What are the steps I need to take to transfer assets from my AirPods?


Apple’s AirPods represent one of the most game-changing innovations the company has ever created.

They let you chat or listen while using any of your other devices by syncing with them. It may be your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or even your computer; it could even be your Android device.

This is done without the need to deal with cables. It’s possible that you’ll wish to update to a newer version of the AirPods at some point. You can elect to retain the old AirPods and use them as spares, or you might choose to give them away to someone else.

But how exactly can you transfer ownership of the AirPods to another person? Given that they are linked to your phone over a remote connection, this is a valid question.

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What are the steps I need to take to transfer ownership of my AirPods?

Resetting the AirPods and disconnecting them from your Apple ID are both required steps in the process of transferring ownership of your AirPods.

This procedure makes it possible for another person to use them and have full control over them; but, they cannot be linked to both of you at a simultaneous moment. The procedure is rather basic.

Additionally, you should actually clean the Airpods before handing them off to another person.

The issue with pairing would be the first obstacle. You and the other person would simultaneously be paired and unattached to one another.

If person A uses the AirPods, then the AirPods will be identified on the list as “A person’s AirPods.” The only place this would show up is on their list of devices.

If person B were to take person A’s AirPods and use them on their own smartphone, the AirPods would then be referred to as “person B’s AirPods.” Person B could use the AirPods without any problems at all.

The issue that occurs is that at the same time, user A’s device list would not reflect the presence of the AirPods, In order for Person A to make use of their gadget, they will need to pair it once again.

This constant switching back and forth between partners quickly gets annoying and taxing.

Before you lend your AirPods to another person or give them as a present, you have to make sure that they are entirely unpaired.

What are the steps to resetting my AirPods?

When you connect your AirPods for the first time to your iPhone, they will automatically be linked to the Apple ID that is associated with that device.

Therefore, you do not need any other Apple devices to be paired with your AirPods in order to use them. It will immediately link with any of your Apple devices, including your Mac, iPad, or Apple Tv.

Cloud syncing is the method that is used to achieve this goal.

This causes your AirPods to show up in the AirPlay menu of any device you’re using them on.

You need to choose them for every one of the gadgets in your possession, so because of the intimate connection between the AirPods and your Apple ID, this indicates that you are able to delete them from your account.

The process is as straightforward as putting them together in the first place, when you unpair your AirPods, they will no longer work with any of your other devices.

At this stage, they are almost indistinguishable from brand new. All Apple products follow the exact same set of instructions.

When you need to reset anything, you should go through these procedures in order:

1. Before beginning the reset process, check to see that the AirPods are still in their carrying case.

During the process, you should ensure that the lid of the case is closed. It is recommended that you leave the AirPods in their case for about one minute. After that, you will be able to open the top of the case.

2. Navigate to the settings menu and choose the Bluetooth option.

Proceed from there to the list of the devices that have been linked. It is important that your AirPods be included in the list of devices.

3. Click the “I” icon that is located next to your device.

You will see a few different choices, one of which is “Forget this device,” after you reach this point. Tap the option to unpair the AirPods from the respective devices in your arsenal.

4. While the lid is still slightly ajar, look around the back of the case for a little button.

You need to depress the button and keep it depressed for approximately a minute and a half. The case’s current status will be shown by a flashing amber hue in the upper-right corner of the screen, after that, you may let go of the button now that the unpairing process has been accomplished.

Unpairing your AirPods from your smartphone is possible at any time, regardless of whether or not they are presently attached.

Your Apple account will no longer have access to the earbuds after this.

You may also check to see whether the unpairing was completed without any problems.

Launching the Find My App application is required for this step.

You will then be able to see a list of all of your connected devices from that location. It is not correct to include your AirPods in that list.

When it comes to AirPods, there is one particular issue to contend with

Once they have successfully paired with your smartphone for the first time, they will identify themselves.

For instance, they may be referred to as “John’s AirPods.” Even after the AirPods have been disconnected from each other, they retain their moniker.

It is recommended that you give the AirPods a new name before giving them to another person as a gift.

How to Rename Your AirPods Pro and Change Other Settings?

The settings for your AirPods Pro are quite similar to the settings for your AirPods Max.

It is necessary for you to open the case.

Navigate to the Settings program on your iPhone, and then tap the Bluetooth option.

You should notice your AirPods Pro in the list of devices; to learn more about them, click the “i” button that is located next to them.

You have the ability to perform any one of the following when you choose that option:

You may give your device a new name by hitting “done” after clicking the current name, giving the new name, and then clicking the current name again.

Modify the settings for the noise control tab on your AirPods Pro so that you have more options to choose from. This function is only available on devices running iOS 14.3 or later. You will need to choose a certain mode, after which a checkbox will appear to indicate the mode that was chosen.

You also have the ability to activate or deactivate the automated head detection. In addition, only devices running iOS 14.3 or later have access to this function because of this capability, your AirPods Max may be able to recognize when they are placed on your head if the Automated Head detection setting is turned on.

They will start playing the audio from your phone and will stop playing once they detect that you have removed them from your phone.

You have control over where the microphone is positioned. It might be automated, always to the right, or always to the left. You need to touch the microphone, and then choose the alternative that you want. Either of your AirPods may perform the function of a microphone when the automated settings are used. Once each of them at a moment would be the focus of the activity.

Within this menu, you will also find the option to unpair your AirPods. You choose the option to forget about this gadget.

How Do You Change The Settings On Your AirPods (1st and 2nd Generation) As Well As Rename Them?

When using these AirPods, the container should be left open while the earbuds are being worn in the ears. You are able to do the following by selecting the I icon that appears next to your AirPods in the list of devices:

You should modify the name of your gadget.

Modify what happens when you double-tap. It is possible to choose either the left or the right option.

Alter the settings of the microphone so that it is always on the left, right, or automated.

Remove the AirPods from the smartphone if they are paired with it.

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How Should You Clean Your Airpods Before Gifting Them to Someone Else?

Having to clean your AirPods is a thoughtful act that you can do. It demonstrates that you are concerned about the recipient of the present that you are giving them.

Picture illustrating how to clean your AirPods using a cutting board 


This is due to the accumulation of wax over time, because they are used all the time, the AirPods inevitably become dirty over time. You should probably clean them before using them.

The surfaces need to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol in their purest form. It is also important to take care of the grilles that are on the AirPods.

It is recommended that you use Blu-Tack to remove the sticky wax that is on the surface. The approach that Apple follows for the AirPods that have already been returned to the company is the same as before.

Here is the video that serves as a guide for you to be able to reset your Airpods

A Few Parting Thoughts

There will inevitably be an update for your AirPods, which may occur at any moment. This leaves you with your older pair of AirPods, and you are unsure what to do with them at this point.

You have the option of keeping them as spares in the event that you lose the fresh set you purchased.

You might, on the other hand, choose to give them as a present to a relative or a close friend. You will need to remove your AirPods from your iCloud account before giving them to another person so that they may be used without any problems.

It is also essential that they be cleaned. With the holidays just around the horizon, now could be the ideal moment to brighten the day for a friend or loved one.

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