Repairing an Acer Laptop Overheating(STEPS)

Acer Laptop Overheating

Acer Laptop Overheating: The Following Is a List of Topics

  • My Acer laptop overheating; what gives?
  • When an Acer laptop overheats, what signs may we expect?
  • Fixing Overheating Acer Laptop
  • The Acer laptop overheated and now it won’t boot.
  • Laptop from Acer constantly shuts down due to overheating.
  • While charging, my Acer laptop overheats.
  • How to Fix Acer Aspire 5 overheating
  • Problems with Acer Nitro 5’s heat
  • Heat issues with the Acer Swift 3

Why is my Acer laptop overheating?

An Acer laptop may grow very hot if the fans are clogged with dust and grime, preventing air from moving and cooling the machine. Cleaning the fans using compressed air to keep the laptop from overheating.

  • Putting the laptop on a soft surface — I used to work on my bed with the laptop. It clogged the airways underneath the laptop, preventing heat from escaping. As a result, the laptop overheated. I addressed the issue by keeping the laptop on a firm surface.
  • The fan is unclean -My laptop’s fan was moving slowly. My laptop is many years old and has never been serviced. I choose to serve it. The Acer laptop’s rear case was opened to inspect the fan. The dust on the fan blades caused it to run slowly. The rear cover was repaired after I cleaned the fan and the vents with a gentle brush. The sound of the spinning fan became increasingly noticeable. My laptop no longer overheated.
  • The fan is broken-After gently opening the laptop’s rear and turning it on to prevent being shocked, I discovered that my fan is broken. The issue was remedied by installing a new fan.
  • Malware assaults on the laptop -Most malware and adware cause the hardware to malfunction. Malware and viruses infiltrated my Acer laptop, enabling the hardware to degrade. After I installed a decent antivirus and removed the infections, the overheating ceased.


What are the signs of an Acer Laptop overheating?

Acer laptop overhearing symptoms include a sluggish laptop, loud CPU fans, and the machine shutting down suddenly.

  1. Placing the laptop on a soft surface – When I worked on my laptop on my bed, the exhaust vents were clogged, causing it to overheat. The heat couldn’t escape, and you could feel it physically.
  2. Simple operations such as opening a word document or launching a new browser are taking too long.
  3. One of the indications of Acer laptop overheating is display distortion – lines begin to appear on the laptop screen.
  4. Error messages – Mysterious error messages used to appear on my screen. Later, I discovered that the program was malfunctioning due to overheating.
  5. Shutting down unexpectedly- My laptop sometimes shuts off unexpectedly. It was determined to be a hardware fault caused by overheating.
  6. My Acer laptop overheating and really grew heated at times because the fan stopped operating, rendering the battery and other components too hot to manage. It used to make a lot of noise and run endlessly until dying.


How to Prevent an Acer Laptop Overheating

When my Acer laptop overheated, I tried a number of the following solutions, which worked for me.

  1. Place the laptop on a level and firm surface – When I worked on my laptop on my bed, it heated up since the air vents were obstructed. I used flat hardwood plywood and placed my Acer on it, and air began to flow through the vents, keeping the laptop cool.
  2. Use a cooling pad – Using a cooling pad might sometimes assist. I use it sometimes. It’s nothing more than a mesh pad with a fan within. It operates by connecting to the laptop’s USB port. It did, in fact, significantly cool down my PC.
  3. Keep the fan and vents clean – Cleaning the fan and vents with a vacuum cleaner improves airflow. I cleaned them while lowering the suction force of the vacuum cleaner to avoid causing more harm. I opened the rear of the fan once or sometimes to clean it with a brush.
  4. Viruses and malware may cause the Acer laptop to overheat. It happened to me once. To avoid malware assaults and keep the system cool, a decent antivirus should be installed and updated on a regular basis.

Acer laptop overheated and would not power up.

When the Acer laptop overheats for an extended period of time, it fails and shuts down, never to be restarted. It occurred to me twice. I was fortunate the first time, but had to run to the service center the second time.

Cooling down the laptop – After it shut down due to overheating, I let it cool down for many hours. Then I connected the device to the power adapter and hit the “on” button, and the laptop began to operate.

Changing the GPU – Every time, the cooling strategy did not work. I had to take my Acer to the repair center, where they informed me that the GPU, or Graphics Processor Unit, had burned out due to overheating, and I had it replaced to bring my laptop back to life.

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 Acer laptop Overheating and shutdown an

This is how I solved an overheated Acer laptop that was about to shut down.

  1. I visited the service facility. According to what I’ve heard, the laptop shuts down automatically to protect itself from major harm. It is designed that way.
  2. I sometimes use some of the finest accessible applications to check the CPU and Processor temperatures. If the temperature rises beyond 80 degrees Celsius, the computer either shuts down automatically or I shut it off.
  3. However, dirt and dust accumulated on the fan, and the vents blocked heat radiation. Cleaning the vents and fan, as well as utilizing a cooling pad, resolved my issue.

When charging, the Acer laptop overheating and becomes so hot.

If the CPU is under steady stress while charging, the Acer laptop may get heated. The fan runs continually to cool the laptop and occasionally fails. Corrupt software might potentially cause the machine to overheat.

  1. Using Task Manager– I saved all of my work and closed all programs. Then I launched the Task Manager by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Del. On the pop-up box, I choose the Processes Tab. Then I went to the CPU tab to examine the load and do what I could to minimize it. It worked for me for a long period.
  2. Fixing the software – I once corrected my software difficulties by reinstalling my computer system and other applications, which resolved the heating when charging issue.

When charging an Acer laptop, like with other electrical gadgets that use a rechargeable battery, a modest amount of heat is typical.

How to Repair an Acer Laptop Overheating Aspire 5

Overheating on the Acer Aspire 5 is mainly caused by dirt and dust clogging the fan or heat sink. It is preferable to vacuum the laptop via the vents to remove dirt and dust. If the overheating persists, open the rear cover and clean it.

  1. After gently removing the rear cover of the Aspire 5, I opened the screws in the back. To prevent shocks, the battery was unplugged.
  2. Now, using a soft brush, clean the fans and the heat sink.
  3. The CPU thermal paste that supports the arms of the heat sink sometimes dries up and becomes brittle.
  4. It should be cleaned thoroughly with a soft cloth and 70% isopropyl alcohol. The CPU requires a fresh layer of paste before the arm can be repaired.
  5. I powered on my laptop after reconnecting the battery and fastening the rear cover. The heating issue was resolved

Acer Laptop Overheating Nitro 5

I used the Acer Nitro 5 as a casual gamer and graphics artist. However, after a few hours of gaming, the laptop began to overheat. I paused all of my activities and completed the necessary tasks.

  1. I tested and discovered that the CPU can survive temperatures of up to 95 degrees Celsius before shutting down automatically.
  2. I opened the Nvidia Control Center and chose Manage 3D Settings, followed by the Recommended Graphics Processor icon.
  3. Then, under the Program Settings button, I selected Auto choose Nvidia GPU.
  4. I proceeded to PhysX Configuration and in the options, I picked Nvidia GPU.
  5. It worked, and the laptop no longer overheated. Previously, I was utilizing the dedicated GPU as opposed to the Nvidia GPU, which caused it to overheat.

Acer Laptop Overheating  Swift 3

My Acer Swift 3 was becoming hot, and examine the followings.

  1. I examined the vents and the fan, and they seemed to be in good working order.
  2. I also opened the rear door and saw the heat seeping through without any dirt.
  3. Then I settled on low power mode. The battery level was adjusted, and the laptop was slightly cooled, but it was nevertheless overheating.
  4. When I checked the BIOS, I discovered it was out of date. Acer releases BIOS updates at regular intervals, however I neglected to update.
  5. The Acer Swift 3 overheating issue was resolved by updating the BIOS.

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In Conclussion

After completing all the listed above strategies and still the acer laptop is still overheating and you could not find any solution to it yourself, you will have to visit a well trained and computer engineer to help you check it also with his understanding but after all if there is no solution then you have to purchase another laptop.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you have really achieve a lot about how to work on acer laptop overheating yourself, check for more related article.

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