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Airtel Night Plan

What is the USSD Code for the Airtel Night Plan 2021? Are you familiar with the Airtel Nights plan and the benefits that it offers? No way! The night plan offered by Airtel has the market’s most competitively priced midnight browsing option. It is possible for you to surf the internet at any time of the day or night. By reading this post, you will discover how to activate the Airtel Night Plan.

On the other hand, the MTN Nights data plan only permits you to sign up for service once every night, but the Airtel Night data plan enables you to sign up for service an unlimited number of times over the course of a single night.

The Airtel Night Plan, on the other hand, maybe renewed after it has been used up. This means that you might subscribe afresh after the first 1.5GB of data has been used up. This is in contrast to the Airtel day plan, which cannot be renewed. In addition, for the cost of N100, you may use 3 GB of data for a single night.

The unlimited Airtel night data plan was among the greatest things we’ve gotten from Airtel Nigeria over the years. However, the bad news is that it has been discontinued or rather supplanted by another night data plan that is still very cheap and cool in comparison to the night plans offered by other networks, such as MTN’s 500MB for 25 naira plan.

What exactly is the Night Plans for Airtel?

After midnight, subscribers to Airtel might make use of the company’s night plan, which provides access to the internet at a reduced fee. For customers who are enrolled in the Airtel Smart trybe plan, Airtel has introduced the Airtel Night Package.

Airtel consumers may take advantage of the company’s Night Plans between the hours of midnight and five in the morning the following day. You may purchase 500 MB to use for just one night from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. for as little as 25, while for 150, you can obtain 1.5 GB to use under the same conditions.

The process of migrating to the Airtel trybe Trybe Package, including the relevant information.

You need to be on the Airtel Smart Trybe plan in order to utilize the Airtel Night plan. You are eligible for an upgrade towards the Airtel Night Plan if you already have the Airtel Smart Trybe plan.

If you are not already using Airtel Smart Trybe, you may migrate to Smart Trybe by following the procedures that are provided below.

Follow these simple steps to make the move to the Airtel Smart Trybe Tariff Plan:

Enter *312# into your phone’s dialer, and then press 1 to confirm your acceptance.

How to Make Use of Your Airtel Night Plan?

After you have completed the process of switching to Airtel Smart trybe, the next step is to register for the Airtel Night plan.

If you complete the procedures that are explained below, you will be able to acquire the Airtel Night plan:

Simply enter *312# on your telephone.

Respond with the number 3 when prompted on your phone.

Using this approach will cost you #25 in order to obtain 250 MB of storage space.

There is a limit of four times that may be completed for this treatment.

You are only allowed to utilize the service up to four times in order to get 1 GB of data.

If you complete the procedures below and pay 25 Niara for 250 MB of storage, you will have around N150 worth of data at your disposal.

Duration of the Night Plan’s Validity from Airtel

Because it begins at midnight and ends at 5:00 AM later that morning, the Airtel night plan is considered to be valid for a total of five hours.

Because subscribers of the Airtel night plan are not permitted to roll over unused data, if you did not use all of your data until 5 am, you were required to give up any leftover data.

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How to Check Your Data Balance with Airtel

It is not enough to just utilize the Airtel Night browsing plan; you should also check and verify your data level on a frequent basis to avoid having charges deducted from your primary account balance. This is necessary in order to avoid being charged extra.

You may use any of these two techniques to check the remaining data on your Airtel account:

Code direct for SMS and USSD

Checking your data balance with the USSD code for Airtel

Checking the remaining data on your Airtel plan is easy to do using a USSD code, and doing so takes very little time. You should also bear in mind that the USSD code for monitoring the data balance on an Airtel account is different for customers with an Android plan than it is for customers with a Blackberry plan.

Check the remaining data balance on your Airtel Android subscription by dialing the appropriate USSD code.

If you already have an Airtel data plan for Android, you can check your data plan by following the instructions below, which are exclusive to Airtel data plans for Android customers:

You may use the ussd code *140# on your Android device to find out how much data you have left on the Airtel network for your subscription.

Your Airtel data balance will be shown in a prompt message that will come up on your screen shortly.

Utilizing this USSD code will allow you to check the available data on any Airtel BlackBerry subscription.

If you’ve had a BlackBerry smartphone or one of the BlackBerry packages offered by Airtel, you are able to check your data plans with Airtel.

The number that has to be dialed is *123*9#.

Your Airtel data balance will be shown in a prompt message that will come up on your screen shortly.

The Direct SMS Code that Airtel Customers Can Use to Check Their Data Balance

Direct SMS is yet another method you may use to check the data limit on your Airtel account. This option is chosen in the event that the USSD code service is unable to be used.

Check your data balance and subscription status on Airtel Android using this Direct Code

You may use Direct SMS to check the remaining data on your Airtel Data subscription on your Android device. If you want to see how much data you have left on your Airtel subscription for your Android device, follow the instructions below:

Launch the text message (SMS) app on your Android smartphone.

It will say “Create a new message” at that point.

Send the message to 141 with the term ‘Status’ in the subject line.

A message containing information regarding your data balance will be sent to you by Airtel. Please wait for it.

Check the Data Limit of Your BlackBerry Android Subscription Using This Direct Code

Users of BlackBerry, in addition to those who have a data subscription for BlackBerry via airtel, are able to check their data balance in various techniques.

Although data subscriptions for Android devices are different from data subscriptions for Blackberry devices, you may check current airtel data using the method that is detailed below:

Launch the text message (SMS) app on your Android smartphone.

It will say “Create a new message” at that point.

Send the message to 440 with the phrase ‘Status’ in the subject line.

A message containing information regarding your data balance will be sent to you by Airtel. Please wait for it.


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To sum everything up

This article should have provided you with all of the information you needed to make an informed decision on the Airtel Night Plan, which seems to be the best data plan that is presently on the market.

Get the most out of these information plans and educate yourself on how to keep track of the data you have left over.

Any browsing tactics that you keep coming up with during the night time would be much appreciated by us. Please share your ideas with us in the comment space that has been provided below.


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