Highly Recommended Versions of the Best Routers for Apple Devices 2022

Best Routers for Apple Devices

Best Routers for Apple Devices: The router that is most suitable for use with Apple devices(Best Routers for Apple Devices) is the one that is compatible with both the macOS and iOS operating systems. Many of them are simply the finest router since they are compatible with all operating systems, regardless of which one you use. This makes them quite convenient.

They are constructed using high-quality components, which contribute to their sturdiness and longevity. They can handle internet rates of up to one gigabit per second, which means that you may maintain a speedier connection for a longer period of time.

People who use Apple goods on a regular basis and want to get the most out of the internet connection on their devices may consider purchasing Best Routers for Apple Devices since it has a streamlined design, delivers optimal performance, and is straightforward to set up initially.

However, many of the routers that are designed for use with Apple devices are more costly than other routers that do not support AC Wi-Fi technology. As a result, those who are looking for a cheap option should not consider purchasing one of these routers.

Continue reading our shopping guide for more information on routers that are compatible with Apple devices.

The Best Routers for Apple Devices

#1. NAS Router from NETGEAR Model Number RBK852-100

Best Routers for Apple Devices: Orbi RBK852

WHY WE LIKE IT: As one of the Best Routers for Apple Devices, This model offers an exceptional wireless range as well as Gigabit speeds for consumers that want a steady signal across their whole home with no bandwidth spikes or dead zones. Additionally, this model supports multiple simultaneous connections and provides various Ethernet ports for users to connect their devices.

  • Easy setup
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  • There are four ports for Ethernet.
  • Sub-par web app

Users who are looking for a router with an extensive Wi-Fi range and high-quality network optimization can consider purchasing the NETGEAR RBK852-100NAS model. The tri-band Wi-Fi and two high-speed 5GHz signals that come included with this model make it ideal for streaming high-definition video or playing online games.

In addition, this model offers a slower 2.4GHz band for connecting with smart homes and equipment such as printers and network bridges.

Users will adore the specialized Orbi app for monitoring their network and setting parental controls, despite the fact that the web interface isn’t particularly responsive.

The NETGEAR RBK852-100NAS router offers a user-friendly way to a robust mesh network, in addition to having a strong wireless range and optimizing the network. This model has a coverage area of up to 5000 square feet and can offer up to 6 Gigabits per second via Wi-Fi.

In addition, users will enjoy the Orbi app since it provides access to powerful network capabilities such as device priority, Smart Parental Controls, and network monitoring. Last but not least, every node in the mesh network that this architecture creates is equipped with four gigabit Ethernet connections.

#2. Router made by ASUS, model CMAX6000

Best Routers for Apple Devices: Asus CMAX6000

WHY WE LIKE IT: As one of the Best Routers for Apple Devices, Because it adheres to the most recent standard for Wi-Fi, this model offers consumers a wide variety of connection choices in addition to high-quality surfing speeds. Users will like the network priority option as well as the multi-frequency connection, both of which make it simple to get lag-free gameplay and streaming.

  • Impressive speed
  • Combo unit
  • connection on both bands at once
  • No separate mobile app

Users who want a sleek and contemporary solution for high-speed internet across their whole home will find that the ASUS CMAX6000 router is an appealing alternative to consider.

This modem-router combination has a more immaculate appearance than multi-unit internet configurations, and the incorporated Wi-Fi antenna makes it possible for the device to fit in areas that would otherwise be uncomfortable.

Additionally, the current version of the Wi-Fi protocol, known as Wi-Fi 6, is supported by this model, allowing users to take advantage of superior network efficiency even during times of high demand.

Even though there isn’t a mobile app specifically designed for this approach, the web interface provides a straightforward way to exercise control over the network.

The ASUS CMAX6000 router, in addition to having a streamlined design, supports the most recent version of the Wi-Fi protocol and offers extensive coverage that is suitable for homes with many stories or offices of moderate size.

This architecture is capable of delivering up to 6000 Mbps throughout the whole of the network, which enables multi-user households to stream 4K material, participate in online gaming, and do work from home without experiencing any lag or congestion on the network.

Last but not least, this device makes use of effective passive cooling, which allows users to concentrate on their work or play without being disrupted by a noisy fan.

#3. TP-Link Archer AX6000 Router

Best Routers for Apple Devices: TP-Link Archer AX6000 Wi-Fi Router

WHY WE LIKE IT: As one of the Best Routers for Apple Devices, This high-performance device has a powerful wire-free signal as well as several Ethernet connections, making it ideal for either a shared workstation or a gaming-oriented configuration. In addition, this configuration offers improved network efficiency and surpasses the bandwidth constraints of the majority of internet service plans.

  • Multiple viable solutions for network connection
  • The strong central processing unit
  • 8 ports capable of Gigabit Ethernet
  • Restricted software for routers

Users that want next-level functionality for a smart connected home or a home network that is focused on gaming will find that the TP-Link Archer AX6000 router, which offers a gorgeous design, provides up to 6Gbps of data transfer speed.

Users may connect all of their wireless devices to this model since it has an outstanding device capacity, so there is no need for them to worry about overloading the router or experiencing latency as a result of doing so.

Additionally, in order to reduce interference and make the most of the connections that are available, this model makes use of BSS color technology. Users will like the interoperability with TP-Link HomeCare, which makes network security straightforward, despite the restricted functionality of the router’s software.

The TP-Link Archer AX6000 router not only has an exceptional maximum bandwidth but also has a wonderful wireless range. Additionally, it has 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports, which allow users to enjoy excellent speeds for essential video conferences or important gaming sessions.

This device has a strong CPU that reduces the amount of delay experienced by the network and enables several simultaneous connections. In addition, customers will adore the HomeCare app since it offers active parental controls and maintains the security of their networks.

Users are able to set time limits on their devices, provide temporary access to guests, censor websites, and even videos that are accessed via their network with this application.

#4. Amazon eero Pro Router

Best Routers for Apple Devices: Eero Pro 6

WHY WE LIKE IT: As one of the Best Routers for Apple Devices, This remarkable model delivers exceptional wifi speeds and a user-friendly interface for a fast first setup. This model is a favorite of ours since it is so impressive.

In addition, this model offers a tri-band connection, which enables customers to better manage their networks and reduce the frustrating effects of internet slowness and signal losses when they are watching programs online or playing video games.

  • Easy setup
  • Tri-band Wi-Fi
  • Powerful wireless signal coverage


  • The available networking choices are shallow.

Users that want rock-solid functionality with a worry-free setup for most networking expertise levels will find the Amazon eero Pro router to be an excellent option to consider.

This tri-band Wi-Fi gadget has an astonishing wireless range that is large enough for a house with five or more bedrooms, allowing users to carry out operations that need a significant amount of bandwidth even while working from a location such as a basement or attic office.

In addition, this version always has the most recent automatic updates installed, protecting your network and devices from being hacked or infected by viruses. Users will welcome the connectivity with Apple HomeKit, despite the fact that the networking choices do not provide enough depth for experienced users.

The Amazon eero Pro router provides a package that easily suits most spaces owing to its contemporary style and minimum cords. It also has an excellent wireless range and speed. Users are going to like the eero app since it gives them access to extensive choices while just requiring them to touch a few buttons to operate.

Users are able to check the status of their Wi-Fi connection as well as the coverage area. In addition, users have the ability to suspend internet access on their children’s electronic devices, monitor network activity, and create Wi-Fi schedules that ensure users are concentrating on their schoolwork or are in bed at the proper times.

#5. The EA8300 Router from Linksys

Best Routers for Apple Devices: Linksys Max Stream AC2200

WHY WE LIKE IT: This model is perfect for online enjoyment such as playing online games that are competitive or streaming HD video continuously without pauses or lag for long periods of time. This device provides you with complete control over your networking environment in addition to boasting an amazing integrated app and an impressive wireless range.

  • Great smartphone app
  • 2000 sq. ft. range
  • Constraints for Tri-Band Wi-Fi
  • Sub-par stability

Users who require a high-quality internet connection for their home or workplace network will find that the Linksys EA8300 router offers a respectable wireless range in addition to outstanding connectivity choices.

This model has tri-band Wi-Fi, allowing customers to effortlessly optimize their networks by allocating particular devices to the 2.4GHz band or numerous 5GHz bands respectively.

In addition, because of the robust processing power, this model supports more than 20 simultaneous connections without any noticeable latency. Users will like the 2000 square foot range for the ultra-fast 5GHz frequencies, in contrast to the instability of the 2.4GHz band.

The Linksys EA8300 router boasts cutting-edge MU-MIMO technology, in addition to a tri-band connection and an increased wireless range. This allows the router to communicate with several devices without compromising the bandwidth performance of each of those devices individually.

This model makes use of beamforming technology to concentrate internet signals so that they are sent directly to the devices that are connected to your local area network rather than broadcasting a wireless signal that is widely spread.

In addition, users will fall in love with the Linksys App since it enables them to customize parental controls, monitor network activities, and temporarily provide access to the network to guests.

#6. Router NETGEAR R6700-100NAS Storage Area Network

Best Routers for Apple Devices: AC1750 WiFi Router - R6700

WHY WE LIKE IT: As one of the Best Routers for Apple Devices, This model has an exceptional range and support for gigabit internet, which enables users to surf the web or interact with friends in a device-rich home or high-paced workplace environment. In addition, users will like the specialized software that allows them to monitor their own network and fine-tune parental controls.

  • Robust precautionary measures
  • Simple network management
  • Simple preparation at the outset
  • Takes up space; occupying

Best Routers for Apple Devices: For consumers who want high-speed internet for a home or shared office that is between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet in size, the NETGEAR R6700-100NAS router offers up to 1,750 megabits per second (Mbps) through Wi-Fi and up to 1,500 square feet of coverage.

This router makes advantage of dual-band Wi-Fi, which allows for improved network efficiency and more user-friendly device organization by separating connections at 2.4GHz and 5GHz. In addition, the beamforming technology guarantees a reliable wireless connection, even on the outskirts of the service area.

Because of the size of this model, users will require a space that is sufficiently spacious and has enough airflow to prevent the device from being overheated.

In addition to dual-band communication and modulation schemes technology, the NETGEAR R6700-100NAS router has four Gigabit Ethernet ports.

These ports provide a solid wired connection, which is ideal for crucial remote business meetings or professional-level gaming sessions.

This router is capable of supporting up to 25 simultaneous connections over its two frequencies with very little interference and at speeds that have been tuned.

Last but not least, the Nighthawk app streamlines the setup process and gives consumers the ability to start using their high-speed network in under 5 minutes.

Getting Started with Best Routers for Apple Devices: A Guide for Beginners

What exactly does Apple refer to as a Router?

Best Routers for Apple Devices: A router is a piece of hardware that, when used with Apple products, enables many computers and Wi-Fi devices to share a single internet connection while yet maintaining their own identities.

Your computer, your phone, and any other wireless devices may all receive information that has been received from the internet thanks to the router. You may also permit guest access to maintain the confidentiality of your network.

Your electronic devices will have a better connection to the wireless network if you use a wifi router, which can also be utilized to boost the signal quality and performance of a wireless network. Apple devices employ the Wireless AC protocol, and Apple routers have fast AC Wi-Fi wireless speeds.

Apple also developed the Wireless AC protocol. If you currently have an older router, it could be a good idea to replace it if you intend on purchasing a new Apple laptop or phone. This is because newer Apple products need more recent routers.

NETGEAR, which produces the NETGEAR Nighthawk and NETGEAR Armor; Linksys, which produces the Linksys EA7500 dual-band wi-fi router; Amazon, which produces the Amazon Eero mesh router; and TP-Link, which produces the TP-Link Archer AX6000.

All of these manufacturers produce routers that are compatible with Apple products. A good many of them offer a straightforward setup with parental controls, USB ports, and other features in addition to their numerous antennas, which boost the speed at which linked devices can access the internet.

Comparing Best Routers for Apple Devices to Other Types of Routers

Best Routers for Apple Devices: The majority of the time, regular routers and Apple routers don’t vary all that much from one another. This may be seen in our comparative mashup of the Airport Express and the Airport Extreme.

They are responsible for both receiving and sending information over the internet, as well as handling security by blocking communications that seem to be suspect.

The Best Routers for Apple Devices also have typical security features that assist you in maintaining the safety of your network via the configuration of network security settings. This guarantees that the environment of your network is one that can be used by everybody who uses it.

The ideal wireless router for Apple goods is one that is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems, not only those used by Apple. They also feature quicker transmission rates than the old 802.11 wireless standard, which makes them ideal for use as an excellent gaming router for the PlayStation 4.

This is due to the fact that they use Wireless AC technology, which is capable of supporting rates of 1 Gbps. However, your internet service provider could not enable internet speeds of this magnitude. A router that is compatible with Apple products is a highly powerful router.

The vast majority of routers support the 2.4 GHz band, but an increasingly large number of routers also support the 5 GHz spectrum. This represents a significant difference.

You may discover a dual-band router that supports both, which means that if you select the one that is most suitable for your needs, you will be able to achieve exceptional performance, quality of service, and a superior Wi-Fi signal. You may also want to consider looking for a tri-band router or a WiFi mesh system that is compatible with Apple products.

Suppose you subscribe to the gigabit internet service offered by Frontier Fios or another high-speed internet connection. In that case, it is essential to choose the most suitable router for use with your connection. If you decide to acquire a router for Google Fiber, you need to follow the same steps.

How Best Routers for Apple Devices Actually Get the Job Done

Best Routers for Apple Devices: Apple routers are basically computers, therefore their hardware is comparable to that of personal computers. They are equipped with CPUs, software, memory, and the capacity for networking. It is common practice to integrate them with storage devices that are referred to as NAS servers.

The modem serves as the connection between the router and the internet. Since the modem does not let you to connect any devices that are part of it (unless you have a modem-router), the router is used to transport information among both your devices and the Wi-Fi network. Unless you have a modem router, however, you will need to purchase a separate modem.

The purpose of a router is to ensure that all of your electronic devices remain connected to the network in a smooth manner, free from any disconnections, regardless of the amount of traffic on the network.

It sends data to other computers on the network after determining where the data originated, and after doing so, it sends the data to the computer or phone in question by way of your internet service provider.

You’ll find that many of these routers, in addition to having antennae on the inside, also have exterior antennas, which may boost both the maximum speed and the number of feet covered.

This makes streaming content to your smart devices or playing games on them more easily. When you don’t have the best signal, having an ethernet port capable of wired connections that can handle 1 gigabit also helps with maintaining communication.

There are certain routers that do not support AC Wi-Fi, despite the fact that Apple devices need it. If your router does not support this kind of wireless internet, you will need to get an AC Wi-Fi wireless adapter so that you may use it with your mobile device or computer.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing the Best Routers for Apple Devices?

Best Routers for Apple Devices: If you don’t currently have an Apple router but use Apple products, you should consider making an investment in one so that you may benefit from the quickest connection possible and increased coverage.

It is possible that you will need to install the most recent version of your operating system on each of your devices in order to guarantee that they will function correctly and get the highest possible speeds when used in conjunction with your new router.

Is It Worth It to Invest in the Best Routers for Apple Devices?

#1. They provide a very quick connection: To aid in the reduction of network traffic, wireless AC routers may handle rates of up to 1 Gigabit per second. Simply because then they can process your operations rapidly, so enhancing your whole experience, these routers are even better than the best routers for internet connections of 200 Mbps.

#2. They are suitable for use with any computer operating system: They use the 802.11ac protocol, which is compatible with earlier versions of operating systems like as Windows XP and macOS X 10.8 and beyond. Your router will continue to function properly for those who do not use Apple devices, even if they are members of your family or circle of friends.

#3. They are gadgets that support storage: If you use an Apple TV, then this indicates that your router is compatible with the Apple TV. You can enjoy blazing-fast internet on all of your devices without having to worry about whether or not your router can keep up with the demand.

#4. They have a longer lifespan: Because Apple goods often have a longer lifetime than PCs, purchasing an Apple-compatible router is an investment that will be worth the money if you want to guarantee that your Apple devices continue to function without any issues over the whole of their useful lives.

#5. They enable you to utilize voice control in the following ways: If you connect the gadget that you use in your smart home to your router, you will be able to set it to utilize voice commands for all of the other smart home products that you have, which will make your life much simpler and easier.

Best Routers for Apple Devices: Reasons Why an Internet Router Designed for Apple Might Not Be Right for You

#1. They may come at a high cost: They are more expensive than standard routers in comparison. This may or may not be something that you can afford depending on your financial situation and how often you purchase things from Apple.

It’s possible that out of the box, they won’t support all operating systems: In order for your Windows smartphone or laptop to connect to the internet, you will need a high-quality router that is compatible with the 802.11 b/g/n protocols. Although you may connect all of your devices to the same router, you will need to make sure that the wifi settings on each device are configured correctly.

#2. They do not have the same scope of motion: Internet routers designed for Apple devices typically have a range of coverage between 1,500 and 2,459 square feet. This is because the high speeds they offer need a significant amount of electricity. Traditional routers, on the other hand, are readily capable of covering 3,000 to 3,500 square feet.

#3. They are more substantial in size and weight: You don’t want them to take up an excessive amount of room in your house or workplace, so you’ll need to look for an Apple router that’s the right size. You also need to make sure that they are maintained at a safe distance from heavy appliances since this might cause their signal to get garbled.

How Many Years Do Best Routers for Apple Devices Typically Last?

Because of the many things that might shorten the life of your router, it is impossible to provide an accurate estimate of how long it will continue to function. The typical lifespan of a router is up to five years; nevertheless, technology advances at a breakneck pace.

As a result, you should probably consider upgrading your router before it completely stops working, simply because technological improvements need it. This indicates that it is likely to have a longer lifespan than your computer.

It matters much how often you make use of it. If you use your router constantly throughout the day, you will need to replace it more often than if you just use it on occasion.

The router will have a longer lifespan if it is used regularly but not for extended periods of time. This is because there will be fewer possibilities for the various components of the router to experience wear and tear.

The location of your router with respect to other items may also have a significant impact on how long it will survive. Because large home appliances such as televisions and microwaves may cause interference with routers, you may find that you need to move your router farther away from these devices.

How to Pick the Right Best Routers for Apple Devices

Best Routers for Apple Devices: There are a few factors to take into consideration while searching for a router that is compatible with Apple devices.

  • First, begin your search for a router that complies with 802.11 AC or AC3.0 standards.
  • Next, consider how many ports and what kinds of ports your devices could need, both individually and together. You should also think about the computer operating systems you want to support.
  • Last but not least, consider whether or not your location plays a role, as well as how much usage you will get out of your router.

Key Considerations for the Ideal Best Routers for Apple Devices

1. What type of support for wifi needs to be included in my router?

It is necessary for the router to have compatibility with 802.11 AC or above in order for you to be able to connect any Apple devices to it. If you have Windows-based devices or laptops, you need to double-check that the router is compatible with the 802.11 b/g/n protocols.

2. Should I have ports that are wired or wireless?

You need a sufficient number of ports to accommodate all of your devices as well as any networking storage that you may use. In terms of dependability and safety, wired ports are superior to wireless ports; nonetheless, having both types of ports is great since it allows you to connect your devices regardless of whether they are wired or wireless.

You should look for a router that has at least the minimum number of ports required by your Apple products, in addition to several more ports that can handle other devices such as printers and external hard drives.

It is less time-consuming and handier to have fewer wires running through your house or business than it is to constantly swap up your electronic equipment.

If you need to connect many devices, having a greater number of alternatives available to you is beneficial. You should look for a router that includes at least one-gigabit ethernet port so that you may connect to the internet via a direct and dependable connection using an ethernet cable.

3. What kinds of operating systems need to be supported by my router?

In most cases, only Apple operating systems are supported by Apple hardware. Unless the router supports both Mac and Windows operating systems, Windows-based devices are incompatible with routers made by Apple.

There are a lot of routers that are compatible with Apple devices, and most of them support Apple operating systems. However, not all of them support other operating systems, such as Windows.

Find a router that is compatible with Windows and other operating systems if you wish to connect your Windows-based devices, such as laptops.

4. Does it matter where my router is physically located?

If you put your router in a location that is too far away from where you work or play, its signals will suffer. If you’re going to use it for Apple goods, you should position it adjacent to the area where you use those items the most to prevent the signal from being too weak.

Your router should be placed in the middle of the house with a direct line of sight to other parts of the house for optimal access and coverage. This will allow devices in any room to communicate with it.

If you are unable to find an Apple router with a centralized location, you should at least attempt to place it in an area where the signals won’t be interfered with by other electronic devices, such as televisions or microwaves.

You may improve the coverage of your independent router by establishing a mesh network to broaden the range. This will allow the signal to go farther.

You may see a drop in speed; nevertheless, you will be able to connect mobile devices in the distant reaches of your home, which will provide you with more control over your wifi connection, video streaming, and other activities.

5. Does it make a difference in how I operate my wireless router?

If your use of the Internet is erratic, with large intervals in between activities, you will get more use out of your router than if you use it continuously. This is because your router won’t have to work as hard to keep up. If you stream a lot of videos or play a lot of online games, the router you use will wear down much more rapidly as a result of these activities.

Your router will receive greater usage if you work from home or if you have a lot of people staying at your house. The average lifespan of a router designed for use with Apple devices is five years; thus, if you plan to use it often, you should give serious consideration to replacing your existing router with a newer one well in advance of its demise so that you may prevent interruptions in service.

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The Best Routers for Apple Devices Frequent Questions

Why has Apple discontinued production of its AirPort routers?

Their design and technology were not capable of meeting the ever-increasing requirements placed on wireless routers.

The technology that Apple produced eventually got out of the current, and the company decided that it would be a waste of money to continue purchasing and upgrading the out-of-date items they produced.

In the event that you currently own an AirPort router, you may continue to make use of it; however, you will not be able to connect any further Apple devices to it.

The router will continue to work properly for computers running Windows and Mac operating systems, but Apple products won’t be able to connect to it.

Which Best Routers for Apple Devices are compatible with the Wi-Fi 6 standard?

Apple’s AirPort Time Capsule, AirPort Express, and AirPort Extreme are the only routers in the company’s lineup that are compatible with Wi-Fi 6. However, if you have a router that supports WiFi 6, you may connect a wide variety of Apple products to it.

These include the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, the 12-inch MacBook, the iPhone 5s or later versions, and even Apple TVs.

Where can I find out more about Apple’s patented base station features?

Wi-Fi 6 base stations do not have the capability to handle Apple’s other proprietary technologies, like AirPlay 2 and AirDrop, among others.

Because Apple has put a significant amount of money into developing its base station capabilities, the company is very protective of those capabilities.

They are not the run-of-the-mill wireless routers that you can pick up off the shelf; rather, they have individualized configurations that are only compatible with Apple devices.

Best Routers for Apple Devices: What exactly is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is also known as Wi-Fi 802.11ax, and its standard number is 8064. Another name for Wi-Fi 6 is Wi-Fi 802.11ax. It is the most recent iteration of wireless technology, and it is capable of simultaneously connecting up to ten devices at rates that are far quicker than those of earlier iterations.

Best Routers for Apple Devices is one of the manufacturers of routers that are compatible with this standard. If you want your wireless technology to be compatible with Apple’s, you’ll need to make sure the router you purchase for Apple products supports the WiFi 6 standard.

I hope you enjoyed reading through to know the Best Routers for Apple Devices you finally long to get.

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