A Practical Guide to Starting and Maintaining a Successful Blog in 2022 (Step-By-Step Guide)


If you want to build a successful blog in 2022 and also make a lot of money blogging, you need to ignore all of the old advice you’ve read or heard about in the past. If you want to understand precisely how to do both of these things, you need to read this.

A really effective blog requires the following:

However, this is not often what “Professional” bloggers provide their readers or what they reveal about their methods. They just provide generic advice, such as “be consistent, think about your interest, write more, and generate amazing work…”

Then, after a couple of years have passed, you will finally have sufficient visitors to start producing money from your blog via passive income, online classes, Google AdSense, affiliate programs, podcasts, or selling your own items.

You don’t need to spend as much time on it as you would think…

A Look at the Table of Contents:

1. The Most Common Reason Why Bloggers Fail To…

2. The Essential Components of a Genuinely Successful Blog

3. Do Your Homework to Ensure You Pick the Right Niche

4. Create your own blog and post three times.

5. Having a Good Position on Google

6. Obtaining Financial Gain

7. Before I began my blog, I really wish I had known THIS.

1. The Most Common Reason Why Bloggers Fail To…

You have the desire for simple earnings for passive income, and you want to understand how to build money blogging; however, did you know that blogging is so difficult that 95 percent of those who try it give up? And 9 of 10 really never start a blog.

The top web hosting for blogging are as follows:

  • If you are working with a limited budget, consider DreamHost.
  • SiteGround has the greatest customer service.
  • BlueHost, which offers the most features

But despite this, the “professionals” who started blogging a decade ago have been the only people who are generating a significant amount of money from their endeavors. There are a lot of outdated blogging tips that are both risky and impractical.

  • Put aside all of the previous instructions you were given.
  • There are a lot of tips for blogging that are not realistic.
  • It’s possible that your necessities and passions aren’t aligned.

The majority of bloggers are unsuccessful not because they lack enthusiasm, but rather because their enthusiasm and their requirements are incompatible with one another.

You just need to reason yourself if you want to share your enthusiasm by writing articles but not earn any money from them, or whether you want to make a profit from effective blogging.

Consider the scenario when you like drinking water but are also hungry and still want to eat. You may drink more water rather than going and getting something to eat. You are going to continue to feel hungry, aren’t you?

Nine out of ten people never begin a blog since they are either too nervous, think too much, or say things like “I will do this another day,” but that day never comes. Therefore, quit overthinking things and get something done now!!! Choose a web hosting service that is dependable (we will talk more about this in the near future), and launch a blog. You simply need ten to twenty minutes of your time, and NO software or other abilities are required. Everything else is up to your selection, modification, and consideration at any moment in the future. The first step is the most vitally crucial one to take.

A great number of individuals invest an inordinate amount of mental energy in contemplating the blog’s name, style, colors, and so on. Keep in mind that any of these may be altered at any moment. Similar to a skin that you may download for your smartphone. I am the one who has carried out this action countless times. Therefore, you should begin a blog first and only then consider its name, design, and other aspects.

If you want to build a successful blog, you have to think of yourself as an entrepreneur and treat your blog like a company. This will allow you to attract readers and attract advertisers. Let’s see how far you can take it.

Do I need to correct your thinking?


If you want to make some real experience cash from your country’s best and figure out how to make money blogging as quickly as it is possible, you have to begin thinking like a businessman and different ways to implement to grow your blog like a corporation, rather than a passionate blogger. Only then will you be able to make the kind of money that can change your life and figure out how to make money blogging as quickly as it is possible.

In the beginning stages of running a successful blog, one of the things that you need to concentrate on is coming up with new strategies to expand your readership rather than producing new content for the blog. Remember, you’re an entrepreneur, not simply a blog owner!

When I first started my blog, I really wish I had known some of these things. I really hope that this communication is able to assist supply you with some new ideas.

This summary will focus on:

  • Hosting websites
  • Starting a blog
  • Internet marketing through affiliates
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Research on various keywords
  • Promotion of material on the web
  • WordPress

All of this is to ensure that you’d be able to generate a greater amount of money from blogging over the next three months. This post contains all of the information that you will want in order to earn money blogging in the current year.



I will not provide you with a list of options that are not apparent, such as affiliate marketing and advertising, sponsored blog posts, online programs, or marketing.

Instead, we will concentrate on your blog as well as how to develop it as a company by discovering your talents and audience, selecting your topic, increasing your content, and discovering how to generate more than $1,000 per month from your blog in three months.

You will also receive an additional guide that details seven other strategies to monetize your blog, which you may refer to at a later time.

Let’s begin with the launch of your brand-new and very profitable blog!

2. The Essential Components of a Genuinely Successful Blog

Before you do anything else, you should become familiar with the fundamentals of running a good blog. The first thing you need to do is choose a hosting service for your blog.

Web hosting that is dependable.

What exactly is web hosting, then? Imagine that you are using a digital version of a smartphone with internet access. It comes with a variety of applications and storage space, so you can keep things like images, documents, and programs. Web hosting is simply like a smartphone. It provides you with some storage space on the net on a powerful server and enables you to install applications that will allow you to establish a blog, a website for your company, or even an online shop.

There are several web hosting companies that are reliable. The pricing and the features are often the primary differentiating factors (well just like in a smartphone). The vast majority of them give away free (domain names) web addresses, but a few of them also give out various extra benefits. They often alter both the deals and the campaign that they are doing. Examine each one of them to see which one offers the most features at the most reasonable cost. The following are a few of the most common (in order to operate a blog, you may choose the most affordable plan). It is in excess of what is required).

If you are working with a limited budget, consider:

  • DreamHost.
  • SiteGround has the greatest customer service.
  • BlueHost, which offers the most features

Bloggers will find the most useful tools on BlueHost’s hosting platform. It is highly recommended that you look into using this host if you are seeking power as well as a comprehensive selection of tools. Bluehost is perhaps best recognized for being the web host that is recommended the most for use with WordPress; hence, it is also a formidable competitor for bloggers. Because WordPress is the most widely used blogging system on the planet, its suggestions hold a significant amount of weight.

The prices for DreamHost’s various blog hosting packages are among the most competitive in the industry. Because of its affordable pricing options, DreamHost is an excellent choice for bloggers who are planning their finances for the long run. DreamHost is the preferred WordPress host that comes in at number two.

SiteGround’s customer service is where the company really excels. Even as you visit the SiteGround website, it is evident that there is a great emphasis on being a complete novice and encouraging its users. This is something that is evident even as you explore the SiteGround website. In addition to its emphasis on user-friendliness, SiteGround also offers a comprehensive selection of help alternatives, including around-the-clock phone and chat support assistance. Another highly-rated WordPress server is SiteGround, which comes in at number three.


Seek expert web hosting is something I highly recommend, and in my experience, Bluehost is the best option available. It is a web host that is suggested by WordPress itself, and it offers numerous tools that you can use to perform everything you want. DreamHost and SiteGround are two other excellent hosting choices. Since they are all almost as quick as one another, the disparity in speeds is negligible. SiteGround is the most costly option, but it is also the quickest.

Best website hosting is not prohibitively costly (starting at $2.95 per month), but it will provide you full control over your blog and allow you to do whatever you choose with it.

Because, as I said, they each have their own unique offer, you need to investigate each one to determine which has the most appealing promotion or deal.

Good blogging system

To be honest, there isn’t much that can be said about this. WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS) available, and it is also completely free. You can install it on any web host since they all allow it, and many of them provide a simple one-click installation process.


Strategic approaches to expand and increase revenue

Now comes the most difficult portion of the piece, which will also need the most time spent on it. You will need to perform the following in order to launch a profitable blog and get started generating money:

  • Make a list of all of your qualifications and areas of expertise.
  • Find the appropriate target audience.
  • Find a market segment that corresponds to your abilities.
  • Create a blog with some content, and then start generating money with it.

Let’s figure out how to complete everything.

3. Do Your Homework to Ensure You Pick the Right Niche

There is a reason why 95 percent of blog writers failed, and it’s probably not for the reason that you imagined it was in the past.

There is a widespread misunderstanding that blog owners failed because they aren’t “passionate enough” about their work. They tell you to “keep pushing while you’re failing.”

Google “why do bloggers fail”. You will receive the exact same reaction, which is that bloggers are unsuccessful because they require more enthusiasm. I don’t believe it.

The real reason why blog owners failed is that their businesses, like any other company, cease functioning when they are not making money. Additionally, your blog functions as a business. If that were the case, you probably wouldn’t be interested in learning how to make money blogging.

Consider, for instance, some of my pastimes. I like a wide variety of activities, including mountain biking, traveling, scuba diving, trekking in the highlands, flying drones, and many more.

On the other hand, if I were to write an infinite number of pieces on each of these topics and did not get any compensation for my efforts, I would experience constant burnout.

Old bloggers are merely new bloggers who have been blogging for a long time but do not know how to generate money from their writing since the blogging landscape was different when they began.

In any creative electronic field, whether it’s video, internet development, design, digital imaging, or copywriting – there are experts as well as beginners who do not even know much about how to gain cash blogging. Examples of these fields include video, internet development, design, digital photography, and copywriting.

Because the bulk of blog owners begin their sites as beginners by writing about their interests and then seek to teach themselves everything else afterward, they are doomed to fail.

In addition to being out of date, blogging guidelines encourage a generic approach as a means of exposing your blog to a greater number of potential visitors inside the target market. It is NOT the case that blog authors are doomed to failure because of a lack of passion.

Bloggers are unsuccessful not because they lack love for their work but rather because they are unable to turn their blog into such a profitable company.

Then, when they try to figure out how to earn money blogging, they choose unprofitable themes that appeal to audiences with little value. New blog owners often fail to make the most of networking opportunities and contacts that may be strategically beneficial to them.

In addition to this, they do not have sufficient interest in their industry to expand the traffic on their website. I hope that everything works out nicely for you.

It is important to select a topic for your blog that is not focused on your own interests, but rather on the following three aspects of running a business:

  • Specialist in expenditure plans for the target
  • market’s ability to leverage
  • Market need

What are your areas of expertise?

Finding something to write a blog post on is one of the most challenging tasks. Blogging is a fantastic activity that has the potential to completely transform your life. The majority of new bloggers struggle with the same issue in the beginning stages of their blogging careers, which is “how to pick a subject or niche for just a blog, where would I start?”

Ask yourself,

  • “What are you really excited about in life?”
  • In what areas do you have the majority of your experience?

Some of the possible concepts are as follows:

  1. your interests outside of work, such as cooking, traveling, working out, etc. What kinds of things do you like to do in your spare time?
  2. You may find employment in fields such as economics, engineering, or one of the many others. People are quite interested in learning about your experience.
  3. Your municipality or nation. Share with others some information about the town/country you call home. What to do, where to see, and where to eat are covered in this guide.
  4. Lifestyle. Share all of your expertise with others.
  5. Do you enjoy sports? Hiking? Fishing?

If you are a professional in the future in some field, you probably have a clientele that you regularly deal with, calls from local meet-up groups, and maybe even understanding influencers who you have worked with in the past and been pleased with.

If you are able to take advantage of each and stay in contact with them in the future, you will be able to discover how to make cash blogging, which will allow you to speed up the growth of your profitable site.

Ask yourself,

  • “What do I bring to the table as a specialist?”
  • What kind of connections do I have in my field?
  • Can I immediately write about this event on my blog?

Do: Make a list of all of your qualifications and areas of expertise.

Budget for the Possible Target Audience

In order to provide a decent product on your website, you will first need to address some of the pain points that your target market is experiencing. People like reading about possible answers to the challenges they face.

As a blogger, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by your audience in order to provide one of the most attractive solutions.

You should start by looking at certain nooks and crannies where you belong. Your expertise in the domain name field will be much more readily apparent in this way.

Do not make the assumption that when you have already gained that knowledge, all you need to do is open a standard checklist of one hundred specific niches and choose the one that you liked the most. If you want to discover how to earn a profit blogging, you need to conduct additional research.

Which of these factors is the most important to consider when choosing the focus of your successful blog? How much money do people in your target market have available to spend? Let’s say you’ve decided to start a blog site geared specifically on the interior design of homes.

The topics you cover in your blog could attract a wide variety of visitors. Visitors to the website may include professional interior designers, students at educational institutions, and stay-at-home parents who are looking for ideas to decorate their homes.

To get started earning money from this specific specialized market, you would need to establish a new blog and then move your existing customers through the following stages of the sales funnel:

  • At first, you would use articles to attract a certain demographic of customers.
  • To increase the number of people that sign up for your email list, you may create a “free product offer.”
  • You might begin to make use of affiliate marketing in an effort to advertise home decorating and other products.
  • You would provide a $500 online training course to the people who subscribe to your email list, and the subject would be “10 Layout Tips for the Revolutionary Residence.”

There is nothing wrong with this technique; in fact, it is what the vast majority of successful blog writers do. Additionally, it will provide passive income; but, you will have to wait a number of years to create your target market rather than figuring out how to make money blogging right now.

Were there opportunities to make money from this audience? Students at a university, people living at home, and even a few professionals making a regular wage?

Here is the key to the puzzle. If you alter just one term inside your unique area, you will be able to increase the potential revenue of your blog by a factor of one hundred. You could rephrase this as “office design” rather than “home design.” Let me describe.

By adding a B2B component, you have not only shifted your readership away from low-income people and toward companies, but you have also increased the revenue potential of your blog by a factor of one hundred. This is how to earn a profit blogging, and it’s very good money.

Think about it by carrying out the following. If you advertise to large businesses rather than to individual customers, you have a better chance of turning a profit for a few different reasons.

The very first advantage is that enterprises and businesses have more dollars available, and the second advantage is that none of it is going out of their very own wallets.

The allure of this strategy is in the fact that your blog introduction, content strategy, and sales channel are practically the same for both the B2C “home design” and also the B2B “office design” particular niches. This is a significant advantage.

Here’s the nice thing about figuring out how to make money blogging in this manner: whereas the monetization of your B2C “home design” site stopped at a $300 course, the B2B “office design” niche does not just stop there.

As soon as people get familiar with your professional brand, they will refer to you as a B2B design expert. Because of this consequence, your pricing for the project or tasks might go from a $20 affiliate provision or a $500 course to a $5,000/month repeated consulting cost. This is a significant increase.

It is not enough to just understand the discomfort elements of your audience. Your audience has to be in a successful B2B specialized niche in addition to paying on a month-to-month recurring basis for you to be able to increase your revenue by a factor of one hundred. Using this strategy, I have no doubt that you will be able to generate $1,000 per month with a brand-new site within the first three months.

Do: Create a list of profitable demographics to whom you can give something of value.

Before you start wondering how to earn money blogging, the first thing you need to do is select a profitable audience to whom you can give value. The second step is to determine the potential strategic advantages you may have over others.

When you are just starting out, you may not have many other excellent connections or you could not have very many of them. You may ask yourself, “Why would someone want to work with me?” and give some thought to the answer. Making use of your previous experience is a huge help.

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Make Use of Your Abilities to Determine the Topic of Your Blog.

Before you get started, you need to perform some solid research on keywords to determine whether or not there is interest in the topics that you may write about and whether or not it is viable to make money off of those topics.

After you have finished compiling a list of your abilities and interests, you should choose certain niches and then think of both the top ten keywords to target in your marketing efforts.


Next, examine the keywords and do an even more in-depth study by using the keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest or, even better, Mangools.

These tools will assist you in doing useful research, which is necessary for the production of high-quality material and will also teach you how to profit from blogging.

When doing research on keywords, there are a few things to keep in mind. Check the search volumes of your most popular keywords; if they are more than 5000, this indicates that there is a significant amount of interest in the corresponding subjects.

Let’s look at some keywords related to “office design”:


It receives more than 6600 searches each and every month. This is a specialized area that attracts attention! You’ll also see that the term “office design for home” is now popular and has even more people searching for it. That should not come as a surprise.

After that, take into account the complexity score of each term. This is a score between 0 and 100 that demonstrates how challenging it will be to get a high rank on Google’s search results page for the search term.

If the difficulty score of your keywords is 50 or higher or higher, the level of competition may be considerable; thus, asking here how to earn money blogging during your initial years of blogging is not even a very wise thing to do.

Aim for target keyword phrases that have a large number of month-to-month searches but a difficulty score that is as low as feasible in order to increase the amount of web traffic you get while decreasing the amount of competition you face.

There have been 9900 searches for “office design for the house,” and it has a complexity score of 38. This is wonderful! However, keep in mind that business-to-business should be your primary concern.

Your new blog will launch with a domain authority (DA) of zero, which means that Google will not display your articles higher in search results until you have shown that you are an authoritative figure in your field.

Acquiring backlinks is the method through which this may be accomplished (we will talk about it later). First, we need to choose some keywords that have a low level of competition so that we may go on to figuring out how to make money blogging.

As I went down the page, I saw a few B2B keywords that had extremely low difficulty scores:


Nevertheless, it is a good sign if you come across a website on the first page that has a domain authority (DR) of less than 50. This means that you have the potential to outrank the website in question by producing superior content.

In conclusion, while searching for the demands of your blog’s market, seek keywords that include:

  • Numerous searches on a monthly basis
  • A keyword with a difficulty score of less than 50
  • Competitors whose DR is less than 50

For doing keyword research, you may make use of either Ubersuggest or Mangools, as I’ve said previously. Additionally, Mangools provides comprehensive tools for analyzing backlinks and competitors, each with additional depth of information.

You will be able to locate better keywords, study the competition, and figure out how to make money blogging even more quickly with the assistance of this.

Make sure that you choose your unique specialty based on the potential of your target market, your budget, and the demand in the industry.

Make sure there is the potential to one hundred times your income by switching your audience to business-to-business. Additionally, you should check to see if the market has a need for your expertise.

Money doesn’t make people enthusiastic; money makes them enthusiastic in the long run.

Do: Conduct research on relevant keywords, and choose a specialized market.

4. Create your own blog and post three times.

Now is the moment to launch your wildly successful blog and educate yourself on how to monetize your site. Is getting started a challenging process? How difficult was it for you to sign up for a Facebook account, add some images, and start posting on the site?

If not, then beginning a blog should not present you with any difficulties at all. WordPress offers a lot of functionalities that are quite comparable, so you will pick it up very quickly.

However, before you can install WordPress, you need a location on your web server where you can install it, right? This kind of location is often referred to as web hosting. You will be able to put all of the website files on this portion of the server, which is available to you for rent.

There are a lot of different web servers out there, but if you ask me, Bluehost is the one you should go with. Bluehost is a solid web hosting service that comes at a reasonable cost. You will also get a free CDN and a free SSL certificate in addition to a free domain name for a whole year. Which is a wonderful thing. AND since WordPress is already pre-installed, you don’t need any knowledge of programming to use it! You can’t go wrong with Bluehost, which has been officially suggested by WordPress since 2005, so don’t even bother looking elsewhere. Proceed immediately to sign up. It is not difficult to get started.

Do: Register with a website hosting provider or a blogging platform.

Your brand new version of WordPress will come with a theme that is considered to be the default. It is OK for use on a blog, but not in a professional setting. On ThemeForest, you’ll be able to locate a wide variety of superior themes suitable for your specific market. There are several that are free, while others need payment.

Before you install it, check to see whether it is quick to load and optimized for search engines (you should be able to find this information in the theme description), so that you may concentrate more on how to earn money blogging rather than how to optimize the load time and search engine rankings.

Nobody likes reading sluggish blogs, and search engine optimization is essential for good rankings on Google. You don’t need to look for a theme if you use Publisher since it already comes with one.


The publisher is a fantastic choice for websites belonging to both personal blogs and commercial enterprises since it is quick, user-friendly, and optimized for search engine rankings (SEO). Because it is a premium theme, there is a tiny fee associated with it; nonetheless, it is well worth the investment.

Find a theme that loads quickly and is optimized for search engines.

Now that you have a web server, have installed WordPress, and have chosen a theme, the next step is to develop some basic pages such as “about” and “contact,” after which you will be ready to publish anywhere from three to five articles. Make it a goal to publish more than 2,000 words for each post you publish.


The “best” guidelines and the “how-to” guides are the two most important types of monetizable keyword phrases. These two primary categories of keyword phrases generate the greatest money from affiliate marketing. [Cross-referenced with]

When it comes to the “best” list postings, the following applies:

  • This might refer to the “finest travel insurance” or the “finest travel bag” in the context of traveling.
  • If we’re talking about finances, we might call it the “best savings account” or the “best Roth IRA.”
  • For example, in the field of technology, “greatest Virtual Reality headset” or “finest PS5 exclusives.”
  • When individuals are searching for anything that is “perfect,” they are looking for long-form overviews produced by blog owners that advise certain goods. These overviews are helpful. A good number of them will provide top-notch affiliate programs that you may sign up for and then promote.

In the context of “how-to” manuals, the following examples are possible:

  • How to really create a website for marketing purposes.
  • How to make improvements to your kitchen as part of your way of life.
  • Regarding health, the best way to clear up acne.
  • These in-depth courses are filled with rich content and come in the form of how-to manuals. These are also useful for adding connections to affiliate programs.

Do: Create at least three posts that are above two thousand words each.

5. Having a Good Position on Google

You won’t be able to begin learning how to make money from blogging if no one can discover your site in the first place… You need to provide your primary attention to the ranking of your blog on Google.

Building influence is the first step you need to do if you want your blog to become really successful.

And if you want to become an authority in your field, you need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and make unprecedented use of your contacts, professional experience, and everything else you have available to you.

You will also be doing a significant amount of outreach in order to develop new connections.

Outreach entails entering into organized collaborations in order to publish guest blog pieces on reputable websites that are relevant to your particular topic.

These postings will provide you with backlinks for SEO that are very relevant and have a high Domain Authority (DA). SEO is one of the most effective ways to move up in the Google search results.

Google processes 3.5 billion search queries every single day, which is equivalent to over 40,000 per second. There is a substantial amount of online traffic for everyone to share.

There are several productive strategies to develop connections to your blog, including the following:

Post a guest blog entry on a website that is relevant to your field. For example, if you’re an office designer, you should look for websites that sell office supplies like coffee makers and fruit baskets. You and they are operating in the same field but are not direct rivals. Google the names of these websites (check their DA so it is over 50).

It is preferable to have one backlink from a website with a high DA rather than ten backlinks from a website with a low DA. For this sort of analysis, I use Ubersuggest and Mangools, as I’ve said in a previous sentence. Get in touch with them and ask if they would want you to contribute a post to their website; in return, they will provide a link to your page.

Link sharing is another effective strategy for building backlinks to your website. You may contact such websites, just as in the preceding phase, but this time you should inquire about the possibility of exchanging connections with them. They have a connection to you, and in turn, you have a link to them. Since you are aware that their website has a higher juice strength and DA, they may request payment from you. Whether or whether you choose to carry it out is entirely up to you.

Construct a software that can be installed on your website and will be of great assistance in concentrating on ways to earn money blogging, and then install the application. Installable calculators are available for a wide variety of purposes, including pregnancy, loans, and calorie counting. If people enjoy what they see on your website, they will bookmark it and maybe link to it. It’s possible that this will spread online.

When you initially start a blog, you should focus on doing these things during the first one to two months. Establishing links (not writing content about your passion). Until you can begin ranking well and getting a lot of traffic, your blog has to have decent domain authority.

You will also have to optimize each article if you want to achieve high rankings, which involves including relevant keywords in the post’s title, body content, and other relevant locations. This is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (or, to be more precise, “on-page” SEO; “off-page” SEO refers to the process of establishing backlinks).


There are common plugins (little add-ons) that may assist you with this task, including the following:

Pick one of these at random. They are all free to use, but you also have the option to upgrade to a premium version. The premium versions of the other two services only provide some of the features that are available in Rankmath’s free edition. I subscribe to the  RankMath also but not the premium one and is working perfectly.

Do: Start building backlinks to your site.

6. Proceed to Earn Money 

For instance, it would be counterproductive to plaster your fresh new blog with ads right away.

For those kinds of ads to be financially viable, you need hundreds and thousands of viewers per month. To start making money from your blog, follow these instructions.

Also, it’s not a good idea to start doing affiliate marketing straight immediately and flooding your site with links. Affiliate marketing may be lucrative, but it may take a large volume of visits before any sales are made.

Even if you can make money blogging in the long run via things like online courses, advertising revenue, affiliate sales, and physical products, you still need to work on increasing your site’s authority and link popularity before you can start earning money.

If your hard work has paid off and you’re seeing a rise in traffic and rankings for low-competition keywords, affiliate networks will welcome you with open arms.


To address the topic of how to earn money blogging, I recommend focusing on affiliate marketing.

If you look at the most profitable and popular sites, you will see that almost all of them excel in affiliate marketing. Also, if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need to have a high Google page rank for your target keywords.

Just what will happen if I do a search on Google for “best laptops”?

We find affiliate blog sites like TechRadar and Laptops Mag near the top of the list. When we open Laptop Magazine, what do we find? A listing message with affiliate links to suggested purchases.

The “View” icon on the product description is an affiliate link that takes the visitor to the product page on HP or Dell.com.

Each sale made via that affiliate link generates a commission. Is there a way to monetize a blog? In this case, the solution lies in the use of affiliate links.

Considering that the term “best laptops” receives over 112,000 monthly searches, you can imagine the profits generated by their affiliate program.

It’s best to broaden your search. Have our Google searches turned up anything particularly interesting?

No specific product brand dominates the search engine results for these phrases. On the first page, neither HP nor Dell appeared; instead, affiliate blogs dominated the results. How come?

When looking for the “perfect” product, consumers prefer to read blog evaluations over official company sites. They are not in a buying mood.

They want to see how things pan out over time before committing to a purchase, and they want to do so while weighing all of their options.

Many popular blogs generate substantial incomes with this method. They are on the lookout for genuine peacemakers.

Visitors are attracted to their sites because of the traffic they get from Google, the suggestions they are given, and the affiliate links to which they are directed.

Here are some of the most well-known affiliate programs:

Do: Sign up for Affiliate Programs

Get started now by joining the network and linking to the goods and services of the businesses you admire.

Is there a way to monetize a blog? Wealthy bloggers have found several methods to monetize their sites.

Successful bloggers may make seven figures annually, while less popular ones may not make even that (because they write about their passion and do not think like a business owner).

Getting $1,000 monthly in recurring earnings within a year is a goal that many bloggers will tell you about.


So, monetize your blog immediately! You had already determined the focus of your blog, established a schedule for monetization and contracted out the writing. It’s time to find out how much money you can make blogging in a span of three months.

Additional Methods to Make Money

If you already have a profitable affiliate site that brings in money, here are seven more strategies that may help you learn how to make money blogging. You can utilize these methods after you have established your successful affiliate blog. You may establish a new revenue stream by

1. eBook

Although creating an online course is a terrific method to make money blogging, you also can share your experiences and sell digital products based on what you already know. Both of these options are available to you. I absolutely believe that every one of us has a special set of life experiences to share with others, which means that anybody is capable of becoming a teacher.

Your eBook has the potential to be an excellent technique for accomplishing this goal. You are also able to publish a book without incurring any costs. You are a blogger, which means you have a desire and like sharing it with others; hence, you should publish that book that you are certain your audience will enjoy.

2. Advertising

Before they were ever able to publish their first article, some successful bloggers set up their blogs and began trying to install Google Adsense everywhere on their sites, even on every post. This was done before the bloggers were even able to publish their first posts.

I believe that if you have many millions of readers, this is an excellent approach to generate money; nevertheless, I do not believe it is the greatest option.

I would advise you to hold off on installing display adverts on your blog until you have had huge numbers of visits before doing so. You don’t want to either overcrowd your design or distract people from your blog what someone has to offer the people that read it, so strike a balance between the two.

How to earn money blogging? Increasing the number of visitors to your website is hands down the most effective strategy for monetizing a successful blog. Pageviews are the key to success in this endeavor. The more individuals who visit your blog site, as more and more of your advertisements they will see.

Another approach to providing advertisements, and one that I really like doing, is to make available ad space to other blog authors or online retailers. Due to the fact that display screen advertisements often have incredibly poor returns, you also have a greater chance of generating money with this method.

3. Shopping Website

Why not do more and attempt to monetize it with items you knew your audience would love now that you’ve established a foundation of followers and readers? Many successful bloggers launch their own online stores and sell a variety of products.

Etsy, in my opinion, is a fantastic platform on which one can either set up an online storefront or e-commerce on their own domain in order to sell tangible goods.

4. Advertising on Social Networking Sites

A significant number of blog writers who are already successful are of the opinion that the most effective way to monetize a blog is to include sponsored material or reviews into it. Additionally, it is an excellent method for generating income.

You may also earn money by marketing brand items on your own social media channels, such as Instagram, TikTok, or any of the other platforms available.

My advice is to ensure the product, software, or service you want to advertise is one that you genuinely use and like using before you promote it to other people. It is quite simple to recognize when a person advertising a product does not have a genuine interest in the item they are selling themselves.

Therefore, you should only share and promote things that you personally use, like, and have faith in.

5. Webinars

I like webinars. I really can’t get enough of it and have to force myself to quit doing it. I like attending webinars and online courses given by bloggers.

In most cases, this allows for an hour (sometimes even a little bit longer), which is great if you want to chat about a lot of different things, but if you want to offer a lot of stuff, it could be a better idea to release part 2 instead and discuss another day.

The time spent instructing on a certain topic might vary in duration based not just on the content but also on the cost.

If being life or staying in front of the camera makes you uncomfortable, you may instead host a subscription site, record the material ahead of time, and charge people on a recurring basis for access to your online instruction.

You may create a private internet forum or subscriber section for people to use in order for them to ask questions or get comments.

Blogging is one of the ways that one may generate money online. When it comes to building seminars or a location on the internet where folks can obtain assistance, there are several options available.

Webinars are fantastic because they allow you to interact in real-time with people who frequent your popular blog site, which is one of the reasons I like participating in them so much.

If you want to perform these for free, you can, but if you want to get into a lot of information, you can charge them for a webinar or you can add an offer at the end. The fact that webinars may be organized at a low cost or at no cost at all is one of their most attractive features.

You may start by creating slides in PowerPoint, and then proceed to go live by using Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or a professional software program such as GetResponse.

For the live broadcast video, you are going to require several applications for web hosting. GetResponse is a service that I employ for this, as well as for a great lot of other things, and I highly recommend using it. Because it is included in my email client at no additional cost to you, there is no reason not to make advantage of it.

6. Virtual Support

As a blogger, it’s probable that you have a solid understanding of marketing on social networks, creating engaging posts, Google Analytics, search engine optimization, and managing your email inbox.

Some of the most popular blog authors need assistance with the majority of all of the process. You have the potential to be of great assistance to them, provide solutions to the challenges they have, and instruct them on how to advance the development of their site or how to earn money blogging.

My recommendation is to spread the word by word of mouth (many blog authors are on the hunt for virtual personal assistants or assistance), in addition to creating a “hire me” page on your blog’s website. Make it as simple as possible to find and get in touch with other people.

7. Freelance

My opinion is that bloggers usually fail to recognize the unique abilities they possess and the fact that they can provide those abilities to businesses that have a need for them. Composing, creating, checking, and photographing are just examples of these potential activities.

There are a lot of excellent blog writers out there that can work with businesses on an individualized basis and demand amazing rates in exchange. You may also consider working as a social media network consultant on an independent basis. The possibilities are vast and, in a sense, almost limitless here.

As the last point, I just want to add that I think it’s absolutely fantastic for people who write blogs to figure out how to make money blogging and earn a decent living from it. Since you put a lot of work and time into maintaining your successful site, you should be compensated for your efforts.

Your site consistently delivers information that satisfies our need to like, trust, and comprehend the individuals we buy from, and this is one reason why we make purchases.

7. Prior to beginning this blog, I really wish I had understood THIS.

1. New Customers Who Have Opted In

It is imperative that you establish a newsletter for your widely read site, regardless of whether or not you want to monetize it. This is the most efficient strategy for maintaining communication with your audience members. You might be curious about the best ways to monetize your newsletter via your blog.


Consequently, I think you can utilize your email to suggest ideas, share information, and even construct an automated sales funnel for yourself. Nevertheless, the production of leads takes some time; hence, it is preferable to provide sign-up alternatives on your website as soon as is practically possible.

With the help of GetResponse’s email marketing platform, I collect leads and disseminate newsletters. Because it is cost-free for up to 500 followers, it is an excellent choice for beginner bloggers. It is far more affordable than its competitors, which is the primary reason why I choose to use it rather than any other email program.

It also includes a number of extra capabilities, such as automation, webinars, an ad builder, pages, and conversion funnels, among other things.

It is conceivable to include links to affiliate programs in your email message. It is against the rules of many of the most popular email programs, and some of them may even prevent you from doing it. Having said that, this is really important for bloggers.

2. On the same domain, you should not establish both a blog and an online retail business.

When I was trying to figure out how to make money blogging by selling my one-of-a-kind goods, I made the mistake of installing woocommerce on the same domain as my website. Woocommerce is a plugin for WordPress that enables websites to function as online shops.

Due to the fact that you would be sharing DA, it is beneficial for SEO; nevertheless, the addition of e-commerce also added more load time to my website, which made it substantially slower. If it takes more than five seconds for your website to load, you may lose up to half of your visitors. Conversely, a download that takes just one-second results in a loss of ten percent of visitors.

In this scenario, one of the options that you might consider is installing your online store under a subdomain, such as shop.yourblog.com. Both your blog and your online store will be on distinct websites that share the same domain name. In addition to this, you will have two unique WordPress installations, giving you the flexibility to use a variety of different themes.

The fact that Google regards the subdomains as a distinct sites and does not allow it to share its DA with the domain is detrimental to the website’s search engine optimization (SEO). E-commerce may also be set up on a different domain if you so want.

I really hope that this article has shed some light on how one might generate money via blogging. Just a fast summary of what you need to get done, followed by frequently asked questions:

A blog powered by WordPress; Bluehost can assist you in getting started with it.

You are required to promote a minimum of three posts.

Finish all of the web pages, such as “About” and “Contact,” and so on. Make use of email marketing platforms like GetResponse in order to collect leads in your toolbar, articles, and while users are leaving your site.

Affiliate networks such as Awin, Skimlinks, ShareASale, and CJ are among several that I am a member of.


Watch this video also, it will give you more insight into how to build a successful blog.

Questions and Answers About How to Make Money Blogging

Is it challenging to create one’s own personal blog?

Everything is dependent on the web host that you choose as well as the amount of your technological competence. You should have no issue beginning your own blog if you are able to modify your avatar on Facebook, as well as write some posts and take some images.

Do you think that it’s possible to make money via blogging?

Yes, also for a substantial sum of cash. While some bloggers may not make a single dollar from their writing, other site owners may earn seven figures annually from their work. If you want to make a living off of blogging, you need to adopt the mindset of a business owner and implement this strategy.

How much time will pass before we start seeing monetary gains?

Within two to three months, you ought to be able to experience the early results. Spending more time on something might speed up the process of getting the first results.

Should I go ahead and establish a corporation?

You in no way fulfill this requirement. On the other hand, if you start making a significant amount of money, creating a company might provide you with some tax advantages.

How much money can a blogger make?

There is 38 percent of bloggers make less than $10 per day from their writing.

11 percent of blog posts bring between $10 and $99 in revenue for the blogger.

Each month, around $100 and $499 is the amount that 17% of bloggers earn.

7 percent of bloggers earn between $500 and $999 each month from their writing.

9 percent of bloggers earn between $1,000 and $9,999 annually from their writing.

Only three percent of bloggers earn more than $10,000 annually from their writing.

Who are the most successful bloggers in terms of wealth?

Arianna Huffington brings on an annual income of $250 million.

Peter Rojas brings in a yearly salary of $500,000.

Rand Fishkin brings home an annual salary of $3.5 million.

Pete Cashmore brings in an annual income of $30 million.

Michael Arrington brings home an annual salary of $2.3 million.

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