Do iPads Come With Apple Pen?

Apple Pen

The Apple Pen, which would be a stylus pen with a fine tip is one of the company’s most well-known and best-selling products.

Bluetooth enables it to establish a connection with iPads, and artists and designers often make use of it, nevertheless, do Apple Pens come standard with iPads or must they be purchased separately?

Do iPads Come With Apple Pens Already Installed?

iPads do not come with Apple Pens, you will need to buy one of these accessories separately. The Apple Pens range in price from $99 to $129 and come with their very own charging cable.

It is quite doubtful that future iterations of the iPad will have Apple Pens since both the iPad and the Apple Pen are extremely lucrative items, and some people don’t enjoy using styluses.

The Apple Pen and the iPad are both very helpful tools that may be used in conjunction with one another.

However, the Apple Pen, including generations 1 and 2, is only compatible with certain iterations of the iPad.

Continue reading this article to see how much each Apple Pen costs as well as which iPad models are compatible with Apple Pens.

Is the Purchase of an iPad Accompanied by the Acquisition of an Apple Pen?

Apple Pens are compatible with the vast majority of iPad models. However, there are a few exceptions.

Both items are fairly pricey, and not everyone needs or wants to use a pen like the Apple Pen. Moreover, not everyone can use one.

If Apple offered Apple Pens with each and every iPad sale, the company would suffer a financial loss and the pens themselves would be underutilized.

 Apple Pens are an exceptionally well-liked product, and as a result, the company generates a significant amount of revenue from the sale of these pens.

They stand to lose a potential source of revenue in the event that they begin bundling Apple pens with the procurement of an iPad.

The cost of iPads would also need to go up as a result of this. However, if the price of iPads were to rise, fewer people would buy them, which would result in Apple experiencing a loss of financial revenue.

There is no way to use an Apple Pen with a device that is not made by Apple, In point of fact, Apple pens are incompatible with any device other than iPads.

Even though both the iPhone and the Apple pencil are manufactured by Apple, you cannot use the Apple pencil with your iPhone.

How much does it cost to purchase an Apple Pen?


Here is the picture of an apple Pen on the apple Tab.

Apple Pen

There are two distinct versions of the Apple Pen: the Apple Pen 1st Generation and the Apple Pen 2nd Generation.

The Apple Pen, 1st Generation, may be purchased for $99 USD.

The Apple Pen 2nd Generation may be purchased for $129 dollars.

Each of the Apple Pens comes with a charging case as well as a stylus pen, On the other hand, they each have their own unique characteristics.

Features of the First Generation Apple Pen

  • Charging using a Lightning Cable
  • The Long Shelf-Life of the Battery
  • Easy connection to iPad
  • Sensitivity to both pressure and tilt
  • Imperceptible Lag
  • Ultimate precision

Features of the Apple Pen, Second Generation

  • Charging without wires
  • Easy Pairing
  • iPad-specific magnetic attachment system
  • Double-tap to switch between different kinds of tools.
  • Ultimate Precision
  • Imperceptible Lag
  • Free engraving to your specifications.

Stylus pens that are not made by Apple may be found for a reasonable price, even those that link to your devices through Bluetooth.

Stylus pens with Bluetooth range in price from $10 to $100.

Stylus pens that are not compatible with Bluetooth may be purchased for an even lower price.

Nevertheless, not all Bluetooth stylus pens will be suitable for your devices. Before you buy a Bluetooth stylus pen, check to see whether it is compatible with the devices you want to use it with.

Apple Pens are popular with artists and graphic designers because they are simple to use and come in a variety of colors.

They make it possible for you to design and sketch on your iPad, enabling you to produce incredible works of art, they are, however, only interoperable with a limited number of iPad devices.

Which models of the Apple iPad are suitable for use with the Apple Pen?

iPads from the following generations are compatible with the Apple Pen of the:

  • Generation 6, iPad Mini
  • Generation 4,  iPad Air
  • 2nd Generation: The iPad Mini,
  • Generation 3, and subsequent models start at 12.9 inches.
  • 11-inch models from the 1st generation and after

The following iterations of the iPad are compatible with the Apple Pen of the 1st Generation:

  • The Nineteenth Generation Apple’s iPad,
  • Eighth Generation The iPad
  • Fifth Generation iPad mini
  • The seventh generation is iPad
  • Sixth Generation iPad
  • Third Generation iPad air
  • The first and second generations of the iPad Air iPad Pro with a display measuring 12.9 inches,
  • iPad Pro with a display measuring 10.5″,
  • and iPad Pro with a display measuring 9.7 inches

Tablets That Have a Stylus Pen Already Attached to Them

Other tablets, in contrast to iPads, come packaged with either a stylus or an Apple Pen, while iPads do not.

The following tablets each come with a touchscreen pen, and the majority of them link to the tablet through Bluetooth. This is similar to how Apple pens link to iPads.

Graphic Tablet Manufactured by XENCELABS

The XENCELABS Graphics Tablet comes with a stylus pen as well as a drawing tablet that is 12 inches in size, this allows you to draw on a quick response surface when you do not feel like sketching directly on the tablet itself.

Because it measures 10.33 inches by 5.88 inches, you will have plenty of areas to utilize the complimentary stylus pen that was provided to you.

This tablet can be purchased for approximately $280, which is much less expensive than an iPad.

The Android Tablet With a Dual Role

A stylus pen is included with the purchase of the 2-in-1 Android Tablet, which costs $170.

This iPad also comes with a wireless keyboard and a computer mouse, so you can use this as a laptop.

Even if you are sketching intricate drawings, this tablet will not slow down or freeze up since it is equipped with an Octa-Core CPU, which makes it exceptionally quick and eliminates the possibility of lagging or freezing. S6 Lite version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

This tablet features a width of 10.4 inches, a storage capacity ranging from 64-128 gigabytes, and a battery that is both long-lasting and easy to charge.

This tablet is so sleek and thin that it can fit in almost any bag, making it very convenient to carry with you.

The price range is between $350-$430.

The android tablet made by SAMSUNG, model number Galaxy Tab S7 FE 2021

The width of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 2021 Android Phone is 12.4 inches, which is somewhat wider than the width of the S6. However, it is still simple to travel with since it is not bulky and also comes with an S-Pen.

It has a storage capacity of 64 gigabytes and can be purchased for $510.

Customers have given it a rating of five stars, which indicates that they recommend it highly.

Because it is potent and the battery is designed to endure for a significant amount of time, you may use it continuously for a number of hours.

Consider acquiring this Samsung tablet if you like the idea of having a tablet that is a little bit bigger than average and if you want a Bluetooth pen to come with your tablet.


Although iPads do not come standard with Apple Pens, you have the option to buy one at the same time you buy your iPad if you believe you will make frequent use of the device.

It is quite doubtful that in the future iPads would come included with Apple Pens since doing so would lead Apple to lose money.

Make sure the Apple Pen you want to buy is compatible with the version and model of iPad you already own before you buy it.

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