirable proposals for companies who want to extend their sphere of influence.

Creating your own podcast is a great way to capitalize on the attention of your audience. Make a recording of yourself discussing a subject related to your specialized field, and then upload each session to a streaming service such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Make contact with businesses that operate in your specialized market and offer them sponsorship possibilities. In return for a sponsorship fee, provide It provides businesses with an affordable way to reach the audience they are trying to attract.

A blogger is shown in this calculation for podcast income as having:

  1. 10,000 episode downloads
  2. Every month, there are four brand-new episodes.
  3. Two commercials, including one pre-roll…
  4. may add up to around 16,000 dollars more in income each year.

One of the potential drawbacks of using podcasts as a marketing strategy is that they may be time-consuming and expensive. Building a connection with a larger audience requires some investment of time. For the production of the podcast itself, you will also need certain pieces of equipment, including a microphone of a high caliber and editing software.

If you do it right, though, your blogging firm has the potential to benefit from the addition of yet another profitable income source.

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Make money with your blog by turning it into a moneymaker.

Creating a successful blogging company is not a step-by-step procedure. Your market niche, your connection with your target demographic, and the types of material you provide will determine which income source is most effective for you. First, you should concentrate on developing excellent content and a dedicated audience, and only then should you start experimenting with these many methods of revenue.

Watch this video also, it will give you more insight…

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Making money via blogging FAQ

How can new bloggers earn money?

Display advertising is the most efficient method for turning a blog into a money-making venture. If you want to lease rooms on the blog with Google AdSense, you won’t need any particular expertise to do it; nevertheless, you will only be compensated for every 1,000 visitors to your website who view the advertisement.

Does having previous experience make you ineligible to become a blogger?

Making money as a blogger does not need any previous expertise in a professional setting. Because you have complete command over your website, you are unrestricted in your ability to hone your digital marketing expertise via the process of trial and error.

How can I increase my monthly blog income to $100?

Blogging is an excellent strategy to bring in your first one hundred dollars online. To get started, choose a market segment that has a high potential for profitability, create an email list, and start suggesting things that you are an affiliate for. If other people follow your advice and make purchases, you may earn several thousand dollars every single month.

Which kind of blogs really generate income?

There’s one thing that all high-earning blogs have in common: a solid connection with their readership. The more people that read your blog and put their faith in your suggestions, the greater chance you have of turning your blog into a profitable venture.

Which blogging platform is the most effective when it comes to producing money?

Although WordPress is the most widely used platform for blogging, some bloggers choose not to use WordPress in favor of alternative content management systems (CMS) such as Blogger, Website, or Tumblr. The monetization tactics that are discussed in this article may assist you in making money off of your blog regardless of the platform that you decide to use.

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